Besides being very predicable, with all the heart shaped chocolates, roses, teddy bears, so many people wearing red, proposals, weddings, giant balloons and musical cards, Valentine’s Day is ridiculous.

20 Reasons Valentine’s Day Is Ridiculous


  1. Valentine’s Day sends people who are not in relationships on a weird and unhealthy emotional roller coaster.


  1. PDA becomes a system overload, not to mention it’s just a “check the box” in majority of cases.


  1. The expectations are silly and the pressure that men are under on Valentine’s Day is ridiculous.


  1. All the bitter girls will complain on every social media platform how much they hate Valentine’s Day or make fun of it to cope with their low self- esteem.


  1. There is always an over the top coworker who secretly sends herself flowers which usually results in the jealous coworker calling her boyfriend to say ….. “Yeah Diane got flowers today and I thought they were for me!”


  1. The people who are in relationships feel awkward about showing the people who are not in relationships the gifts they received.


  1. Husbands feel obligated to buy their wives gifts just so she can post it on social media or tell her girlfriends what she got for Valentine’s Day this year.


  1. Girls become slightly obsessed with finding a boyfriend by Valentine’s Day especially if her friends already have boyfriends.


  1. Wives make their husbands feel obligated to buy her something “special”.


  1. Buying expensive heart shaped boxes of chocolate candy even though no one hardly ever likes most of the chocolate candy in the box.


  1. Parents spend the entire night helping their kids fill out a bunch of Happy Valentine’s Day cards for their classmates only for the other parents to throw them in the trash the next day.


  1. Most people can never explain why Valentine’s Day is such a huge deal but feel obligated to celebrate it anyway.


  1. The romance is staged, lost even. It’s completely commercialized and social and not at all romantic.


  1. Too much dang red! Between the every child in every classroom, all the teachers, all the ladies at work, every teenage girl you pass, they are all wearing too much dang red!


  1. Happy Valentine’s Day post take over your Facebook and Instagram news feeds.


  1. What exactly are we really celebrating? Is it the social media likes, comments, lust, sex, gifts, the color red? It’s difficult to tell but certainly not love, if it’s validated by what happens on “Valentine’s Day”.


  1. Women make Valentine’s Day a competition between one another and feel like they have prove that a man loves her.


  1. The mark up on jewelry, hotel stay, dinner, flowers and all the things that are deemed Valentine’s Day “must haves” are outrageous.


  1. They say, whoever the heck “they” are, that Valentine’s Day is the day to prove your love and somehow so many people fall for the lie.


  1. Valentine’s Day cards are on average $8 to $12 per card. Why purchase cards when you can simply say whatever your heart desires in a text for free?


Despite naming 20 small reasons why Valentine’s Day is ridiculous, I must say I love romance. I love being loved, and I love showing love. I also love to see others being loved by one another, and I even love chocolate. However the scam of Valentine’s Day I will do without. It feels so good loving someone who loves you back, and it is very necessary to show your sincere love, affection and appreciation  for others, daily. As for Valentine’s Day, in my loving opinion, Valentine’s Day is ridiculous.

How do you feel about Valentine’s Day?


written by Simeaka Melton, Editor In Chief





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