2017 New York Fashion Week 

New York City is undeniably one of the world’s fashion capitol which make viewing Jimmy Burner’s collection during New Fashion Week the perfect place. There are so many fashion shows happening all throughout the city of New York it’s difficult to choose which fashion show to attend and when you come across a designer like Jimmy Burner it’s a major score!

Jimmy Burner is extremely creative, edgy a very well constructed and get this; Jimmy Burner is only 18 years old! Yes, 18!  Jimmy Burner is an emerging designer endless possibilities. The Runway has plenty of storage pouches, gear belts, pockets and clips to attach other accessories! Jimmy Burner is an amazing artist and will undoubtedly take the industry by storm.

Ladies and Gentleman without further delay please enjoy Jimmy Burner’s Collection, as much as For The Love Of Style Magazine!

The guest had their phones in the air the entire time, attempting to capture everything coming down the Runway. When the models took the final walk the guest cheers and rose to their feet. When young Jimmy Burner came down the Runway, wow! The guest appeared shock, and very excited, as the cheers, applause, whistles could be heard for miles!

Bravo Jimmy Burner! We will stay connected because you sir and gifted with endless possibilities. Take your bow, you deserve it!


written by Simeaka Melton, FTLOS Editor In Chief


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