3 Essential Hair Tips For Summer

Okay Ladies Now Let’s Get in Formation!

As we approach the summer our natural ladies have to pay close attention to our curls.  As we know the winter months can be a little drying because of the weather and chill in the air however, there is the advantage of not worry about heat-induced frizz or our hair sweating out.  

Entering into the new season is the perfect time to begin a great maintenance regimen for our naturally curly hair and create an amazing experience.  With the fluctuation of temperature and weather conditions we can expect a toll to be taken on our hair.  A good system to maximize health of your hair and longevity of your style lies within three basic products, shampoo, conditioner and styling products.

Now that you know what’s needed, lets pick out some fantastic products!

Shampoo: I suggest a clarifying shampoo for the initial wash.  It will allow removal of product and pollen preparing your hair to receive the most benefits of the shampoo and conditioner that you select.  I suggest a shampoo that is sulfate free and moisturizing.  This will serve 2 purposes (1) because there is no sulfate, the hair will retain some of the natural oils that are necessary for healthy and strong hair and (2) moisture will replenish what was removed when clarifying and assist in creating that health looking and feeling hair.

Conditioner: I suggest sticking with same brand as the shampoo. They are designed to work together and you will receive the optimum performance when you utilize the products together.

Now that you have properly cleansed and conditioned your, now is a great time to trim those split ends.  This will allow for healthy growth and you will see the different with your styling because the hair will be healthy and renewed.  

Product:  Product is a big deal when determining what is best for our natural/curly hair. There are literally thousands of products all claiming to be the latest and greatest things for natural/curly hair.  Ranging from oils to creams to sprays all claiming to address your natural hair care issues. Selecting a product is not as difficult as it may seem, determine what your challenges are; is it dryness, frizz or like of shine. You know your issues, now determine your texture. Is it fine, medium or course and is your curl formation straight, wavy, curly or extra curly. So what do you do with this information?  This will help you to determine an oil or cream and how much product to use.  Keep in simple remember a little product goes a long.

Now that you have your product and regimen you are on your way.  If you want to have a Wicked Beauty experience visit www.wicked-beauty.net or contact Eston Stylez via email at estonstylez@wicked-beauty.net.

written by Eston Stylz, FTLOS Executive Beauty Director


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