When you think about cleaning your closet do you cringe at the thought?  Do you talk to yourself asking – how could I let it get this way?  Do you find yourself looking in the space aimlessly on a regular basis because you never can find anything quick and simple?  Does looking for something to wear actually become a chore?  If you said yes to one or more of these questions it is time to give your space a major overhaul.

First, calm down and breathe this is a good time to take a step back and not only clean it, but make it over so well that by the time you finish you will never let clutter control your closet again.


Here are five quick steps that will help you not only reorganize the space, but personalize it.  Creating order, saving time and put you back on an organizational track that will reflect the best you possible:


Step 1 – Empty the Closet – I know this can be a daunting task, but by doing so you will work from a blank canvas which will allow you to actually see and utilize the space more efficiently and effectively.


Clean the shelves, wipe the walls, vacuum, sweep, dust and don’t forget to turn on the music to get your groove on to make it fun.  To increase the space think about investing in an inexpensive closet unit that will help provide an additional level of storage throughout and to unify the look.






Step 2 – Editing Remove all empty hangers, separate wooden and satin from the dry cleaning wire hangers; bag them and return them to the store (this is a public announcement and an eco-friendly step).  Wire hangers are not good for clothing because they cause them to loose their shape – no more wire hangers!

Begin the editing process by creating piles of clothing you will keep, donate and throw away.  A good way to measure what you should donate and get rid of will be determined by the length of time since you wore them and the condition of each piece. If you have items that you have not worn in two years or more – toss or donate it.  If you have items that are showing signs of wear and tear – toss it.  Items you no longer wear due to style and/or fit, but are still in good condition are good to take to consignment shops.  If you choose to donate the items consider giving clothing in good condition to the Salvation Army or Goodwill – it’s just the right thing to do.

The good news about donating is you will be surprised at how quickly seasonal donations can add up to a healthy tax credit.


Image    Image   Image


Step 3 –  Develop A Concept During this step think about your lifestyle and what clothing should be front and center because they are your go-to items. Think about the best organizational structure for your routine.

For example, you can consolidate items by season, type, color, business or casual. You can also organize items by how often you wear them. The choices are endless and completely up to you – technically it is no right or wrong way to do this step it’s more about the best way you will maintain it.

While visualizing the approach think about how you can incorporate shoes and accessories.  This can be achieved by researching various storage systems that will add an additional layer of character to the space.

Image   Image

Step 4 –  Return Items  – The goal here is to put the conceptualized approach in the order you determined in step 3. You will know if you are on the right track because you will see how the customized construction will save time while you are working.   In the end each item has a reason and a purpose for being in the closet and it’s because they are wearable.




Step 5 – Accessorizing and Final Touches – Depending on the space think about adding a mirror on the door or wall, use baskets or hanging sectionals for scarves and belts and leave some space for those special handbags.

These little niceties will pop the color and add visual texture that will make the space inviting and will reflect the best you and your signature style.



You are done!  Now breathe a sigh of relief because you have just transformed your clutter into a work  of art! You have turned chaos, confusion and mayhem into a perfect and unified wardrobe that is practical and visually stimulating!

I’m sure it feels good to take back the control once loss and replace it with a sense of accomplishment.  At this point, you can clearly  see what you are working with and where you need to fill the holes in your gear.

And, finally take that final step back, look in that mounted mirror, take a selfie and toast to yourself for a job well done!


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