Hello Dreamers, Believers and Entrepreneurs,

The entire FTLOS team is happy to present our new direction and we start by saying welcome to the community.

Last night, I could barely sleep knowing the release of our tutorial and logos would make their appearance today with the goal to formally unveil of our new and streamlined direction.

Today, we have put the seal of approval on every detail as we move forward with a promise to bring you a viable brand with integrity and simply…For the Love of Style.

The FTLOS Boutique and FTLOS Magazine is taken shape while gaining its voice. Likewise, the team and I are excited to bring to you amazing inside-out topics of discussion, designers. models and development workshops both in-person and virtually.

The journey continues and we are stoked that the brand has reached a certain level of success step-by-step. Furthermore, we will continue to update the community often on how we can be of service to you and your network. Weather it is for editorial or visual branding goals we are looking to serve you. Just as important we want to connect with other viable brands because we are always open and searching for new community members, partners and contributors with undeniable worth grounded on inclusion, growth and success. .  .

To our core team members I say, thank you for the conference calls, outreach and your dedicated time to push the needle forward for such a worthy community.  To the designers, hair/makeup artist and models connected to the brand we could not do it without you and although we still have many mountains to climb I know we have the right group of professionals here to have fun doing what we love and being a blessing to others as well.

To the friends of FTLOS, thank you for your support, thank you for your calls, thank you for your recommendations, and thank you for reading and sharing our blog post, photos, videos and going the extra mile by clicking the like and share buttons!

Further, please know we are dedicated to our output with a goal to bring you fresh, consistent and informative articles and beautiful editorials that exceed external style and reaches the inspirational food for the soul, health, wellness and more.

It’s one thing to say we are here, and it’s another to fight for the right to be here; so please, always provide us constructive feedback by emailing us important subject matters you deem necessary and will help us grow farther and stronger.

Over the next few weeks we will be increasing our communication and unveiling our affordable services layer-by-layer.  We want to work for your support, we want to be dedicated to the community and we want to be your resource of choice for all things we consider is strictly for the love of style!

Gigi McMillian, FTLOS Creative Director
Kamisol Style Consultancy Founder
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Gigi is the owner of For the Love of Style Magazine; The Chief Creative Officer for Kamisol Style Consultancy and the Founder of Purple Runway. Gigi works with small business professionals who want to bring their personal style into alignment with a powerful brand presence. She helps them shape their personal style temperature into a dynamic public brand from the inside-out that will position them apart from the competition. 


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