Athleisure wear is the perfect mesh of gym wear and acceptable street wear. It’s the movement of sportswear being transitioned into your everyday outfits.


Essentially you can work the athleisure look into every type of occasion if you know style. The ultimate goal is comfortable chic one can look and feel good in. Remember it’s all about balance, so here are a few ways to incorporate a different twist for any occasion.

Athleisure Styles:

  1. The gym — I mean what’s athleisure wear with out the gym?


Sweat out in breathable fabrics with pops of color and metallic shine. Grab your bomber jacket and you’re ready to hit the gym in style.

2. Cookouts and wedding anniversaries — Yes, tis the season of the endless invitations to parties, birthday’s and weddings. Rock out in athleisure wear to these events. Pumps can elevate your look to give you cool girl points in your chic, ready to party look.


3. Brunch and work meetings — These actually go hand and hand because that brunch with the girls is to show off your newest love in trend. Or, if you are the boss take note it’s time to look in charge.


4. Night out and date night — Whether with friends or your significant other turn heads with your super chic in sneakers.


5. On the go — Travel has become an often occurrence in the lives of many, and the annual vacation travels are upon us. It’s time to hit the airports, and as we all know comfort is a must for travels of all kinds. Take a trip in leggings and a lightweight bomber and arrive to your destination in easy effortless style while glowing.


Stay fabulous and rock out in athleisure wear!

xo, FTLOS Fashion Editor, Jasmine James


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