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Gigi is the owner of For the Love of Style Magazine; The Chief Creative Officer for Kamisol Style Consultancy and the Founder of Purple Runway. Gigi works with small business professionals who want to bring their personal style into alignment with a powerful brand presence. She helps them shape their personal style temperature into a dynamic public brand from the inside-out that will position them apart from the competition. 

Your Bohemian Guide to Style


Bohemian style lovers have a a kinda sexy-quirky-downtown-appeal that speaks to their lifestyle.

Image – Gypsy Dream

They love community and the environment and they generally disregards the standards and uniformity of dress – she is unique and has a nomadic, spirited type of flow with a non-bourgeois type of vibe.

Image: GhettoEmperor

The boho chic style is a true alternative from main stream culture yet so attractive and welcoming in nearly any environment of today.

Image: Stella Jean RTW

Arm candy for days with the perfect elements that encompass the nature and the natural.  These ladies usually choose stones and various metals over diamonds and rubies…

Image: Stylish Wife

Fringe, patch work and even second time around items will catch their eye.


Image Stylish Wife

Maxi-dresses and flowing outerwear all speaks of personal style and less restrictive go-to chices.

Finally the boho-chic girl is approachable and welcoming to others.

Before I go, do you know your Alter Ego Style – if not connect with us at Kamisol Style to schedule a consultation.



Your Guide To Classic Style…



Some people classify traditional style as safe, boring or bland in many ways.  However, on the contrary, my darling, classic style speaks of timeless and flattering flair.

Cuts are simple and understated yet polished. outfitidentifier.co

Those who lean towards traditional ensembles value quality and longevity over the next hottest items displayed in the windows of our favorite trendy stores.

Classic White Button Down (Image Pinterest)

Do not try to take away a Classics crisp white shirts they are staples and dominate style choice because of the natural smart flair they exude. Classics have a few white button downs, but you can bet they all serve a different feel, purpose, and tone.

Classic Style Types fill their wardrobes with neutrals and they lean to expand their options by adding pops colors with their shoes, handbags or tops to fill in the blanks.  Their normal colors of choice range from orange, red, green or Indian teal.

(Image Pinterest)

Accessorizing becomes easy and seamless as well.  Classics will rock understated pearls and necklaces because they quality over quantity.

White Button Down
Image: Pinterest

If you have not mastered your classic style give us a call for a consultation Kamisol Style to help you with your everyday glow and talk about your alter- ego style, yes we all have one, but have you tapped into how to achieve both.





Your Guide to Chic Style…


So you love Chic style! Good for you because it encompasses everything sleek with clean lines and exudes a boss lady state of mind!

Image: Whatcabuy

You have an undeniable instinct on how to blend natural and bold statements and accessories to complete the look.

Image: Careergirleveryday

You are ambitious and a charismatic creative with an uptown swing. However, you can take the downtown scene on just as effortlessly without missing a beat.

Image: Pinterest

You lean to blended fabrics like Egyptian cotton, silks, linen, and jacquard as some of your favorites because they have a rich feel to their wears.

Image: Pinterest

In fact, your effortless style speaks to your personality and your personal style continue to shines brightly from the inside.

Oh before I go!  Do you know your Alter Ego Style?  Give us a call for a consultation and we will help you tap into it effortlessly at http://kamisol.net/contact/

Crushin’ on Velvet – It’s back!


Are you taking the sudden style rage for velvet seriously?

Well, it’s here and making a statement in its own right.  I am loving how designers have utilized this old buried fabric and resuscitated her from an apparent death nearly two decades ago.

Photo: Pinterest

I remember as a little girl I rocked those popular velvet dresses and shoes and for a short period of time; they stayed in fashion-rotation because I was such a girly-girl.

Thinking back it was a true fashion fail especially the little-red-riding-hood hat.


Fast forward all these years later and I am crushin’ on this little intimate with the amazing velvet piping highlights! It’s a sexy mesh bodysuit featuring floral stitched applique, cutouts along the waist and an open back.

True Kamisol Style!!!

Free People

… and let’s stop the presses for this two piece high-waisted undies set featuring a wide lace waistband with scalloped trim!!!

To the GODS of design thank you!!!

Free People

Ms. Velvet, this is how you reclaim your spot lady, with a vengeance – YES, YES, YES!!


Shirts with 70’s flair and bubble sleeves; I’m feeling the love!

Last, but not least lets remember the long elbow length velvet glove as seen here on Candice-Swanepoel and Anna Hathaway which by-the-way will never go out of style again and technically had the longest shelf life for the material simply because the look represented feminine grace for so many style icons in years past.


Are you crush on velvet this season?  If so let us know how you’re going to rock it!



Powerhouse Women Making Fashion History


There is so much creativity that surrounds the fashion industry.  One may be very surprised to learn what the elements of fashion truly look, feel and sound like. Some are obvious and some complex.  Some must be discovered and some must be ignited. One may also be very surprise to learn that the fashion industry is dominated by men. While it’s dominated by men the are plenty of women making fashion history.

March is Women’s History Month and we had to take a moment to celebrate the women in fashion, who sometimes go unnoticed because they enjoy flying under the radiator. We celebrate them simply for reason they give us so much to aspire to, be proud of,  and also gives us all reasons to dig a little deeper.

Powerhouse Women Making Fashion History


Eunice Johnson was a not only the publisher of The Negro Digest, and creator of Ebony Magazine she was a Fashion Pioneer. In 1950 Eunice Johnson began producing the Ebony Fashion Fair, a traveling fashion show highlighting African American models and fashion for more than half a century.


“No Barriers.” Eunice Johnson (April 4, 1916 – January 3, 2010)

Vera Wang went from writing about designers to becoming one. She wanted to work at Vogue so badly she said she would even sweep the floors. And she did just that, she started out sweeping hair from in the beauty department and she later became the the beauty editor.   Although she was turned down for the position of Editor In Chief at Vogue, Vera Wang is a fashion powerhouse. Designing her first dress at age 40, Vera Wang currently is living life rising above expectations. Vera Wang is the “It Woman” when women dress for their special occasions.


Photo credit to: Harper's Bazaar
Photo credit to: Harper’s Bazaar

“Don’t be afraid to learn. It’s good to work for others. I worked for others for 20 years. They paid me to learn.” Vera Wang


Susan Taylor began her career at Essence Magazine as Fashion and Beauty Editor and later served as Editor In Chief for nearly two decades. Founded by Susan Taylor, Essence CARES, the National CARES Mentoring Movement is the fastest growing mentor-recruitment organization in the nation.


“Thoughts have power; thoughts are energy. And you can make your world or break it by your own thinking.” Susan Taylor



Dian Von Furstenberg entered the world of fashion in 1970 and by the 1974 she created the symbolic wrap dress. The wrap dress has been a staple in women’s closets ever since. Diane Von Furstenberg is commitment to empowering women is expressed not only through fashion but also philanthropy and mentorship.


“I didn’t always know what I wanted to do, but I knew the kind of women I wanted to be.” Diane Von Furstenberg



Anna Wintour is said to be the most watched, most powerful and influential person in the fashion industry. She has been the Editor In Chief at American Vogue since 1988. She is also the artistic director of Conde Nast. American Vogue reaches 11.4 million readers in print and an average of 1.2 monthly visitors online; and Anna Wintour is arguably the most commercially minded editor ever.




Linda Fargo is among the most recognizable figures during Fashion Week. She is responsible for identifying and creating the trends that ultimately end up in one of the most important luxury department stores in the world. You guessed it. New York City’s Bergdorf Goodman! Linda Fargo is the Senior Vice President, Women’s Fashion Director and Store Presentation at Bergdorf Goodman. Her claim to fame? She has created over 1,000 window displays for Bergdorfs.





Jenny Fleiss and Jennifer Hyman’s are the Founders of Rent The Runways. They have redefined the fashion business, bringing high-end wear to every woman. Women want to wear something amazing for those special occasions like weddings and charity galas, but they don’t want to spend a ton of money on something they’ll only wear once. The business was an instant hit. Some department stores feel so threatened they’ve reportedly told vendors they will pull floor merchandise if it ever shows up on Rent the Runway’s site. Today the Rent The Runway is backed by $55.4 million in venture capital funding, and employs over 200 people.




Cheap and chic fashion would not be the same without Forever 21! Jin Sook along with her husband, founded Forever 21 in 1984 in Downtown L.A. inside a 900 square-foot-store. Today Forever 21 stores are everywhere from the US to Canada to Chile, and it is one of the most recognizable retailers in the world.  Jin Sook Chang and her husband still oversee it all.




Francesca Amfitheatrof joined Tiffany & Co. as its first woman Designer Director in September 2013, but her career leading up to that was already pretty prolific. Just to name a few things on her resume: jewelry collections for Chanel, Fendi, and Alice Temperley, jewelry and accessories for Marni, and jewelry and silverware for Asprey & Garrard.


“I believe there is great power in simplicity.” Francesca Amfitheatrof



Sara Blakley is the creator of “body-shaping” underwear company Spanx. She turned a $5,000 start-up into into a multi-million dollar business. When she showed it to a representative of Neiman Marcus–by trying on and demonstrating the power of Spanx in the bathroom–the representative agreed to stock Spanx in seven stores.


“Trust your gut.” Sara Blakely

Annie Leibotvitz, need little introduction. She is one of the most famous photographers in the world. She began her career  as a staff photographer for Rolling Stone Magazine and became known for her celebrity portraits. She is best known for her covers of Vogue. Some of the most notable shots are of Leibovitz.  The list of her work is endless and highly respectable.


“A very subtle difference can make the picture or not.” Annie Leibotvitz

Natalie Massenet is credited with bringing high-fashion to the world. Launched in 2004 with her groundbreaking e-commerce site Net-a-Porter. 2004. Massenet realized her calling while working at Women’s Wear Daily and Tatler, observing that most consumers weren’t able to buy the collections of designers who showed on the runway. With that tidbit, Massenet created a website that allowed people to buy the products they coveted with just the click of a mouse. It was so ground breaking because at that time folks were barely shopping online at all. Natalie Massenet was the first to create such a platform for luxury goods and entirely reshaped the industry. She sold the company to Richemont for an estimated $80 million, although remains  as Executive Chairman and an investor.





It’s no secret that personal style bloggers have completely transformed the fashion space. Leading the pack is Aimee Sing of Song of Style Blog. She began blogging in 2008 while studying architecture in San Francisco. When she uploaded a photo of herself wearing an outfit she’d picked out for a job interview, it gained a great deal of traction, and that was the beginning of Song of Style Blog. The site now covers everything from fashion to home decor, and attracts an astonishing 3.7 million monthly page views. With 1.6 million Instagram followers,  large media companies wonder how.




Miuccia Prada is the Co-CEO and Creative Director for Prada. She first grace the fashion world in 1985 with a collection of black nylon handbags and backpacks. Many decades later, Prada is still at the top, and fashion trends often begin and end with what this Italian trendsetter. Prada is not only brand trendsetting, they are moneymakers, bringing in over $4.6 billion in revenue each year.





Sharen Jester Turney is Victoria’s Secret President and CEO.  Sharen Jester Turney joined Victoria’s Secret in 2000, and by 2006 was named President and CEO. During her tenure, revenue has risen from $4.5 billion to over $6.6 billion. Victoria’s Secret continues to be the largest retailer of intimate apparel in the world. In fact, in 2013, Bloomberg named her the fourth highest compensated woman executive in the United States, proof that she is one of the most in demand business women in the world.






Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen have certainly earned their title has fashion Moguls. From child stars to fashion icons!  Their The Row and Elizabeth & James lines are contributed to much of their success. After winning the fashion industry’s top trophy, the CFDA Award for Womenswear in 2012, with past winners including Proenza Scholouer and Marc Jacobs, they fully and unapologetically cemented their status in the fashion industry, making them two of the most successful celebrities turned designers, “possibly ever”!




Amber Venz began her blog VENZedits.com in 2010. Once she realized that she wasn’t able to easily profit off the product recommendations that she was making, she began to rethink things.  This was something many, many bloggers faced at the time, and led Venz to develop RewardStyle. She is currently the Co Founder and President of RewardStyle, which  provides fashion, beauty, and lifestyle bloggers with relevant product links for items they are featuring. These links then allow them to get paid in a similar fashion to the way personal shoppers are compensated offline. The simple yet, genius idea has allowed many bloggers to become big businesses with big bank. Women’s Wear Dailyreporting this year that top bloggers can make $1 million a year just from affiliate links. RewardStyle continues to grow, and the company has even developed a platform for shopping content from Instagram.





Pat McGrath is offen referred to as the most important makeup artist in the world, despite not having “formal” training. Pat McGrath has worked with everyone from Jil Sander to Prada to John Galliano to craft runway best beauty looks. In 1999 Giorgio Armani called on her to design his beauty line, and in 2004 Proctor and Gamble named her the Creative Design Director for its cosmetics lines, including Max Factor and Cover Girl. Claim to fame? McGrath is known for not using makeup brushes, instead preferring to use her hands. BAM!


“Creativity is your best makeup skill, don’t be afraid to experiment.” Pat McGrath

Carine Roitfeld is nothing short of a fashion legend. Carine Roitfeld is the former editor of Paris Vogue, the Founder of her own magazine CR Fashion Book, has recently been appointed Global Fashion Director Harper’s Bazaar AND Tom Ford’s “ideal woman”, is the star and subject of a new documentary. Mademoiselle. She was also a key consultant for Tom Ford during his days at Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent.


“I like to surprise people. I try to take risks.” Carine Roitfeld



Rachel Zoe is a stylist and designer that has single highhandedly, redefined what being a “stylist” means today. Rachel Zoe became a household name when a reality show focusing on her business launched on Bravo in 2008. She parlayed that success into a line for QVC, a daily Newsletter, The Zoe Report, and in 2011 even launched an eponymous contemporary fashion collection.  Rachel Zoe is best known for working with celebrities, fashion houses, beauty firms, advertising agencies, and magazine editors. She is described as “Hollywood’s most powerful fashion player.”


“Style is saying who you are without having to speak.” Rachel Zoe




Sophia Amoruso started selling women’s vintage clothes in her eBay shop from her Aunt’s basement. She decided to open Nasty Gal online boutique in  2008, selling vintage inspired looks at affordable prices. Sophia Amoruso is a #GirlBoss,  created one of the fastest growing e-commerce sites in the country and has opened her second retail store.  Sophia’s book  #GIRLBOSS became a New York Times best seller and and has been recently names “Fashion New Phenom” by Forbes.


“Here’s one thing the fashion industry wont tell you. Confidence is more attractive than anything you could put on your body.” Sophia Amoruso



Venus Williams transition easily from the court to the design table. Venus Williams has a fashion degree from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and is currently working on her MBA. She has collaborated with Ralph Lauren and Diane Von Furstenburg for Reebok and owns an interior decorating company based in Jupiter, Florida. Venus Williams is also 21-time Grand Slam champion, ranked 86 on Forbes Celebrity 100 list, which ranks the most powerful celebrities in the world. She earned an estimated $13 million last year, thanks largely to tournament winnings and endorsement deals. To add to her that be sure to look for EleVen, her fashionl line, it has hidden messages of “Bring IT On” water marked inside. EleVen can be found in pro shops and sporting goods stores.


“Come to win. Always come to win.” Venus Williams

written by Simeaka Melton, Editor In Chief

How To Look Cute On Rainy Days


How To Look Good On Rainy Days

Spring time is the time of rain showers periodically, waking up to chilly weather and it being hot in the afternoon. There are days where it’s like a fairy tale with a perfect breeze, birds chirping, sunglasses on call, and then there are days where you get caught off guard with a taste crisp winter air wondering what month it is again. It’s the time of trying to transition your wardrobe to Spring/Summer but knowing it’s safe to keep your wardrobe on a happy medium of Winter/Spring.

Rainy days sometime feel like they’re just there to plot against you and of course mainly your outfit, causing you to have the urge to want to just roll out of bed and dress in leggings and a tee. When it comes to rainy days there’s a lot of things to consider before getting up and going. From what material shoe is the best, to what’s the best way to protect your hair and face.

But here’s a guide for all of you who want to take on rainy days in style and beat the rainy day laziness. Don’t put your style on hold because of a rainy day. Fashion is 100% waterproof.

Rainy Day Tips:

  1. Don’t be afraid to add color and brighten up a gloomy day. Adding pops of color to accessorize can be the perfect way to balance rainy day chic.
  2. Suede is always a no. Don’t ruin shoes on a rainy day; opt for faux leather and experiment with sneaker style on a drizzly day.
  3. Ankle boots can be your go-to on rainy days when you want to keep the bulk away and remain stylish. They’re so versatile!
  4. If you decide to go with pants, whether from jeans or trousers keep them cropped or make cuffing pants your 6th sense on these rainy days.
  5. HOODIES. Yes… hoods have become the holy grail of rainy days, some days replacing that umbrella. From zipped to pull overs, you can pull off this look with a pair of sneakers and distressed jeans to give off street-style vibes.
  6. Trench coats are your stylish friend to combat rainy days. A trench coat is a staple piece must have.

Outfit Inspiration:

Photo via WishWishWish
Photo via PopDaily
Photo via i.pinimg.com
Photo via i.pinimg.com


Hello, liquid sunshine we are ready for you…

How do you style yourself on a rainy day?

Jasmine James, For The Love Of Style Fashion Editor

After Work Relaxation – Denim Is The Key


Let’s face it, we have so much going on at work that by the time we get home we just want to change clothes, and relax. I am dedicating this blog entry to those of us who enjoy going to the park, sitting out on a warm fall evening at Starbucks or an outside dinner with friends, running errands with a little more effort on you.

When you relax after work, what do you normally choose to wear? Our clothes say so much about us.

Take for instance the below ensemble. This collection speaks of comfort and urban outings. Imagine this – the crisp sun, a glass of wine with interesting conversations to boot helping to melt the work day away and giving us time to focus on the things we enjoy. Or as an active outdoorsy mom, you can go to the park enjoy the sun. As moms, we enjoy watching our children play until they tire themselves out of yelling and laughter and now I’m asking you to enjoy yourself in these times too!


When running errands to the grocery store lets dress up a pair of jeans with a nice breezy printed top and some open toe sandals.  How often do we get to appreciate open toe sandals during October!


Second, who doesn’t like catching up with friends and family? Do so and look sassy at the same time.  Your look will certainly be a conversation starter! So grab a beautifully printed scarf as your easy accessory with a pair of mile-high pumps and an oversized ripped pair of jeans and you’re ready for an outdoor chat session at the cheesecake factory or dinner and dancing.  Either way, when you look good and comfortable you feel good. In this day and time, we can take every little opportunity to save money but still look great!


Finally, if you have to attend any structured evening affairs this week, and jeans are permitted, pairing a dark blazer with a dark wash jean should fit the environment. A printed top will give you a pop of color that will bring out your undertone and features when it carries your personal color.  Hard lines help create this look and adding the booties will finalize that quality look.


Whatever is on the agenda this week during the evenings, remember that you can relax while still looking good – do yourself a favor after work. Turn off the TV, turn on your sound system, enjoy the evening crisp air wherever you are, and find time to celebrate you![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

5 Tips in 5 Minutes: How to Start Couponing the Simple Way


How did you get started couponing?


This is always the first question I get asked when I start talking about couponing to moms who want to be frugal. They want to save on groceries so they can still afford the clothes, shoes and purses they want, while still staying within their budget.

We moved to the D.C. area in 2012, from a small town in Mid-Michigan. I had no idea that in moving here, our grocery budget would grow to almost double what we were spending back in MI. With a newborn, and trying to stick to a budget, it became apparent very quickly that our grocery spending had to drastically change if I wanted to continue to shop in normal grocery stores in NOVA.

I know many stay-at-home moms are looking to help get that grocery budget smaller. Here is how to do that in a simple way!

photo: http://www.7eventhcents.com




Get a coupon organizer: something small that you can start organizing your coupons in.

photo: http://acultivatednest.com

Subscribe to the newspaper: Just remember, they do not put coupons inserts in the newspaper on major holidays!

photo: http://thekrazycouponlady.com

Start looking at the grocery store ads you like to shop at most. Choose one of those stores, and look at what things are on sale that you normally buy or would like to buy. Items normally go on sale every 6 – 8 weeks. If you try couponing for even two months, you will notice the same things going on sale again from when you started looking at the grocery ad. This way you do not buy items that are full retail price in between that time frame. Make sure you buy the items you need on sale to last you those 6-8 weeks. It will save you time and money.


Look at your ad at home, you can check out the couponing match-up websites to check any additional sales, or specials the store is having for the week.  One of my favorite ones to go to is Southernsavers.com and use their coupon database.  There are others like passion4savings, harristeeterdeals, thekrazycouponlady, totallytarget, and moolasavingmom!


Start out slow.  It is difficult to coupon sometimes, but in the end, it is completely worth it.  Once you get the first free tube of toothpaste or box of pasta you are hooked! Get together with friends or neighbors to have help getting started. It’s overwhelming at first, but you will get the hang of it!



Please share this blog post or ask any questions you may have on how to get started with coupons!


photo: stonegableblog.com

Summer is a time to have fun, get together with friends and neighbors, and relax. For stay-at-home moms, I would say it is even more exciting, because we are able to get to know our surroundings again, the pool, the parks, and our neighbors. I believe many moms feel this way during the summer, and it does take some effort to get together with people.

It is a time to come together and not be so isolated, which is how many moms in this age still feel. We crave to be a part of a community, so when someone says, “We want to have a get-together this summer” you jump for joy inside. At least I do!

I know this is how I felt when we first moved to this area:

“When summer came, I was thrilled to see people out in their yards or walking their dogs and I wasted no time getting to know our new neighbors. I’d felt cooped up and shut in; and no matter how awkward or nervous I sometimes felt, I made every attempt I could to get to know others in our neighborhood. If you can relate, and you’re feeling you want to build stronger relationships within your community, summer is the perfect time to do it. The long daylight hours and warmer weather make for tons of opportunities to reach out.” -DIANA CHERRY, MOPS BLOG

That is what many stay-at-home moms need. Someone to reach out to them, and invite them to play at the playground, or to come over for a get-together to enjoy conversation and food. It builds the community that many of us crave. It takes time, but it is well worth it.

Gathering together brings you back to your childhood and lets your children create their own special memories to look back on years later. It is the special image of friends sitting at a big wooden table with everyone talking, laughing, and just being together.

It is perfect! Summertime is my favorite time of year!

What are some of your absolute favorite summer get-together foods?

Here are some recipes I have discovered that I plan to try for our next get-together.

Photo: @real_simple, @whatsgabycookin!


photo: Iowa Girl Eats


photo: what’s Gaby cooking?


photo: Iowa Girl Eats



 Picture from sitter.me

Have you been looking for an easier way to find babysitters? Would you love a resource or app on your phone that will help you find babysitters, and even let you pay them from your phone?! Check out Sitter.me! They are a wonderful resource that I just heard about that does the work for you of finding a babysitter quickly, and be able to pay them from your phone as well! You can download the app for free.

Right now they are doing a Summer babysitting giveaway! If you enter, you could win $100 toward babysitting! How awesome is that!!!

Sitter is designed to make your life easier! Book your own sitters and pay them directly in the app. Sitter will send a request to all of your sitters at once and you can say goodbye to the texting and waiting game for good! – from sitter.me

It’s so much fun to have the kids around, but chances are that you’re going to want a little break now and then. Sitter’s got your back with $100 in free babysitting on Sitter! What are you going to do with your time? Date night? Yoga? Kid-free chores? – from sitter.me

Interested in adding the app and enter the giveaway?! Visit http://sitter.me/blog/giveaway/.