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Ashley resides in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, better known as the DMV. She loves words, music, and spending time with her three boys. She encourages being yourself and loving whatever and whomever you love and remaining grounded. For her, that means being engulfed in creativity. Oh, and ice cream! She loves ice cream! Find her sharing music, recipes, and the many things she likes on Pinterest.

Louis Vuitton: A Supreme Dream

Paste Magazine

If you’re still under a rock and haven’t met this merger, please meet the Louis Vuitton’s Men’s Autumn – Winter 2017 collection. This is where longevity meets the limelight – where LV intersects with Supreme New York.


Photo: Forbes

At this juncture, it’s safe to say we’ve officially moved on to the next great generation of fashion – perhaps in its early stages, but very much worth the attention. The irony is how much this generation is less high fashion and much more street style. In my opinion, we can attribute that push over the edge to the emerging millennial generation that’s currently influencing the style world.

Photo: Popular Magazine

The Autumn-Winter 2017 collection graced the runway in Milan and unleashed its version of leather dad-hats in relaxed business casual attire – if that’s even a thing.

Yet, if silk men pajamas could intertwine with a tailored two-piece suit, we now have Supreme LV.

Photo: New York Magazine

The way the concepts melt together are just too easy breezy. Oversized luggage pieces as well as versatile crossbody satchels and modest Hobos, all of which well represented their mixed monikers. What I love the most is that neither designer takes from the other. Each designer adds more luster to the other already polished legacy.



Not only does this collection pay homage to the always-on-the-go mentality of our current society, but the lax and versatile if it. The sleek, loose-fitting, city-chic, busy yet cool looks are right on trend. There’s no doubt that many men across the globe will splurge for a weekender bag from the collection at least.

As unpredictable as it may seem – but necessary – street style may finally be revolutionizing high fashion.

Supreme X Louis Vuitton: All the looks from the collection.

Looking at the bond between Louis Vuitton and Supreme, this dynamic dyad most certainly will make history. Within days of the fashion show in Paris revealing the collection, the LV x Supreme accessories are popping up in Instagram posts and Pinterest boards everywhere.


From the looks of things, the pair hit the nail on the head merging the infamous monograms and styles together on classic pieces.

We can see the pleasant clash of designers on everything from T-shirts to bags and trunks. I’ve fallen in love, especially with the trunks. I’d say that comes from just a love of Louis, though.  Anyways, while we can expect this new trend of street fashion to bubble up, we might expect nothing less than for it to monopolize the industry. Trust me, all I can say is, “Do pass go. Do Collect $200.” If you don’t believe me? See what other people have to say about the collection. Trust me, “Do pass Go. Do Collect $200.”

Or, at the very least grab yourself an accessory, for Heaven’s sake!

Don’t Believe me? Check out what other people are saying about the collection http://www.highsnobiety.com/2017/01/24/supreme-louis-vuitton-reactions/

Call me biased, but I know what I see. I see a timeless brand, teaming up with a new age trendsetter to make history.



Inauguration 2017: The Lady In Red


Who wore Inauguration Day the best?

Photo: Aol.com

I’d be a fool to answer that question or to believe there is an actual answer. I’m sure we can agree beauty is in the eye of the beholder and with this in mind, I will say the first ladies shoes, are indeed hard to fill.   

Mandatory Credit: Photo by JUSTIN LANE/EPA/REX/Shutterstock (7944778dx)
Michelle Obama
US Presidential Inauguration, Washington, USA – 20 Jan 2017
First Lady Michelle Obama arrives a short time before Donald J. Trump is sworn in as the 45th President of the United States in Washington, DC, USA, 20 January 2017. Trump won the 08 November 2016 election to become the next US President.

Mrs. Obama simply exudes the definition of strength, grace, and elegance. 

While the country is transitioning into a new chapter of American history the radiant reds, bold blues and stars and stripes that represent what has been and what’s to come.

I don’t know about anyone else and although the country must move forward, I am stuck trying to hold on to what is now the past and history as written.

WASHINGTON, DC – JANUARY 20: (Photo by Kevin Dietsch-Pool/Getty Images

To our first lady known as Mrs. Michelle Obama, we say thank you.

Mrs. First Lady, you showed up and showed out, in Jason Wu just like the first time.

Photo: Getty Images

We should have known the duo would end just as strong as they began in 2009 for the inaugural ball.

Getty Images

As for Inauguration day’s attire, Mrs. Obama passed her responsibilities over in an A-line dress, with matching overcoat.

An oxblood tweed coat, dotted with the perfect pair of black block-heeled boots.

Photo: DNA.com

I can’t help but thank you, Mrs. Obama, for being yet another hidden figure in an Oxblood colored dress.

I must say today was a day of classic American style and fashion and in a few of days.

The time will soon come to shed the designer wears and begin to carry the torch as the next first lady of these United States.  What will you stand for?  How will you create inclusion from only as a first lady can do – these are all questions we want to know.

You’re on the clock Mrs. Trump.

Photo: Sipa USA via AP / Lionel Hahn

Yesterday, I could not help, but admire the woman who will continue to emulate style, grace, and stature. Thank you for being that deeper color in our lives and setting your own standards of style.

Thank you for reminding us to put ourselves first.

Thank you for reminding us to make a statement and a difference every day.

Thank you for being the example of purpose, dignity, and teaching many of us the power of “when they go low, we go high” mindset, because of you, so many of us will “glow” on.

Photo: Mirror.com

Unfortunately, this was Michelle’s last outfit as First Lady of these United States, but it will never be the last style statement by an amazing girl from the southside of Chicago who has become a phenomenal woman.

Former President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle wave as they board an Air force jet to depart Andrews Air Force base in Andrews Air Force Base, Md., Friday, Jan. 20, 2017. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

Job well-done, Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Trump you’re on the clock.

Writing Contributor: SmallsforShort