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Epiphany’s Thoughts: Moving Past Struggle

Photo by Alexi Fotos/Pixabay

In the last post we talked about a few realizations I was able to come to. If I can be honest again, I didn’t learn these things overnight and I didn’t learn these things the first time they were told to me. [Some people learn through verbal teaching, and some people learn through experiences; I am the experimental learner.] Failures and shortcomings have been the hardest experiences, but they have produced an abundance of knowledge in my life. One thing that I came to realize during this journey is that I have not been emotionally well in a very long time. Most people who are emotionally unwell will either pour themselves into their business or into a substance that temporarily numbs the pain. For me, it was a mixture of both – more so the business because it was doing fairly well at the time. But when the business started failing, I gravitated more towards the substance and went into this downward spiral. It was an incredibly dark place in my life, and only I could make a choice to walk in the light again. Others can want it so badly for you, but until you make the decision for yourself, nothing will happen on your behalf.

I embraced a few methods to help me reach the light again:

I started sessions with a therapist.

I realized that my issues were deeper than what the people close to me were able to handle. Moreover, the advice they give to me is only based on the experiences of where they’ve already been in this life; not where I’m going. I had to get to the place where I stopped trying to deal with my issues through the eyes of everyone else, and I learned how to truly identify my issues and efficient ways to deal with them. One thing that I learned while in therapy is that mental and emotional health are two crucial elements of your being that you have to make sure stay intact, especially if you are in the business of always servicing people. This goes for entertainers, therapists, teachers and the like.

I started meditating.
Meditation helped push out much of the negative energy and aided in more positive thinking. It contributed to calming my fear and shame of things I have failed at in addition to helping to refocus my thoughts and my intentions. Meditation helped change my response to the world and things that were happening because I had confidence that as long as I believed the best and showed love, then the universe was obligated to honor that.

I started doing activities where I was not the “mom” or “artist”.
This is still a work in progress. As an entrepreneur and single mother, there is rarely any time to just be a “person” because you are always busy filling a role; leaving little to no time for yourself. I practice this daily and the more that I do it, the better I feel about fulfilling other roles in life.

“When reality is more surreal than real And every corner of every room seems to find your back you are in the perfect place to choose Whether this moment will make or break you. Healing is calling. How will you respond?”

Wherever you are in your journey, I hope this blog encourages you and gives you the motivation to get through to the other side because it’s beautiful there; I promise!

Peace Fame!

Epiphany’s Thoughts: A Few Lessons in life


If I can take a moment, to be honest, I haven’t been very honest lately. My emotions have been going haywire, my mind has been unstable, and I have self-sabotaged for fear of dealing with things about me I’ve always swept under the rug of avoidance. As life would have it, all of these occurrences have brought me face to face with myself, and I now see that what I once thought was ugly was only a portion of the [complete] beautiful workmanship I truly am. It has truly been a journey, and from time to time I still struggle with affirming myself, but I’m dedicated to embracing all of who I am [the good, the bad, the ugly], living in my truth and freedom, and following the path that God has established for my life. The journey hasn’t been easy, but it has taught me a few things:

1. God’s love will always supersede the love of man.

Throughout this journey there were days I felt that I couldn’t face; He would always send someone to say or do something that gave me that boost of encouragement I needed to get through this seemingly unbearable process. Every day as I greet the beauty of this world, I am reminded that death produces life and the dead things in my life had to be dealt with because they were pertinent to my life. 

2. Talking about my struggles is OK.

A lot of times I suffer in silence because I believe sharing my weaknesses, failures, or ugliness with others, voluntarily gives them the opportunity to judge or use them against me [it’s happened too many times before]. Having a struggle only means that I’m human and while I love to be “on top,” the lessons at the “bottom” are just as valuable. If a person chooses to acknowledge only the negative things they know about me, then I would encourage them to continue on their personal journey of healing. While I won’t go around broadcasting my business, I have learned with whom I can healthily exchange my problems for wisdom.

3. I have to embrace the truth.

The truth hurts. While I have learned to accept the truth about myself, I have also learned that the portion of someone’s truth for me is not to the totality of my truth for myself and I have to continue to speak and be true to all parts of myself not just my failing self.

4. Only I possess the tools to repair what needs to be fixed within myself.

What works for another person may not necessarily work for me. It’s up to me to find my healthy avenues of detoxing. Then, I can be balanced and tuned into the right energy to show others who are in this same struggle a view of freedom.

Wherever you are in your journey, I hope this blog encourages you and gives you the motivation to get through to the other side because it’s beautiful there; I promise!

Which Winter Boots Are Your Favorite?


Which Winter Boots Are Your Favorite?

From the snowy days to the chillier days, boots are an essential for the winter season. Boots are definitely a staple piece in many women’s wardrobes all over– especially for winter.

You don’t have to kiss your style goodbye in the winter when it comes to footwear! You can keep it chic and stay warm in these styles for winter boots.

Take a look at a few favorite winter styles:

5. Ankle boots

Ankle boots can go from that heeled bootie to flat heeled booties you can’t get enough of. The beauty of ankle boots is they come in all different styles and can become your go-to shoe in the winter.

4. Mid calf

Mid calf boots add flare to any outfit by adding that needed sass. From showing a little leg with it to pairing them with jeans and a chunky sweater.

3. Pop of color boot!

Pop of color boot!Bring out some color to get through the cold winters. Add some color to your everyday outfits by wearing your fun colored or patterned boots. Pair these boots with an all black look or matching your coat to the color of your boots.

2. Timberland boots

Timberland boots.This boot has struck the hearts of many creating a love for sturdy boots. These boots can be paired with a boyfriend Jean and a faux fur coat to have you looking casually chic.

1. Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots have hit its peak in fashion and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Grab yourself a pair of Chelsea’s to get you through this winter.

written by Jasmine James, FTLOS Contributor

Valentine’s Day Style Guide


Valentine’s Day Style Guide

Valentine’s Day is all about love, lace, and shades of red. The day of romance is just around the corner and it is time to find the perfect outfit. Whether you are having a date night with your special someone or a dinner with your closest friends, having the right outfit is important. While you don’t have to stick with the typical colors and trends of the holiday, it can be fun to get in the Valentine’s Day spirit and pull out the pink.


Three looks to inspire you for this Valentine’s Day:

1) Effortlessly Romantic








This romantic look has Valentine’s Day written all over it. From the color to the beautifully embroidered mesh of the dress alone, gives off that romantic feel. Accessorizing the dress with a pair of suede lace up chunky heels and minimal gold jewelry will complete the outfit. Sticking to a softer look, natural makeup, a nude lip, and a messy braid or bun will have you looking effortless.


2) A Bit of Edge


Add a leather jacket over your shoulders to make any of these looks edger. This blush pink, lace-covered dress with a black leather jacket will give you the ideal balance. You can even do this look in reverse with a maroon lace dress with an off-white leather jacket and still get the edgy Valentine’s Day vibe. Again, nothing says Valentine’s Day like a little pink and a little lace. Match the jacket with a pair of simple, black, strapped heels. Finish the look with some loose waves, and a winged eye.


3) Midi Chic


This nude midi dress will show off your curves, while having you look trendy and chic. The plunging neckline and twist in the back adds extra charm to this simple dress. Having a minimal style of the dress, feel free to have bold accessories. Throw on a pair strappy heels or even a silver chunky necklace. Wrap up the look with a dark lip to contrast with the nude color of the dress.


All these inspiration looks will have you feeling confident and looking amazing. This Valentine’s Day remember to spread the love and look fabulous.


Valentine’s Day Style Guide written by Jordan Batitto, FLTOS Contributor


Get the look:

1) Effortlessly romantic:

Dress: Urban Outfitters Kimchi Blue Lily Embellished Trapeze Dress $98

Heels: Public Desire’s Rachel Heels in Black Faux Suede $43.51

2) A Bit of Edge:

Dress: Tobi’s My Lace or Yours Bodycon Dress $54

Jacket: Forever 21’s Faux Leather Flap-Pocket Bomber Jacket $34.90

Shoes: Public Desire’s Juliette Stiletto Heels in Black $43.51

3) Midi Chic

Dress: Tobi’s Uptown Midi Dress $52

Shoes: Missguided’s Lace Up Pointed Court Shoes Black $59.50

Hair & Makeup Photos:
Cover Photo:

How To Embrace Your Inner Marilyn Style


“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”  Marilyn Monroe

Can I get an Amen? No one could have said those words better. Marilyn Monroe has been one of the biggest pop culture icons since the 1950’s. Her style, attitude, sex appeal, beauty, and uniqueness, all made her stand out, and the people loved her. She gave off a carefree attitude with everything she did; she embraced her “thicker” body, which was different compared to most female celebrities at the time and did it with grace. Her entire life seemed like one big glamorous romantic movie that ended in tragedy.

I believe we should all have a bit of Marilyn in us; we should embrace our differences and imperfections. We need to understand being unique is a good thing and is beautiful, even if it is not the society “standard”. We should be able to feel and be as glamorous as we wish. Wear that red lipstick and wear it with confidence.

Do not be afraid to try something different just because you are worried about acceptance. Having your own style is what makes you interesting and can say a lot about you. If you feel good in what you are wearing, then that is all that matters.

If not embodying Marilyn’s confidence, looking at her style for inspiration will have you ready to look fabulous. Marilyn’s style was chic, fierce and playful. From day to night Monroe was always trendy. Whether she was in her iconic white dress or in swimwear, she was, as some would say, “killing the game”.

Here are five of Marilyn’s trendy yet effortless outfits and how you can be wear them today:

#1 Casual In Cool Weather

To get this simple look, match any turtleneck shirt with a pair of solid colored pant. Turtlenecks are a trendy item at the moment and can be found almost anywhere. The high neck adds something extra to any shirt; this item will have you going from stale to stylish in seconds. Add a cute bag and a pair of single strap heels and your outfit will be Instagram worthy.

#2 A Special Occasion At Night

This romantic evening look is perfect for a special occasion, whether is be a dinner date or New Years Eve, you will feel like a star. Mid length dresses are everywhere and super cute. They can be styled to be dress up or down, making the purchase worth it.

Going with a nice fabric for the dress, will add to the expensive look of this outfit. If a mid length dress is not for you, or does not work for your body type, aim for off the shoulder sleeves, they add extra romance and look great. To complete the outfit, do not forget to accessorize with a nice pair of heels and a faux fur scarf for a bold statement.

#3 Casual In Warm Weather

This outfit is very similar to the first, again, making the turtleneck a must have. For this easy look, pair the turtleneck with high wasted shorts; add some color to enhance the spring/summer vibes. Get style points and accessorize with a wide brimmed hat and strappy sandals to complete the look. This outfit is perfect for a coffee date with friends or a stroll around town.

#4 Mid-Winter Glam 

Wearing a faux fur coat is a bold choice, but will have you looking fierce. Not everyone can pull this trendy item off; but wearing this piece right can have anyone looking fabulous. The key to wearing a fur coat is to wear it with confidence.

However, while sporting this statement coat, wearing a plain dress underneath will keep the outfit from being too over the top (unless that is what you are going for, in that case, go ahead). To accessorize, stick to a simple closed-toed pointed heel.

#5 Any Occasion

To get this stylish outfit, grab your favorite simple dress and throw on a nice printed, or solid, coat over your shoulders. This outfit will instantly have you feeling confident and ready to take on anything. A nice coat can be a little pricey, but well worth it. When buying your first expensive coat I would definitely suggest going for a solid colored pick. Going with a solid, you will get a lot more use of the coat and will make you feel better after breaking the bank a bit. Trust me nothing is worse than convincing yourself to buy something expensive and never wearing it. Complete the look with a pair of heels and you will feel on top of the world.

Embracing Marilyn Monroe’s style and attitude can make any women feel invincible. Her outfit choices could easily be worn today and instantly make you feel good. Just add a modern twist to some of her outfits and you will be the one “killing the game”.

written by Jordan Batitto, FTLOS Contributor