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Your Guide to Whimsical Style…

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Congratulations because you adore various colors, textures, and patterns while having fun mixing them and create something new and fresh every day and you are willing to risks simply for the sake of being different and standing out in a crowd.

Which means your ultimate style choices has nailed the Whimsical girl flow.

Image: I Lux Style

 Dramatic bows draped and wrapped it doesn’t matter it all speaks of how you feel every day for a plethora of occasions.

Image: Pinterest

You enjoy full skirts, flirty tops, and show-stopping footwear especially heels.

Dolce and Gabbana Milan Fashion Week


Image: Kim West Aronald

In fact, you love the attention and carry it well. Your personality mirrors what others see on the outside and you believe dressing well is a form of good manners.

Oh before I go! 

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Guide to Your Avant-Garde Style…

Image: Joel-Rhodin4

So you have an Avant-Garde style to your personality which means you love the edge and everything it encompasses.  You aim to be different, your goal is to stand out from the crowd. You have the bank account for it, or you have the ability to design your vision and you believe your artistical outlook on fashion is meant to be worn.

Image: Style De Monte
Image: Pinterest

You lean toward dark colors often with various shapes and asymmetrical hemlines.

Image: First Dibs

You light up when you see out-of-the-box accessories that will turn heads wherever you go and are definately conversation starters.

Every outfit is a fashion-forward look that speaks to a keen eye for proportions and shapes.

Image: Pinterest

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Kamisol Style Consultancy and La Aronet European Designs Hosts a Day of Beauty with Women of Woodbridge Release for La Aronet Royelle Microfiber Hair Towel

WOODBRIDGE,Va., Sept. 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Kamisol Style ConsultancyLa Aronet European Designs has released its first product; the Royelle microfiber hair towel wrap for hair of all types, made to enjoy a luxury spa experience at home. The Royelle Microfiber Hair Towel is designed by Romanian born Adriana Natasha Aronet. It is developed with the idea that every woman deserves to feel beautiful and empowered through a quality and affordable product. Royelle can be purchased locally, at Salon Plaza, Phoenix Salon, and SoBohemain, in Woodbridge Virginia, as well as online at Amazon.


The Royelle microfiber hair towel also comes with a list of European beauty tips to try. The hair towel is designed to provide functionality while cutting down frizz and blow-drying time for all hair types. Women who attended the focus group for the release of the towel agreed that the packaging felt “high end” and “highly recommend” this product. Amazon carries the European luxury inspired designed hair towel and boasts mostly 5-star reviews. With each Amazon purchase, a percentage of the profits goes to Beauty without Borders, a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering confidence, intellectual growth, personal, development, leadership, and independence in girls and young women.  Natural healthy hair is becoming popular and La Aronet European Designs and Kamisol Style Consultancy aim to support transitioning to and sustaining of natural beauty. The partnership will host another focus group in September to explore results for curly and ethnic hair textures.

Kamisol Style Consultancy and La Aronet European Designs partnered to provide local women with an evening of luxury spa treatment, featuring the Royelle microfiber hair towel. This hospitable evening experience took place from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. EST at the Tall Oaks Community Center, located at 1298 Cotton Mill Drive, Woodbridge, Virginia.

Image: Kamisol Style

Mothers and wives who attended the event were greeted with light fare and refreshments while having the opportunity to network and test a new beauty product by La Aronet European Designs. Meg said: “It’s light and feels great! “The design is very appealing and I love how it fits” and Jessica said: “It feels amazing and something you would get from the Hilton Hotel!” Adriana Aronet aims to assist women who have concerns about healthy hair while maintaining a busy lifestyle.

The hair towel is made of a microfiber material and finishes as a turban-style head wrap. Prior to the focus group, the women were provided a brief survey asking their expectations of a product packaged as the La Aronet Royelle microfiber hair towel. Participants also posted pictures to social media advocating the use of the towel. An additional purpose of the evening of spa treatment was to analyze the performance of La Aronet’s product.

Kamisol Style Consultancy is a boutique style consultancy offering personal styling, event coordinating, and brand management for both national and international brands. Gigi McMillan is the Chief Creative Officer of Kamisol Style Consultancy, Founder of Purple Runway – a non-profit fashion event to advocate for domestic violence awareness, and the Owner of For the Love of Style Magazine.  

SOURCE: Kamisol Style Consultancy
SALES & PRODUCT INFORMATION: Gigi McMillan (202) 302-5087



Style and Optical Illusion

Trivia time!  Take a look at the group of lines below and select the longest in length; I will wait.


Did you conclude all of the lines are equal? If so, you are correct!

Although, it may appear the 4th line (from left to right) is longer, it does not change the lines length.

This strategy can be applied to how we “suit” our bodies when it comes to clothing.  Take a look at the graphic below how one outfit can give two separate messages.  The cinched waist displays a stark difference from a visual perspective and gives a cleaner more balanced effect.

Capturing the right optical effect is all about balance.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Likewise, the example below is a simple a-line dress. The illustration with the dropped waist makes the mannequin’s torso appear longer; creating a big difference to the body type and shape.


The same difference is notable with horizontal (parallel) and vertical (Upright) lines too.


Upright lines give the body a slimmer appearance.  In contrast, parallel lines will create girth. The good thing is there are ways to keep illusions to a minimum through size and again placement.

Tricks such as these are used by Wardrobe Stylist to give the best effect possible to any body type.

Let’s peek at a couple more examples to ensure the power of placement sinks in…



The next time you treat yourself to a little retail therapy; take these tips with you to select garments that will only benefit your wardrobe. By understanding horizontal and vertical lines or slanted and zig-zag know they create the shape of you through the magic of proper placement.

Meet Adriana Aronet and La Aronet Royelle Microfiber Luxury Hair Towel


Adriana Aronet is a small-town girl with a rich Romanian history.  Her new luxury product speaks to her personal style and eye for beauty, vision, and development.

Join us as we dig deeper into this amazing engineer turned beauty designer while she shares a piece of history and her desire to impact the world through simplistic beauty.

Timișoara, Romania (Theresia Bastion) Photo Credit: Nicolae Prilipceanu
Photo Credit: Studio 8 – www.8studio.ro

Tell us more about Adriana: Where are you from? How did you grow up? Were you always into beauty?

I am born and raised in Romania, the beautiful country of Dracula. That’s what it is mostly known for but it has so many beauties: the sea, beaches, mountains, castles, amazing buildings, and squares. And tourists are very welcomed here so I would invite anyone to visit. I am sure they will love it and will leave with amazing experiences and memories.

Mamaia beach, Romania (the Black Sea) Photo Credit: Adriana Aronet

I grew up in a small, beautiful city surrounded by hills and forest in the western part of the country. I am grateful for a loving family who always made sure that I received the best education and encouraged me to be my own person. After high school, I moved to a bigger city and received my three degrees in International Relations, European Studies, and Medical Engineering. I worked for a few years as a Mechanical Engineer, but I always dreamed of building something of my own. I think we are offered opportunities in life and it’s in our power to recognize and seize them. That is exactly what I did. I didn’t know anything about this type of business or any business for that matter. I had to learn everything from zero, but I made a commitment to give it my all. So, I quit my job and started learning and working on my dream. I took a business class, read everything that I could find and started building LA ARONET brand. Now thinking back I’m amazed of all I’ve been through, it was as exciting as it was challenging.

Venice, Italy (Gondola ride) Photo Credit: Adriana Aronet

I’ve always been told by people around me that I have an eye for beauty, especially interior design and fashion. I have decorated a few homes so far and I’m always asked by people to help them shop which I enjoy. I have always loved looking for amazing furniture, decorations, and outfits, and for as long as I can remember I have been able to put pieces together that work great. I guess that’s what happens with things we love, it becomes automated; a part of us.

When did you realize you wanted to become an entrepreneur?

Photo Credit: Studio 8 – www.8studio.ro
Photo Credit: Studio 8 – www.8studio.ro

I think I always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but I wasn’t completely aware of it. Everyone around me had a “real” job and I felt that is what I must do, too. It was automatically printed in my mind. After a few years at my “real” job as a Mechanical Engineer, which I really liked, it became clear to me that the only limitations I have are made by myself. I felt I could always come back to engineering and I should follow this opportunity and make a leap of faith.

Photo Credit: Studio 8 – www.8studio.ro

What is the meaning behind LA ARONET; how do you pronounce it?

“LA” means “to” in Romanian and “ARONET” is my family name. It’s unique because it’s only in my family and I felt a personal touch would be appropriate for my European brand. I wanted to have a little mystery for the name.

What part does “Royelle” play in the brand?

Royelle is the first product of the brand. A lot of brainstorming and work was put into creating a high-quality product that inspires elegance, functional luxury and sophistication starting with the name. The idea for the name started with royalty, queens, princesses, castles and ended up as a combination of the words “royal” and “elle” (which is “she” in French).

Why the hair towel first?

At the beginning, I looked at a lot of different products, but in the end, I choose the hair towel because I felt a stronger connection towards it and I could see its future easily. The opportunity was clear to me. I could not find a suitable hair towel on the market that was elegant and beautiful. Even though functionality is important, we are women and we need to feel beautiful, too.

Who do you think would love Royelle?

I think all women should feel beautiful, healthy, and pampered, so I think all women could benefit from Royelle.  It is great for women who are concerned about the health of their hair, women on the go, women who want to feel luxurious and spoiled, or women who want to save a little time for themselves and just relax.

Is Royelle good for everyday use? 

I highly recommend it, especially for everyday use. Washing your hair and blow-drying it daily will lead to damaged hair. You will lose all the natural protective oils of your hair that keep it shiny and healthy.  Without oil, your cuticles become dry, fragile, and rigid which will eventually lead to breakage. Using LA Royelle will guaranty the health of your hair.  It absorbs excess water and reduces blow-drying by at least half the time. It’s very lightweight and stays in place, which means your hair won’t be pulled and you’ll see fewer short hairs around your hairline.  Regular hair towels are bulky, heavy, and are constantly slipping down and pulling your hair, which will result in damaged and frizzy hair.

Photo Credit:Studio 8 – www.8studio.ro

You can also use Royelle to protect your hair from getting wet while taking a hot bath, or while relaxing in a jacuzzi or at the spa. I always find my hair is in the way at the spa and Royelle helps me to keep it dry and clean, especially when I get facials or massages and oil is involved. Royelle also can be used for overnight treatments. I love to give my hair a deep, nourishing natural European treatment.  I have added my European Beauty Secrets card included with every Royelle product for various types of hair.

Can you share with us, why LA ARONET Royelle should be a must have for everyone’s hair care and their beauty regimen?

Blow drying can damage hair in many ways: split ends, frizzy hair, dulled shine, dryness, extreme breakage and more. Royelle Microfiber Luxury Hair Towel keeps hair healthier by holding its natural shine and vitality and will reduce blow-drying time by half.

Regular towels are bulky, heavy, they pull your hair and water drips everywhere. Royelle is lightweight and works for all hair types and lengths, and best of all, the more you use it the better your hair will look and feel.

I love making women look and feel beautiful, so every Royelle Microfiber Luxury Hair Towel includes complementary natural European Beauty Secrets so that you and your hair can always be beautiful and healthy.

What luxury items inspire you?

I am inspired by beauty in general; everything from spas to nice hotels to beautiful shoes or jewelry. My creativity is born out of what I see everywhere around me in all my experiences and travels. I am always paying close attention to details. I think luxury consists in detail, quality and feeling spoiled.

What do you wish for each woman to get out of using your products?

Besides the functional and health benefits, I want all women to be reminded of their beauty and the importance of taking time for themselves.

We should all feel beautiful! We each know exactly what makes us feel that, either that is nice clothes, shoes, jewelry or a hair towel that reminds us we are beautiful, we should make time for ourselves to relax and enjoy our lives.

How would you describe the overall feel of your brand?

LA ARONET  was founded in the beautiful buildings, squares, and fashions of Europe that inspired a passion for luxury that could bring the world to you. Royelle embodies this commitment to the experience of beauty and functionality. LA ARONET is all about empowering women to feel beautiful. We create high-quality products that have functional beauty. We are committed to making all women feel beautiful. One of the pillars of the brand is its European heritage. Europe is associated with elegance, beauty, and sophistication. LA ARONET appeals to women who would like to feel that they have those same qualities when they used it.

LA ARONET European-style style, grace and Je ne sais quoi to all.

Since you are a woman of many environments, could you ever see yourself relocating from your home in Romania?

Yes, I do. I love to travel. A big dream for me is to be able to travel the world and spend at least a few months in each place I visit. I love seeing new places and learn about different cultures. It gives me pure joy, positive vibes, and a tremendous inspiration. My inspiration comes from what I’ve seen and experienced so far.

Photo Credit:Adriana Aronet

Why the beauty industry?

I think the beauty industry choose me in a way. It came to me naturally and I just said yes. The universe puts opportunities in front of us, we just must have our eyes and hearts open. I enjoy multiple activities and hobbies and I always had trouble finding my big passion. My solution and recommendation in case you have the same struggle is to stop losing priceless time trying to find it and start doing.  It’s like writer Terri Trespicio said, “You don’t follow your passion, passion follows you”.

Many successful people have learned, first, what it means to fail. What has been one of the toughest challenges during the journey building your luxury brand?

Taking a break. It’s not a joke. I’m always striving for perfection and when I get involved, I commit 100%. So, for me in was hard to learn there always is going to be work to do and I need to find a balance. I am still learning how to manage the workload since I find myself working long hours for my LA ARONET dream.

What advice would you give to any woman wanting to start a business now?

It’s very important to be aware of the difference between being an employee and having your own business. You must stay determined and able to keep a balance in your life. There will be amazing days and terrible days. It’s a journey.

I can’t stress enough how important is to surround yourself with people with the same mindset. Follow them, talk to them, meet them. It will be vital for keeping you on track and giving you the power to keep going.

Learn. Apply. Aim high.

Photo Credit:Adriana Aronet

What charities do you support and why is this important to you?

I think it’s so important to give back and help people around us as much as we can. Even small gestures can make the world so much better. Through the Amazon Smile program, a percentage of every Royelle purchased on Amazon goes to supporting Beauty Without Borders a non-profit organization dedicating to fostering confidence, intellectual growth, personal development, leadership, and independence in girls and young women.

What is next for LA ARONET?

I am very grateful for the amazing testimonials Royelle has received so far.  My heart is filled with joy seeing that I am bringing beauty and functional luxury to women across America. At this moment, I am working on expanding Royelle to spas, retreats, hotels and shops.  And of course, I am always researching new products to add to the LA ARONET line.

Photo Credit:Studio 8 – www.8studio.ro

All the beautiful women can find us at www.laaronet.com, on Amazon.com or on social media (Twitter @LA ARONET, Facebook LA ARONET Royelle).


Celebrity Fashion Designer Sai Suman on the red carpet of her event dressed in her line. Photo courtesy of Bob Delgadillo.

On Tuesday, April 11th at 7pm, Award Winning Hollywood Celebrity Fashion Designer Sai Suman launched her much anticipated official Hollywood Fall/winter 2017 Runway collection, which took place at the swanky Sofitel hotel at 8555 Beverly blvd in Los Angeles. It was a completely star-studded evening jam packed with celebrities and media. The event was presented by Sai Suman in conjunction with the World Networks which was founded by the vivacious entrepreneur Lousine Karibian and the media partners of the event who hosted the red carpet, noted actress/fashion blogger Vida Ghaffari (The Mindy Project, Jimmy Kimmel Live, So Very Vida) and celebrated actor Ford Austin (Heels, Live by Night) of “Live with Ford and Vida”.

The bustling red carpet, chock full of international celebrities and media, started at 7 pm and was followed by the Fashion Runway show at 9:30 pm having the elegant royal era theme, ‘The Queen in Me’ with a romantic Paris feel and runway music reminiscent of “La Vie En Rose”. Models walked in the perfect Royal exquisite and glamorous designs illustrating of the theme as it describes, swaying the audiences taking them back to the 1920 era with the modern touch of 2017 styling and detailing on a time travel back and forth between 1920’s to 2017 with the mesmerizing women and men’s fall/winter collection. The collection has a unique fabric and appliqué detailing on women’s collection whereas Mens suit/tux has a very interesting and eclectic mix of fabric combination seen in velvets, cotton and even leather making it stand out from the basic regular tuxedo trend. This dazzling collection has gold, diamond and pearl delicate appliqué with few having a 3D flower laser cut detailing on the Royal style gowns.

“I live fashion…I breathe fashion! Fashion is not just a necessity for me, but it’s also my passion. Impossible unique creations challenge me. Fashion for me is a platform to narrate the story in my own way through my Runway collection! This season’s inspiration “The Queen in me” is dedicated to empowering women and highlighting their beauty within. The Queen in me is to let all women know and discover that there is a Queen/ princess in everyone. It’s all about embracing your beauty no matter what shape or size you are! You are beautiful because you are you.”


Overall it was a show that truly gave a feel of all the Queens all gathered in a royal gala charming the audience with their regal style and fashion in a story narrated by the designer herself with her limitless imagination and creativity. The models’ look was created by Beyond Beauty and models are from TMJ Agency founded by Terita Jackson.

This designer is surely going to be one of the names to be remembered in history among the other legendary designers who are as gifted as her! Sai Suman is an epitome of style and fantasy and has surely achieved a niche at a very young age inspiring many young aspirants to achieve their dreams.

Expected celebrities and VIPs in attendance were Celebrity Fashion Designer Sai Suman, actors Jimmy Jean-Louis (Joy, Heroes), Alice Amter (The Big BangTheory), Elvis Nolasco (The American Crime), Vida Ghaffari (The Mindy Project, JimmyKimmel Live), Ford Austin (Heels, Live By Night) and his wife, Emmy award-winning producer Lauree Dash, Ken Davitian (Ray Donovan, Borat), KD Aubert (Too Close To Home), Gabriel Jarret (Real Genius), Christina Elizabeth Smith (Pyschopaths), Said Faraj (War Dogs, Green Zone), Hoyt Richards (Supermodel/Actor), noted Iranian-American actress Mary Apick (Homeland, Last Call at Murray’s), Burgandi Phoenix (The Conan show), Carlos Ramirez (Hidden Valley The Awakening) and Kassi Crews (Po, Broken Memories). In accordance with the theme of this event, other esteemed guests in attendance were Hollywood Royalty such as John Blyth Barrymore of the Barrymore clan and even European Royalty in attendance such as HRH Princess Francesca Gioia Drommi.

The Hollywood Launch Runway fashion show was a concept created by Sai Suman and was executed by the World Networks to showcase Sai’s vision and creativity to all her celebrity and media colleagues for them to experience the journey of her fantasy and glamour under one roof, giving them the experience to be a part of a world-class Couture high fashion fall/winter 2017 launch collection.


Sai Suman has been a designer for Hollywood’s A-list stars at red carpet galas and premieres as well as other events and also has done personalized designing. Her collection and designs have been a hit and quite popular among the Hollywood actors and the whole entertainment industry in no time where Sai, at such a young age, has reached an international level of high appreciation and credibility.

Sai has been showcasing in many international platforms as well presenting her collections at premieres and highly acclaimed top fashion events such as New York Couture Fashion Week, Dubai Fashion Week, and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia and Mercedes-Benz fashion week in Europe, to name a few and Sai has carved a niche for herself at the very beginning of her journey.

Recently Sai was honored by the Entrepreneur Award of the year 2017 in Fashion Designing at the World Networks in Los Angeles as the ambassador of Dubai for the Network. 

Sai has also been awarded as “Fashion Designer for 2013-14” at the Dubai Fashion Awards. This wunderkind has also won “Young Entrepreneur of the Year and Excellence in Designing” award at the Global Achievers Awards held in Bangkok in May 2013 for her astounding creative sensibilities.

‘SAI SUMAN’, has been transforming her imagination, fantasy into a wearable piece of art. Her work represents a unique and intriguing combination of fashion and technology. Sai’s collections are compromised of impeccably cut outfits and sophisticated haute couture and red carpet gowns that are ornate and intricately detailed while her designs speak volumes about her passion and her work.

Sai Suman is a designer who creates a blend of western fashion elements with a traditional touch of handwork, creating a new fashion statement. She likes experimenting to create uniqueness in her style and to bring out timeless yet trendsetting collections. Sai Suman loves to create a unique blend of western with a traditional touch to it. She has always been inspired by the futuristic vision in fashion hence has presented several art pieces integrated with light technology in much esteemed international fashion week show. Sai Suman has been a pioneer in experimenting the use of unique fabrics designing the costumes for Bollywood actresses. Sai has also designed looks for international television stars, contributed her designs to several Bollywood music videos, magazine cover shoots, reality shows and is now styling for Hollywood as well.

Sai is the youngest designer to create and combine fashion with technology and creativity, presenting Haute Couture with Hi-Tech designs in various international platforms as the youngest Indian designer alongside with the top senior renowned international designers from different countries respectively.

The inspiration for this young and talented Hollywood celebrity fashion designer, ‘Sai Suman,’ has been the surrealistic fantasy world that tickles her imagination and transforms that fantasy into wearable pieces of art.

More info at  www.saisuman.ws

Mauridi Cosmetic Supreme Nail Lacquer – Vegan at Your Fingertips

Mauridi Costmetic Logo
Mauridi Cosmetic Logo



Vegan Nail Lacquer in Cayman
Vegan Nail Lacquer in Cayman
Mauridi Costmetic Logo
Mauridi Cosmetic Logo

While the world is constantly changing, there are still some things that remain the same, such as an outfit’s last layer of style: nail polish. It is the accessory that can make or break a well-manicured look, the same as a pedicure that compliments a perfect open-toed shoe. Though we can expect that things will in fact change, we can begin to expect that some things also change for the better. Mauridi Cosmetic is proving this point by changing nail polish for the better with their new line of vegan polish.

Kamisol and For the Love of Style Magazine are hopping on the bandwagon, and uncovering Supreme Vegan Nail Lacquer by Mauridi Cosmetic, founded just that way – right on Vegan principles and ingredients. These colors are meant to suit every mood and tone as well as relax the soul, knowing you’re living up to vegan principles, right down to your fingertips and toes.

Supreme Vegan Nail Lacquer in Abaco
Mauridi Supreme Vegan Nail Lacquer in Abaco

What allows these lush lacquers to steal the limelight is that they eliminate the ethical concerns that come along with animal-tested and chemical-latent products. As many of us move toward a more conscious and holistic lifestyle, it would be wise to grow your collection of vegan beauty products. Some of the ingredients used in today’s products are known to include more skin irritants and allergens as well as some other more harmful substances.

Mauridi’s Supreme Vegan Nail Lacquers aim to make the search for a good nail polish simple. These nail lacquers are not only hypo-allergenic but also toluene, paraben, formaldehyde, and cruelty-free. Now there’s no need to have to use a spa day as a “cheat” day ladies because you can indulge, guilt-free.

Sandbank Vegan Nail Lacquer_small
Sandbank Vegan Nail Lacquer_small

We all know that no outfit is complete without a sleek manicure and a pedicure, right? Mauridi Cosmetic Supreme Vegan Nail Lacquers provide a go-to look for each and every attitude or occasion. The collection boasts tints for the trendy precious metal manicure with creative colors such as Sandbank and Cayman; as well as glossy and bold colors for color blocking, French tips or the “graphic French.”  Catering to lifestyles that might be ever-changing, this nail lacquer comes in 15 other hues to infuse anyone’s personal style.

Now that you’re almost ready to go, seal your look with a kiss from Mauridi Cosmetic’s Hydrasheer Botanic Lip Line!

Mauridi Cosmetic – Discovering Beauty in Botanics

Mauridi Cosmetic Wash Chamomile Facial Cleanser
Pictured: Mauridi Cosmetic "Wash" Chamomile Face Wash
Mauridi Cosmetic Wash Chamomile Facial Cleanser
Pictured: Mauridi Cosmetic “Wash” Chamomile Face Wash


There’s no reason to maintain dry skin. However, sensitive skin is understandable. There is also skin that is just uncompromising – or ‘D’ – all of the above. Finding the right product for washing, treating, and maintaining beautiful skin can be a daunting and confusing regimen. However, Mauridi Cosmetic’s line of botanical facial products is designed to put the ease, comfort, and relief into your daily skincare procedure. Even the world’s greatest estheticians must need Mauridi Cosmetic if a high-value experience is wanted from a simple botanical product which includes nourishing ingredients formulated especially for your overall skin health. Begin the day and end the night with “Wash” Chamomile Facial Cleanser. Unlike many other face washes, there’s no water needed for this as this mild cleanser does the job with just a thorough massage and rinse away. Infused with powerful essentials like red clover and white willow bark, this gel-like wash comes in two sizes – perhaps making it easier to travel with, my dear!

Mauridi Cosmetic Botanical Vegan Toner

To accompany this wash is “Tone” Botanical Firming Toner (pictured, left). Whichever way this toner is applied, it is going to leave your skin feeling soothed by the aloe vera, green tea, and chamomile to say the least.

Mauridi_Cosmetic Hydrate Mango Face Cream
Mauridi Cosmetic Hydrate Mango Face Cream

The green tea is aids in rejuvenating the skin while the cucumber included works to tighten the pores. Refreshed is an understatement. If there is any good advice to skincare, it is most definitely to moisturize. Mauridi Cosmetic’s Hydrate Mango Face Cream does just that. With a natural blend of 5 oils, shea butter, and antioxidant vitamin E, your skin will thank you. Wash, Tone, and Hydrate are part of an entire Botanical skin care line developed with the most sensitive skin in mind and we urge you to give it a try.

Once you’re finished pampering your face, you’ll need to know more about how you can achieve a natural manicure with Mauridi’s vegan polish!



Style in Poetry…


Creative writing is much about floetry just like Marsha Ambrosius and The Floacist harmonized so well on the flo’ology of it all. 

Photo: Lebophoo

Poetry and style are contrived from an eternal movement and speak to who we are as individuals and creative thinkers.




Photo: Epiphany

…and through the power of words.


Art, style, poetry, and fashion serve major purposes in our lives and takes shape in the imagination of children at play or adults during moments of clarity; creative writing allows us to express ourselves and share unforgettable life experiences through word, style, and form.

Poetry is defined as “literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm”.

Finding your floetry, is much like creating a style temperature and, as, easy as this may sound it’s an art and skill to it.

Many poems can make one feel as though the writer or performer is speaking directly to them. Why, because communication is a vital part of our existence and speaks on so many ways.

Photo: Pinterest

In order to help get you started channeling the poet within here are 3 top things you want to remember about writing in style:

1) First, remember poetry is an expressive language (even though we use literary techniques, we are focusing more on our ability to express)

2) commonly used techniques in poetry are incorporated in our everyday conversations [imagery: creating mental pictures that appeal to the senses, and metaphors: comparison between two things that are unrelated, but share the same characteristics]

3) express yourself and using techniques are only half of the process, the other half is what we have experienced in our lives. (Take the area you are an expert in and act as if you are trying to explain the terminology to a toddler).

Photo: SegmentNext

And please do not allow yourself to get snagged by the “technicalities” perfection just like the blurry image above is not perfect, but effective (did you notice).

Simply work towards flowing a oneness in the art of expression and creativity that works for you.
Today, just enjoy the process of poetry it is great for our health and wellness so try this – take a moment and as yourself:

‘moments of clarity come when I am”……..


Please know nothing is off limits and every experience is relevant. set no limits, find your floetry and it can be as clear or as blurry as you define it for now.

If you are interested we would love to hear your story from the exercise by commenting blow.

My name is Ashley “Epiphany” Hodges, and I’m out…