It’s That Time of Year Again!

You’ve heard the phrase over and over again, like a broken record. We know but, you have to face the music; Going back to school will always be a thing. These days it’s not just for the kids, either. More and more of the US population is going back to school whether it’s for their G.E.D or the higher education they’ve always wanted. Education has become increasingly important over the years with more people seeking post-secondary degrees. Whether you are already a professional taking night classes, have children heading into their first year of primary school, or you’re entering into secondary or post-secondary matriculation, your shopping list will benefit from these trends well into the winter.

Taking a quick lesson from Gucci’s Alessandro Michele, who is the designer behind the most popular brand of 2017 Q2, we know there is such thing as considering clothes for both men and women that can be melted together for a complete fashionable look, whether man or woman, boy or girl. With that being said, let us explore some looks for everyone headed back to school.

Elementary school can be so easy since most of the kids are really more worried about how cool their school supplies are than if they have the latest cool t-shirt. As we age though, hopefully, we get a little better fashion sense. If you’re a parent, and you’re fashion savvy, We’re providing you with some ideas to jump start your kids’ fashion sense (besides the typical joggers).

Autumn/Winter Rule #1 – Mix Prints, Textures, and Colors.

Junior High and High School is where style begins to matter. At this point, basic graphic tees are just so-so. It’s time to upgrade that elementary style and get a little more avant-garde. Gone are the days of mommy or daddy laying out the outfits for each day – or the week. At this point, your tween or teen has probably already provided you with a list of all the “in-clothes” for the season. If you’re the stylish person that we know you are you can meet their list with a list of your own and hopefully step in where their style may need a little direction while still allowing some personality to flare.

Autumn/Winter Rule #2 – Do Polka Dot, Whimsical, Plaid

Summer break seems so short-lived for the college student. Trust me, we know. We’ve been there. Finals were pretty much last week – as are those high school or freshman threads. But hey, now there’s an excuse to spend some of that summer job money on not looking like “fresh meat” on campus. College is where style is polished and fashion becomes an even bigger deal than ever. We’d like to think college is something like an educated fashion show. There may not be a runway, but there is this thing called “the yard” and if you’re being seen anywhere on it, you must look your best. You can’t be walking around looking like Sesame Street when you’re on Saks Fifth Avenue. Here’s to hitting the stores before you hit the books again:

Autumn/Winter Rule #3: Definitely Do Fancy Denim

Ummm… “What about the shoes?”

No worries. This season, if you’re lucky enough to not have to stick to boring shoes due to strict dress codes or uniforms, there are more than enough to delight the stylish. You better go high or go home. It’s all about boots, and for women especially, thigh-high boots. Red may not be your color, but be assured that it will be a color option for probably every shoe you’ll be interested in purchasing. A list of shoes could never be exhaustive with so many great trends this season included metallics and exotic heels (and man heels!). Vibrant jewel tones, traditional Earth tones, and the embroidered trend will transcend into footwear through this fall/winter season.

Have no doubt in your mind that the retail industry is prepared for the sweep of back-to-school shoppers. As the consumer make sure you also take advantage of the tax-free week in your state. For some that may mean getting a head start next year. For other states, you can still take advantage in the months of August and September. Going back to school is commonly about your confidence. If you’re not quite ready, take one last shopping trip and pick up a few of these trends to boost your mood and your ego on the first day back. Take your own tips from your grown-up wardrobe and impose on the kiddies and they’ll also be feeling too school for school!



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