Choosing the right necklace for an outfit does not have to be stressful.  Finding the right size, shape and length is essential to streamlining a well put together look.

Let’s focus on a few shapes that will give you an idea about accessorizing a halter, V-neck, scoop neck, strapless and plunging necklines just to get you started.  The good thing is you probably have all the necessary items in your collection to apply the tips immediately.

1.   Halters and V-necks – lean or v-style necklaces are perfect for this type of neckline because they work with the shape of the accessory.  For a perfect fit make sure the necklace lays within the garment to avoid bulking.  A statement necklace such as this should be an attraction and stand out within an outfit so be sure you’re working with colors that will enhance the look for the environment.


2.     Scoop and Strapless Necklines – are great to pair with bib necklaces since the upper body is bare.  Remember to keep either the necklace or the outfit simple because you don’t want either of them fighting for attention.  Wearing a bold stone or a layered jeweled piece will take center stage and add a true polished effect to the entire look.




3.  Plunging Necklines – A tasteful plunging neckline can be accentuated in many ways with accessories.  You can wear one chain with a great pendent, play with layers and a choker looks nice as well depending on the environment.  However, this is one of my favorite looks with a plunging neckline because it’s not overdone and keeps a nice simple flow.


Image  Image

When wearing a beautiful necklace the goal is to ensure it complements the overall look and adds visual balance.  I think these ladies hit the mark well.



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