Behind The Scenes with FTLOS

Behind The Scenes with FTLOS at Rockledge Mansion
Often the question is asked “What happens behind the scenes?” Well since you asked let’s go behind the scenes with FTLOS at Rockledge Mansion.

Whenever Kamisol Style Consultancy Inc.’s Team gets together it’s always “For The Love Of Style”!

On Saturday, January 30, 2015, Team Kamisol had the pleasure of having a test photo shoot at the historic Rockledge Mansion located in Occoquan Virginia. The impressive and grand stone mansion was built in 1758 and to say it is beautiful would be an understatement!

Lance Houghton made certain the entire team felt right at home, and was in need of nothing, from beginning to end.

The FTLOS Glam Squad was more than comfortable in a charming antique bedroom, which they used for hair and make-up for the day. With the beautiful the venue setting the tone excitement ran high as transformation began. After all a photo shoot isn’t a photo shoot without hair and make-up, right!

Michelle Chong and Kaylee Miller, Behind The Scenes FTLOS
Binge Mauridi and Olivia Lance Houghton, Behind The Scenes FTLOS

Leading the glam squad for the day was Stephanie Ladeutt and Michelle Chong, both of Paul Mitchell The School Of Woodbridge. They were joined by Binge Mauridi of Mauridi Cosmetics, LLC.

Stephanie Ladeutt and Shanyqua Jacobs, Behind The Scenes FTLOS

All together beauty is on deck!

Glam Squad, Behind The Scenes FTLOS

The lovely dresses, provided by Zeba Afghan Collections were carefully hanging around the room, as the models were getting ready.

Although the ballroom is quite elegant with gorgeous floor to ceiling windows, it quickly turned into the perfect studio for three photographers, one videographer, otherwise known as FTLOS Media Team.

Lights! Camera! Action! Was theme as they prepared and set up for the day!

There are so many moving pieces when it comes to a successful photo shoot, however the Creative Director, Gigi McMillian makes it look a lot easier than it really is, as she goes from room to room giving direction.

You can imagine there are a lot of details. So who’s checking the details? Leave it to the Editor In Chief, Simeaka Melton.

Creative Director of Photography, Greg Phul can be found dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s, making sure things are in place and ready when it’s go time.

Director Of Photography, Eddie White can be found getting things just right as he prepares to think outside the box.

Eddie White and Greg Phul, Behind The Scenes FTLOS

Creative Director Of Photography, Carlton Hart can be found mapping out his plan, developing the vision and patiently waiting with a smile.

Carlton Hart and Serenity Graves, Behind The Scenes FTLOS

As for Jamel Brown, Director Of Multimedia, he can be found throughout the room, not missing a beat and capturing the moment.

Who else but Debra Chandler, of would join the team for the day, to check in and offer a good balance between humor and advice.

Naturally Kamisol Ambassadors, Kaylee Miller, Shanyqua Jacobs and Serenity Graves made the photo shoot a huge success, while also welcoming Olivia Houghton, Janae Crudup and Georgi Bachvarov aboard, as the all join the team for the first time.

It’s hard to contain the enthusiasm, as things begin the heat up on set. So you’re more likely to see a lot of high-fives and smiles and hear even more “Yes!”, “That’s It!” and “Oh Yeaaaah”, as the team celebrate one another and the achievements being made on set! Creating a relaxed, fun and professional environment is not only effortless and second natural it’s the reason this team work so well with others.

Behind The Scenes FTLOS

As for Kamisol Style Consultancy, Inc. a photo shoot is never just a photo shoot. Its assisting prospective models develop outside of their comfort zones and emerge into young professionals. It’s also privilege to support other professionals build upon their craft. It’s the teamwork, the relationships and of course the fun. Ultimately it’s all For The Love Of Style”.

Behind The Scenes FTLOS

“Ultimately It’s For The Love Of Style!”


written by Simeaka Melton, Editor In Chief

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