Name: Epiphany

Art: Spoken Word

Birthday: September 30 – Libra

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Song:“I Get Out” by Lauryn Hill

Influencer: Sarah Jakes Roberts

Affirmation to Live By: “You are Worthy. You are capable.”


Spoken word artist epiphany
Spoken word artist Epiphany

It’s only right to have an opportunity to get to know the spoken word artist, Epiphany. She embodies a woman who has overcome and is continuing to mature as she excels through her journey of life. Talking to her makes you want to get deeper and For the Love of Style Magazine had an opportunity to scratch the surface of a young queen that is cultivating the community through her talents.



When hearing her voice, it is easy to get lost in the empathy, and flood of emotions that fill her words.   Every phrase protrudes strength, courage, and wisdom. The gravelly voice coming through the phone reminds me of Mary J. Blige; the type of voice that’s filled simultaneously with joy and pain but inviting. I envision Epiphany smiling on the other end, as she should. She’s a light in this dark world. 


She concedes to having communication issues and struggling with getting her emotions across the right way, but there was no notion of an issue as Epiphany flowed gracefully and confidently throughout our talk. She admits to being vulnerable and truly keeps it real when speaking to youth. “I’ve learned to recognize when I’m talking to someone’s logic and when I’m talking to their emotions,” She says. Epiphany effortlessly adapts, as working with the juvenile justice system and different youth groups in the community has taught her that, these young people don’t want to hear sugar-coated lectures. Then again, what young person does? Furthermore, she emphasizes there’s no use in being complacent with the things you have not yet to achieve when you can roll up your sleeves and make your dreams come true. Before life can be taken by the reigns, we have to come to terms with our individual truths. Getting your truths out and dealing with it is something Epiphany practices regularly and encourages among her audience.


After binge watching her Youtube videos,  undoubtedly, the ear recognizes that only passion resonates from Epiphany’s poetry.  Just listening to one of her spoken-word pieces titled, “Soldier,” Epiphany leaves us with a relentless urge to lift someone else’s spirit. Often we talk with someone and leave the conversation with the ambition to advance ourselves and make strides toward our personal dreams. However, Epiphany made me want to find my own “it factor” and do whatever “it” may be, for the culture’s sake…immediately!


Needless to say, we got to a point in the conversation where I couldn’t help but wonder how so much wisdom came from this young woman. Epiphany pronounced, a lot of her inspiration comes from seeing the beauty in every experience and interaction that we have within the span of our lifetime. She began to explain that “Soldier” was written to the tune of an untimely suicide. Depression is a huge elephant in the room of our society. Healthline reports approximately 121 million people suffer from depression and women are twice as likely to experience symptoms of depression.  Some of us know exactly how deeply that despair can be rooted. Some of us can only fathom. Epiphany uses her craft to bridge the realms of emotion and logic, by internalizing a friend’s pain after her mother commits suicide. “I could only imagine everything she was going through – dealing with that and being pregnant. Your emotions are just all over the place”, she says. In the midst of it all, Epiphany was there with a spoken word of encouragement. The type of emotional push to put the fire under your feet. Epiphany’s delivery is firm, and her rawness is reasonable. There’s unquestionably no shame in her game. “I’m taking the same steps that I’m encouraging everyone else to take. I’m in therapy.” She says. Epiphany talks about having a go-to person:


“She’s not connected to me in any other way except through these sessions; this helps keep me balanced and helps to strengthen my perspective of my life’s experiences.  She helps me to safely navigate through my emotions and my logic and encourages me to give equal care to both these vital parts of who I am.”


Clearing the energy and creating safe spaces is exactly what Epiphany aspires to do in the youth around her. An absolute influencer in the Washington, D.C.,

metropolitan area,  Epiphany has a gift to inspire and ignite while sowing back into the young people in Southern Maryland and surrounding communities. She believes that sharing her experiences with those she speaks to within the juvenile justice system in Waldorf, MD. is her greatest tool. Being sincere in sharing vulnerable things about herself eases the tension of judgment and fear among the youth and allows them to find safety in expressing themselves. Epiphany explains, ” I ask them how they want to express themselves and I assure them there’s no pressure to conform.” She continues, “I tell them, there is no right or wrong way to express yourself, you just do it. Most youth find it easier to participate when there’s no pressure to conform”. It’s only if the desire to flourish already exists that Epiphany helps sharpen the vision.


Photo: Mural in progress by Tri County Youth Services Bureau with Epiphany’s direction.



Her vision is clear, and her heart is set on helping establish and adjust the vision of the next generation and impacting her own. Epiphany is the humble beginnings of a woman sharing her journey and uplifting those traveling through theirs.


When she’s not writing her own masterpieces, she’s listening to some of her favorites: Lauryn Hill and Sarah Jakes Roberts. Not an avid reader, she is a fan of the Audible app. Epiphany spends a lot of time listening to TD Jakes,  one of her favorite authors and is currently listening to one of his latest books, Instinct.


From the life experiences to how she radiates her inner joy, I can assure you there is an innate wealth achieved by getting to know this woman. We could go on, but the experience is much better sold than told. Epiphany will be traveling with The Speak Life Tour to revitalize art culture in the youth as well as motivating their audience to generally being great.




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