Bubbles Face…The New Cleansing


Move over, sheet mask selfies. There’s a new skincare treatment in town that’s just as, if not more, shocking to your unassuming Instagram followers.

Enter K-beauty’s latest tongue-in-cheek offering: Bubble masks. When lathered, the fizzy-foamy masks coat the face with expanding, carbonated suds that will make you look like a puffy cousin ofGhostbuster’s Marshmallow Man. And they kind of tingle, too. But not for nothing. In addition to providing stop-scrolling-thumbs-in-their-tracks selfies, they truly are good for your skin.

Take for example the most sensational of them all, the Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask, which is formulated with worth-their-salt ingredients like charcoal powder, matcha powder, white willow peel extract, and green tea extract to draw out all sorts of dirt, debris, makeup, and god knows what else from your pores. In the end, you won’t just have a squeaky-clean face, but super soft skin as well.

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