It’s no wonder rappers are wearing dresses. Givenchy is making the statement loud and clear: Go long or go home. Offering up a healthy heaping of modern and trippy the fashion house flooded the runway with new looks, which are assuredly a sign of the times.


A street style once again graces the runway for the Givenchy men’s Fall-Winter 2017 collection, but it’s classic and signature all at once. I don’t doubt that a lot of young men will be turning to this fashion house for inspiration for their #OOTD.

Givenchy Pre Collection Fall Winter 2017 Mens Parka
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Fashion has, for a long time, repeated history. Lately, we’ve seen the fashion world revisit the 70s, 80s and even the 90s. While we’ve seen chokers and grunge make a major comeback, how could we ever let go of flared pants, lace or velvet? Givenchy’s latest collection boasts the best of these decades, with a twist. Better yet it’s like you traveled back in time and went in your parent’s high school closet (or maybe even your own) and hyperventilated your way back into time. When you woke up, enlightened from the past with an untouchable sense of style. Taking textile to new ready-to-wear heights, yup, that’s Givenchy’s Fall Collection. Nothing but Fashion.




(Givenchy, 2017)

Nothing beats the nostalgia that adorns these pieces. I’m sure these clothes were cut to the beat of the Disco. The monochromatic look never looked so sleek. You must see how trendy these solids look, coupled with a long trench coat.




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Remember all of those kids who grew up on Nickelodeon? Remember 90s grunge? Well, they’re all grown up now and making a whole new statement.

As this is just the pre-collection, I wouldn’t mind holding my breath for the rest. I’m sure what’s to come will be breathtaking.

I don’t mind a longer stretch of winter, but I can’t wait to see what the spring collections will hold.


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