The stage is set. For four days, the District of Columbia celebrated the world of fashion at various locations throughout the city. The 24th Season of DC Fashion week came to a close, with a grand finale, on Sunday, February 28, 2016 at the Carnegie Library. The final show included ten national and international designers along with 120 models, numerous photographers and members of the press.

The theme for this event was an “International Couture Collections Show.”

The designers came from the four corners of the earth. Their designs captivated the audience holding them spell bound for the length of the show. The designers gained inspiration from their life’s experiences as well as their backgrounds heritages and cultural roots.

Styles By Hakeemah Photographed by Greg Phul

The show began with the Styles by Hakeemah. Her designs are colorful, flowing, and accentuated with various types of brocade. In addition, each design included a complimentary head dress, a blouse with long sleeves and a high neck line. Styles by Hakeemah are modest and elegant.


Photographed by Greg Phul
Anca Designs Photographed by Greg Phul

Anca Designs commanded the viewer’s attention as the first model stepped onto the runway.The designs are bold, with sharp lines and edges. The first portion of the Anca Designs show featured browns and tans accentuated with splashes of gold. The necklines were varied e.g. traditional lay down pointed collar, stand-up collars that cover then neck to a plunging (lower cut) neckline. The second portion of the show embraced the use of blacks and grays accented with splashes of color. Anca Designs are perfect as business attire or a casual evening on the town. The evening gowns are flowing, gorgeous and a welcome addition to any formal event. Anca Designs are inspired by architecture. The designer looks hard at and studies the architecture of buildings taking in the angles and the lines. The designer believes that the “Architected have created the castles and churches of all kinds…” Anca started her career in Romania, studied in Milan and the United States.



Dahil Republic of Couture Photographed by Greg Phul
Dahil Republic of Couture Photographed by Greg Phul

Dahil Republic of Couture graced the runway with a western and African infused style; treating the audience to a unique :exotic” fashions and accessories. Throughout the show, Nyaboke Mauya’s designs highlighted a mix of traditional fabrics with African inspired printed fabrics such as chiffon, silk and dry lace. Her versatile collection offers formal, semi-formal, business, and casual attire for both men and women.


Corjor International Collection Photographed by Greg Phul
Corjor International Collection Photographed by Greg Phul

One of the highlights of the show was the Corjor International Collection by Designer Ean Williams. In addition to being a designer, Ean is the Director of the DC Fashion Week. As the Executive Director, Ean is passionate about making Washington DC one of the focal points in the fashion world.

During Fashion Week 2016, the DC Fashion Show was selected for the 2016 Best of Washington Award in Tourist Attraction Category by the Washington Award Program.


Corjour Designs Photographed by Greg Phul

Corjour Designs Photographed by Greg PhulCorjour International presented several designs that presented a regal or royal look that resembled or seemed inspired by the royal robes of years gone by. The collection featured both men and women’s designs and favored a color palette of black and gold.


Bata Spasojevic closed the evening as the Special Guest designer. Willams explained that Spasojevic’s participation in DC Fashion Week is part of a “cultural exchange between DC fashion week and Serbia Fashion Week.


DC Fashion Goes International During DC Fashion Week

International Designers: Anca Design, Corjor International, Covered Bliss, Dahil Republic of Couture, Lady Mariama Designs, Leighel Desiree, Sera Vero Nik, Styles by Hakeemah, Unique Pattern for You, & Bata Spasojevic

Washington Menswear Collections: Konjo Collection, Leighel Desiree, Magnum Underwear Collection, Ray Vincente Collection, & Valdecio Collection

Metropolitan Emerging Designers & Indie Artists:  Alapha Pink, Belle Flowers, District Cashmere, Dynasty by Brittany, Hoodlvm Clothing, Jeilyne Santana, Jé Michele, & Shruti’s Designs

DC Fashion Week occurs twice a year during the month of February and during the month of September. Stay connected and meet For The Love Of Style Magazine during the next DC Fashion Week on September 21-25.

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written by Greg Phul, Creative Director Of Photography

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