Dear Girls,

Don’t fret over pretty. You are more than pretty you are beautiful! You are beautiful on your worst days, you are beautiful when you feel like you are not, you are even beautiful when others intentionally make you feel like you are not and you are still beautiful when someone else beautiful shares the same space as you.

Too often society and the media pressure girls into the desire to achieve pretty as only they define it and approve it. Society’s toxic untruths cause girls a constant state of pressure to achieve pretty ….

“too much, too little, too thin, too big, too light, too dark, too round, too square, too old, too young, too curvy, too straight, too smart, too average”.

There are too many lies to keep up, resulting in, “the pretty girl pressure”.

The truth is pretty isn’t something anyone has to achieve, unless you believe the lies you pay to believe. And because it’s all an illusion, pretty their way can not be achieved. The fact of the matter is true beauty begins on the inside and surpasses “pretty”, and requires no approval. Your beauty is your birthright, and the opinions from others are irrelevant. And to seek fictitious approvals are a complete waste of time and energy.

Beauty is not found in our products or created. Is who you naturally are, without anything altered.

You are beautiful. Unapologetically live strong in your unique beauty, because you are enough, as you are.

What is the Pretty Girl Pressure?

The pretty girl pressure is the pressure to achieve pretty as only society defines and approves it.

The pretty girl pressure is in effect when women and girls have an unrealistic idea and desire to be flawless, achieve perfection, attempt to duplicate the perception of the images seen in their favorite magazines, and whenever women and girls feel their natural selves isn’t good enough.

As a result, lowered self esteem is a major side effects of pretty girl pressure.

“Too often society dismisses and undervalues authentic beauty by simply replacing it with the desire to achieve their pretty. As a result, girls often do not recognize or understand or want their true beauty so they attempt to achieve the unrealistic “pretty” as society has defined and approves it.”

Simeaka Melton

"Every girl and woman has the power to eliminate the pretty girl pressure." SImeaka Melton
“Every girl and woman has the power to eliminate the pretty girl pressure.” Simeaka Melton
Every girl and woman has the power to eliminate the pretty girl pressure. To learn more about the illusions of pretty girl pressure, the causes, effects and to learn 6 ways to ELIMINATE the pretty girl pressure register for
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Friday, April 03, 2015


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