“Summer camp isn’t just a summertime activity, it’s service. It’s who I am.” Simeaka Melton
“Summer camp is more than just a summertime activity. It’s service. It’s who I am.” Simeaka Melton

Dear Parents, Do your homework!

Dear Parents,

It’s that time of year again! Homework time, also known as summer camp time! When deciding which summer camps to trust with your children, be sure to do your homework. Be sure to look beyond the pretty brochures, rehearsed sales pitches and Facebook posting without verifiable history.

In these times we have to be more vigilant than ever. Our children are worth the extra time and research required to safely select the best-qualified summer camps possible. My team (Rising Above Expectation Youth Services, Inc.) and I have worked diligently setting the bar pretty high in providing stellar overnight summer camps, which has allows us to be a summertime staple.

Don’t just pick what any old summer camp, do your homework!



Miss Meaka

“Summer camp is more than a summertime activity. It’s service. It’s who I am.”

Simeaka Melton

6 Essential Keys

To Selecting The Best-Qualified Summer Camps


Key #1    Do your homework.

Look beyond the “price is right” and impressive flyers and brochures. Do your homework by asking for references, verifying information, researching organizations and by getting the facts.


Key #2    Ask a lot of questions.

Ask questions first. Inquire staff qualifications/training, background checks and selection process, ask about camp schedules, activities, food preparations, transportation, emergency planning, camp feedback (complaints and praises), camp history, supervision, the organization’s history etc.

Key #3    Remember the camp staff and volunteers.

Do your own research. Research not only the organization, but also research the camp staff and volunteers. With social media being what it is today it makes it easier to get an idea of who you are trusting with your children by their digital footprints.


Key #4   Have the interview.

The sales pitch is intended to be inviting, therefore it is imperative to see beyond the fluff. Interview the camp organizers. Ask about their track record, their results, and even their complaints. Ask about difficult camp experiences and how it was handled. What does it say in black and white? Are they providing what’s advertised? Have the interview, after all your children are worth it.

Key #5    Know what people are saying.

Keep in mind “you can’t please all of the people, all of the time”, but do get references. References from parents, volunteers, staff and repeat campers. Do not take only the word from the camp organizers. While testimonials are great go to the source when possible.

Key #6    Have a peace of mind.

Go with your gut. Everything that glitters is not gold, so do your homework. You cannot foresee everything so trust your gut. When deciding on which summer camps to trust with your children, it is imperative to have a peace a mind after you have done your homework.

As a mother and as an expert summer camp provider I cannot emphasize enough how imperative it is for parents to do their research before enrolling their children into summer camp programs. All things considered, the well-being of your children is of the up-most importance, so use of these 6 vital keys are intended to be used only as a guide and not a substitute for your judgment.

Rising Above Expectations Youth Services, Inc. is not only a trusted name providing summer camps but has also developed the sought after summer camp programming and training. Please visit www.RAEyouth.org for additional information.

Simeaka Melton |  @Simeaka | simeaka@raeyouth.org


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