You Are What You Eat… Duh.


We’ve heard the saying over and over, but we have yet to take heed. Lucky for the healthy-eating laggards, society has now latched onto more clean and healthy eating habits. Perhaps you’ve noticed the onset of fads such as the Paleo diet? Maybe more of your friends are “going vegan“. Or maybe it’s you, that has decided to take the leap of faith into the world of better eating.  Nevertheless, it’s the best choice you can make for yourself. Believe me. Don’t wait any longer. It’s time to eat better and maintain beauty from the inside out. 

I Took Clean Eating For Granted. 

I grew up in a family where a green thumb was pretty much second nature. My grandparents had a massive garden and my dad, a landscaper. I spent so much time as a child appreciating my food because of my close relationship with the people cultivating the land, trees and vines that my food grew from.  Even more, my personal play-places consisted of tiptoeing through the carefully plowed rows of seeds, chasing cousins around fruit trees, and picking weeds as I impatiently waited for the produce to ripen so I could pull it off the vines. The joy I got watching my Nana and Grandaddy (AKA Grandaddy Greens) plant, grow, pick, and serve their own food, is a priceless portion of my upbringing that I will cherish forever. To a certain degree, I took it for granted. I took clean eating for granted.

Unfortunately, as I got older and especially in high school, I replaced that appreciation with convenience. I ate Popeye’s, McDonalds, and Pizza like it was going out of style. My first job allowed me the opportunity to consume biscuits at an alarming rate and hardly ever a farm-to-table meal. I just paid off my boss everyday because I knew I’d be dipping into the biscuits and salty chicken backs. There were even friends that used to call me “Biscuit”. SMH. Looking back, it’s hard to believe I had high cholesterol and was at my heaviest weight as a cheerleader in high school. I would definitely attribute that to the Popeye’s and the biscuits.

When college rolled around, I wanted to tone up and shake some of what I was calling “baby weight”. HA! Well, shout-out to my dad who was a firm believer in buying groceries over eating out. His direction completely changed my life forever. Thanks Dad! While most of my friends were surviving on university cafeteria food, I had a grocery allowance from my dad. I was able to cook somewhat healthier, balanced, less processed meals.

Motherhood and Pregnancy Changed it All




After having my first son at 21, I was still pretty vibrant and maintaining healthy eating habits complete with new tips I’d learned from pregnancy, such as eating wild caught fish instead of farm-raised. Though, I did crave burgers from Red Robin… “yummmmm”! By the time I was pregnant with my second son, I was eating any and everything under the sun – no holds barred. I craved crinkle cut fries drenched in cheese, ketchup and hot sauce. Don’t forget my steak and shrimp sub drenched in mayo and ketchup to go with that. Then, along came pregnancy with son number three. Fruit snacks, Slurpees, cake and Ice cream became a staple every night before bed, I went back to drinking soda, and these habits continued post-pregnancy. #Nobueno.

Photo: Unhealthy foods // ArtsyBee

Before I knew it, my body was breaking down in my twenties. My cholesterol was headed back up along with my blood pressure, arthritis kicked in, non-stop headaches and a host of other ailments I never encountered before. As I mentioned I have three boys. How on Earth can I be there for them if I’m already breaking down before they all get a chance to start school?! Oh, and lets not forget those smile lines that started to creep up were rather eye-opening as well. I had to make some changes.

Enter: Eat Pretty, Live Well 


This journal (below) will allow you to embrace clean and healthy eating for a better, more beautiful you. More importantly, this should be indefinite lifestyle change. Eventually, by using this journal you can master shopping for the best produce during it’s proper season. Then, by keeping a log within the pages, you are able to monitor your own progress and growth. This book is encouragement to try foods you’ve never heard of, thought of, or refused to incorporate in your diet. If you haven’t already, read the book and/or pickup the guided journal and get started on your own journey to beauty from the inside out.

Photo: Eat Pretty, Live Well Journal // A. Smalls

Here at For the Love of Style, we’re all about action. We strive to become our best selves everyday and empower other women to do the same. With that being said, we totally get that everyone is not at the same place in their journey. That’s no problem at all! If you’re an all-star procrastinator, no worries. Let me share with you some of the Summer’s pretty produce to help you get your beauty show on the road. The next time you’re in the supermarket, pick up a few of these:


Photo: List of summer produce // A. Smalls

It’s hot out gals. So definitely be sure to increase your intake of produce like pineapples and cucumbers for ultimate hydration. I can’t give you all the secrets as I’m sure Ms. Jolene Hart (author of the book) would not like me very much. However, I do encourage you to incorporate these foods and watch your complexion clear, your sleep improve and establish an overall since of well-being.

There is a season for everything. Foods and beauty are not exempt from this fact. With the fall season being right around the corner, check back in with us to dive more into what you can do to prepare to enhance your palette during the autumn months. By then, you may have already purchased your book or journal. If not, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. #staypretty


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