Every decade has its day. Then, it has its day again. This fall and winter season the 70s are back! This time around, the disco decade is mixed with a little of this and a little of that, making some perfectly updated fashion statements of looks from the past. The mixing of prints and textures is most certainly a must. If you wear nothing else (Of course this does not mean go naked), we reckon you must incorporate these styles into your fall and winter wardrobe.

Let’s begin.




Pictured: Saint Laurent Niki 105 Thigh-High Boot // www.ysl.com

Metallic/Shine: Talk about disco fever! Go out and cop a pair of the most fly boots you can find with some shine! They may have sequins; they may be metallic; they may be straight up glitter all over. Either way, if they appeal to you – get them! Someone is sure to compliment you and ask where you purchased them. While shopping for your boots with all the glitz for the upcoming season, you may come across other sparkling items. Don’t feel as if you have to limit your luster to just your feet. Your sparkling style can be extended to the details in your clothing as well. Try sequins or go with a mixed media jacket or sweater to dazzle your closet. You may actually be amazed by how many options you’ll come across.


Photo: Model Wearing Givenchy Resort 2018 Collection // www.vogue.com

Red: Sprinkled in every last item that could be your wardrobe, red is killing the style scene this fall/winter season. Although it is also very true that monochromatic looks of many colors are dominating the runway as well, the sure-fire attire will be in the red. Don’t hesitate to make your own style statement by dressing in bold hues of red from head to toe. If you can’t find those shimmering boots in a look you love, go for the red ones. Red pants, red shirt (go for the stark silhouette or something with shoulder pads), red trench coat, and red thigh-high boots will create a runway inspired look to kill any competition. As the Givenchy model to the right proves, you can go for the feminine look as well and kill a few birds with one stone: Boots. Velvet. Floral. Red….Check!






Photo: Model in Zara Light Blue Denim Sweatshirt //www.zara.com

Denim: Don’t ever throw away your denim! Denim is one of those versatile materials that will find its way into personal style, no matter the season. Blue jeans and jean jackets are classic items – which you know already. However, this season it’s time to punch it up with patchwork, embroidery, and the most deconstructed looks that can be found. There is no such thing as plain denim this season. You must fall in line with the trend or risk being left in the past and potentially be labeled as boring. Ironically, the jeans pictured to the left are a tad bit boring, but if you read our back-to-school post, you’ll get the hint.

Photo: Miu Miu Velvet Bomber Courtesy of Who What Wear // www.net-a-porter.com

Velvet: Although fuzzy things have been trending for the last few seasons, it hasn’t yet reached the point of “over kill”. Actually, incorporate more fuzz with other trends. Go velvet on your outerwear and especially accessories. Mini backpacks, belts, hats, shoes, etc. With mixed media also trending, it’s the perfect time to combine velvet with the other cold-weather materials in your closet. Need we remind you that monochromatic is the way to go. With that being said, you can take the opportunity to add some variation to those colors by switching up the material. If you’re going to wear a turquoise top, with a turquoise bottom, why not jazz it up with a turquoise velvet jacket? It adds the texture to the layers that give your outfit that pop!






Photo: Unicorn Moulamax Sequin Bootie by CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN // www.nordstrom.com

Boots: Don’t you dare think you can skip the boot trend this fall/winter season. As a matter of fact, unless you’re wearing a fresh pair of sneakers, don’t be caught in anything else BUT boots this season. With the 90s grunge movement, we reveled in combat boots with dresses and all things dark and plaid. This will continue through the fall. Draping silhouettes will dominate and the finishing touches to such will be the infamous boot. Long skirts will be followed be thigh-high boots. Coats, the new statement accessory, will need some extra oomph to finish the look. Moreover, a good pair of denim needs a trendy finishing touch. Boots are just the thing. Besides, once the coat comes off or you shed the denim jacket, what else would anyone want to look at?  Of course, the shoes. These beauties pictured to the right? In the words of Billboard Hot 100 artist, Cardi B, “These is red bottoms, these is bloody shoes“. If you’re feeling like money and you need the good pair of shoes to make your money moves in, don’t pass up a sparkling pair of Christian Louboutin boots.


Photo: Kendall + Kylie Reign Crackled Metallic Lace Up Platform Sneakers // www.bloomingdales.com

Sneakers: Shall we never forget fashionable comfort? If, and we repeat – if – you’re going to wear sneakers this season, make sure to wear the best. Athleisure is in a league of its own – we know. However, there are shoes out there that don’t necessarily scream “gym-rat”. Casual is always great, but sometimes one may want to go for grandeur. Guys and gals will be happy to know the options for sneakers are endless and much more stylish these days. It’s not just about basketball shoes anymore. Casual sneakers are making a huge comeback and they’re bringing an ode-to-millennials vibe with them. Nonetheless, designers understand you have to always bring something new, too. Therefore, sneakers are merging your every mood into comfort and incorporating all the feels of the runway. This means retro, embroidery, and the colors of the season.







Photo: Gucci Studded Leather Tiger Belt // www.neimanmarcus.com

Belts: Don’t boast or brag about your fashion prowess; Belt it out with one of this season’s attention-grabbing staple accessories. Whether you’re a guy or gal, a belt may just be the mark of the fashion beast. For the men, the oversized, stylish buckles just keep reinventing themselves! Women will find belts to be draped from the waist to their toes. For each, you’ll find the seasons best colors ready to wear. It’s okay to shop ’til you drop for every belt that fits your attitude for the day. One could never have too many belts. One could never lasso in too much attention. Believe in the power of a boisterous belt, no matter if it’s  bejeweled, reversible, big-buckled, or snakeskin.


Photo: Gucci Snake Embossed Drawstring Backpack // www.gucci.com

Miniature Backpacks: Acting as if you haven’t seen this trend is probably because you can’t bear to come to terms with the obvious. Everywhere you look, designers are recreating fanny-packs and mini-backpacks. Women have been toting around purses for centuries and guys have even discovered such thing as the man purse or man bag. Now, there’s a unisex option that is to-die-for. Miniature backpacks are everywhere in every color, print, and texture. Simply take the time to explore your options and pick one or a few that work best for you.




Pictured: Model Wearing Mulberry New York Ready-to-Wear Collection Fall/Winter 2017-2018 // www.vogue.com

Plaid: To add to the Je Ne Sais Quoi styles of the season is the long-lived pattern of plaid. Wearing plaid in style means mixing it with other patterns in more sophisticated cuts. Sure there are flannel plaid shirts, but that would just be boring. Look for plaid in bold dresses and bias-cuts. For guys, of course, your plaid sartorial choices are always expected in the work shirts or button up shirts. This season try for plaid in the details of the patchwork of jackets and jeans. Give plaid a try even on your pants. Mix it with sweaters, scarves, and/or accessories and we promise you’ll be on-trend.


Brocade-Patchwork Straight-Leg Jeans
Photo: Dolce & Gabbana Brocade-Patchwork Straight-Leg Jeans // www.neimanmarcus.com

Floral: If you’re worried about looking like a tablecloth or curtains, or your grandma’s old sundress – you’re spot on. That’s the look you’re going for. Embroidered florals and those that look a tad bit traditional are the awe that you need in your print mix for fall and winter. Floral prints may seem like an oxymoron, going into the winter months, but there is so much to be discovered in embroidery and lace patterns within mixed media.



Understand that the biggest trend of all this upcoming season is that of versatility. Mixing and matching are at an all-time high. Therefore we have confidence that your innermost self will rip the runway of your world this season. Take notes from ready-to-wear collections of some of the greatest designers and building your greatest style of the season with color, texture, prints, great shoes, and accessories.

If you can’t find the looks you love just yet, be sure to check back around September at some of the best department stores like Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s and Nordstrom.


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