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Have you been looking for an easier way to find babysitters? Would you love a resource or app on your phone that will help you find babysitters, and even let you pay them from your phone?! Check out Sitter.me! They are a wonderful resource that I just heard about that does the work for you of finding a babysitter quickly, and be able to pay them from your phone as well! You can download the app for free.

Right now they are doing a Summer babysitting giveaway! If you enter, you could win $100 toward babysitting! How awesome is that!!!

Sitter is designed to make your life easier! Book your own sitters and pay them directly in the app. Sitter will send a request to all of your sitters at once and you can say goodbye to the texting and waiting game for good! – from sitter.me

It’s so much fun to have the kids around, but chances are that you’re going to want a little break now and then. Sitter’s got your back with $100 in free babysitting on Sitter! What are you going to do with your time? Date night? Yoga? Kid-free chores? – from sitter.me

Interested in adding the app and enter the giveaway?! Visit http://sitter.me/blog/giveaway/.


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