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It is our pleasure to introduce For The Love Of Style Magazine!

For The Love Of Style Magazine as well as For The Love Of Style Boutique are both brand extensions of For The Love of Style Runway!

For The Love Of Style Magazine (FTLOS Magazine) is a premier online magazine keeping you in-the-know with all things fashion, style, lifestyle and beyond while also highlighting new, emerging and established talent throughout the world.

FTLOS Magazine Core Staff is made up of a diverse group of individuals, dedicated to integrity, creativity, professionalism, teamwork and fun!

Gigi McMillan (Founder), Creative Director

Simeaka Melton, Editor In Chief

Greg Phul, Director Of Photography | Contributing Editor

Carlton Hart, Creative Director Of Photography

Tim Brosius, Videography Editor

Eston Stylz, Executive Beauty Director

Lamarris Anderson, Executive Beauty Editor

Aikal Beauty Artisty, Executive Beauty Editor

Marie Yibrin Elmendorf, Research Editor

Temple Ballentine Ferrell, Research Editor

Yvette Kelley, Partnership Editor

Kayelee Miller, Executive Assistant

FTLOS Magazine is a respected source that offers opportunities to those who would like to display their creative talents around the globe. If you are interested in submissions, sponsorships, advertisements, and collaborations or would like to join our team please contact us directly for additional information.

info@ForTheLoveOf.Style | editor@ForTheLoveOf.Style

Please visit www.ForTheLoveOf.Style/magazine as our content is regularly updated!

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Profile photo of Gigi
Gigi is the owner of For the Love of Style Magazine; The Chief Creative Officer for Kamisol Style Consultancy and the Founder of Purple Runway. Gigi works with small business professionals who want to bring their personal style into alignment with a powerful brand presence. She helps them shape their personal style temperature into a dynamic public brand from the inside-out that will position them apart from the competition. 


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