Vegan Lip Color
Take your look from day to nighttime dramatic with intense lip color infused with Natural Preservatives, organic shea butter and beeswax. Vitamins E and botanical extracts boost…

Lip color has come a long way! Over centuries, we’ve seen the rise and fall of lipstick in society, as a status of trash but more so of class. From the Queen Elizabeth era to present day we’ve seen the classic symbol of femininity in red lips and now every color, shimmer, or matte you can imagine. However, when you think about the evolution of lip color, you must consider lip care. A big part of keeping lips beautiful is keeping them healthy and hydrated. Mauridi Cosmetics understands high-quality skincare and color cosmetics, using only the highest quality ingredients. Just as history suggests, there is no need to complicate things. Skincare should never be complicated, which is why Mauridi Cosmetic offers vegan lipsticks and lipglosses.

Fuschia Rose Vegan Lip Color
Fuschia Rose Vegan Lip Color


There’s no doubt at all that there are tons of lip products on the market. What you can doubt is that they’re vegan. That’s where Mauridi Cosmetic Hydrasheer Botanic Vegan lip line comes in. Every lady,  young or old, loves a good go-to lip color. If it’s “going to be a long one,” Mauridi’s Hydrasheer Botanic Vegan Lipstick is infused with an organic natural preservative to ensure a long lasting lip color. In classic colors like Magma Red and Mauve, any women’s confidence would show through these timeless colors. Mauridi’s Hydrasheer Botanic Vegan Lipstick in Red Earth is a more deeply rooted red for a more evolved look.

Sometimes the perfect lip includes a little gloss instead of. Mauridi Cosmetic also offers Hydrasheer Botanic Vegan Lipgloss to accompany Hydrasheer lipsticks or to stand alone. The Botanic Vegan lipgloss in Bordeaux atop Red Earth.  In keeping with the earthy and natural theme, Mauridi offers the Botanic Vegan lipgloss in Autumn, Baby Pink, and Iridescent Plum as well.

Mauridi Cosmetic Iridescent Plum Vegan Lip Gloss
Iridescent Plum Vegan Lip Glos

These lip products can easily mingle right into any makeup bag. They’re charismatic, versatile,  and vegan! Each lipstick and gloss are paraben, cruelty, and fragrance-free and hypoallergenic. Formulated with organic sunflower and jojoba oils, and accompanied by shea and cocoa butter, the moisture content is sufficient and naturally sustained. The doubt has to disappear here, with ingredients like these. Mauridi has a great thing in the Hydrasheer Botanic Vegan lip line to accent your perfect glow! For the Love of Style only knows fashion and trust, Mauridi Cosmetic is bringing that red carpet lip! 


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