Tis the season to celebrate a wonderful year and new beginnings; 2016 will be leaving us soon and we will be welcoming 2017 in short order!

Just thinking about the parties, galas, and social events we need to plan for –  what are we wearing?

Are we choosing to go with a classic look or is this the year to stretch and try something a little more daring with a sprinkle of edge and a splash of fierceness…

When we think about it all we can easily get overwhelmed – heck some of us have a hard time choosing what to wear daily and a year-ending sensational outfit can simply be too much – no worries let’s begin with the easy questions and work our way up.

First, think about the event type. Is it a gala, a social-networking party, work gathering or a fashion forward private event with friends and simply increasing the sparkle will be just fine.

Second, knowing the room and your style temperature for it to close the gap on what to convey.

For example, think about the perfect dress (or pantsuit) that speaks to your expressive aura here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Jonell Monae can rock a classic black and white staple look like no other. She has singlehandedly stamped the men’s tuxedo-inspired look with feminine authority and precision.

We have seen her at all types of events wearing this look.  The variation of the look may differ, but this style definitely defies tradition.  It’s on trend and will complement any social gathering.

Next up,

I love being a woman because we can add sparkle any time of the year and for new years upping the glitter count with an urban-chic vibe is my type of affair.

One of the best parts of being a woman during party time is we have so many choices to choose from on how we can communicate our style.  We can go from strong to soft and from elegant to edgy depending on the day; so if you are looking to make a subtle statement yet effective outfit statement – drop the back.


The razor sharp lines added with a fur wrap, coat or jacket paired with an evening clutch screams classic yet edgy, style and perfect for an intimate affair.

When we are talking about basic rules of classic architecture such as lace or refined bejeweled details befitting for a statesman dinner, inauguration or traditional gala without a doubt you want to wear something noteworthy.

Or, select a close-fitting bodice with flair.  The intricate details strategically on this beautiful design will freeze a room when worn correctly – the cut, the fabric, and the woman is what makes a perfect look come to life.  

No matter what level of refined quality you select to bring in 2017 make sure what’s remembered most is the woman in the dress.