By: Gigi – Kamisol Style Consultancy

I’m sure many of us can agree Michelle Obama has style, class and is known for being the most powerful and followed First Lady in history.   Her grace and poise represent many dimensions of her signature style.

She is an example of how busy mothers navigate through a wealth of responsibilities while managing family all while looking great and functional while doing it.

Over the years we have seen Mrs. Obama look amazingly beautiful in shift dresses mixed prints and classic First Lady ensemble effortlessly.

Most of us can agree we are out with days when a First Lady can put on a basic conservative suit for every occasion with a string of pearls and speak about a couple of initiatives they’re passionate about to draw up record numbers in support.  Mrs. Obama’s ability to recreate herself adds to the allure we feel when we hear her speak about community change or give a particular designer a thumbs up.

Kids Choice Awards

Seeing her work many looks from the Kids Choice Awards to socializing with other first ladies in a classic Jackie “O” number Mrs. Obama always hits the right tone whenever she makes an appearance.

She has set a positive high standard as a first lady when it comes to fashion.  The First Lady also knows how to capture various audiences with her gifted ability to meet them where they approach.  Like it or not the outer appearance speaks without saying a word.  Michelle Obama’s appearance combined with her pinpoint knowledge on various issues helped our President with a second term win because people want to see and hear her often

Like no other fFrst Lady she continually set herself apart, especially within the fashion world.  She understands that keeping the publics’ interest will increase her ability to use the platform she has to her advantage and push her obesity initiative and healthy school goals forward.  Mrs. Obama has found ways to not only hold the attention of decision makers in Washington and various large corporations she has awed the fashion industry so much that every magazine’s goal is to have her featured in their next edition.  To date, she has graced the cover of Vogue, Glamour, Essence, Prevention, Newsweek and People magazines just to name a few.

She continues to reinvent her style while sticking within a particular color pallet that works best for her skin tone.  This is what the outcome looks like when one hones in on their own personal colors to express the best you and only you.


Over the years we have seen our first lady pull out an arsenal of different wardrobe choices while keeping onlookers in suspense with what she will wear to the next event, dinner, show or fundraiser.  Just recently, Ms. Obama highlighted her hair and we were all very interested according to the chatter on social networking sites.   Within the past several months Mrs. Obama has also rocked a curly look, a bang, an edgy funky style along with a short vintage classic first lady collective.  Something as minimal as this gives an edge on how to keep interest and ultimately your business agenda moving forward.

As we can imagine Mrs. Obama does not actually shop for herself.  She has “people” doing this for her in places such as JCrew and with designers she personally admires.  This tells me as a stylist Mrs. Obama knows what her style temperament is on any given day, but the lack of time and general access to these places requires her support system to know what she wants and have the ability to capture her needs quickly and accurately in short order.   One thing we can be assured of is she makes the final decision on what she will wear on any given day or occasion.  For her and busy professionals like her having a stylist is due to lack of time and not the ability to capture their own personal look.

For the everyday professional social gathering, business meeting and charitable events is an opportunity to meet new power players in an industry that can set the stage to formulate new possibilities for the overall success goals.  By pulling together a simple, but personal look that captures ones greatest features like Mrs. Obama has honed in on so well will help silently increase ones presence in various circles, audience interest and overall buy-in.

A person’s public image will generate more interest or allow it to fall between the speeches of the speaker before and after.   Finding ways that will set yourself apart within your network is something a good business professional will do to increase the overall branding goals.  This means subtle changes will give you more confidence as you raise awareness and/or profits in your own way.  As Lynda Ramsey etiquette expert; notes: when you meet someone face-to-face, 93% of how you are judged is based on nonverbal data – our appearance and your body language.  Only 7% is influenced by the words that you speak.  Whoever said that you can’t judge a book by its cover failed to note that people do.

As a stylist I have found ways to make my clients look like a million bucks on a budget by teaching them their personal colors, fit and body type.  By hiring me to get you ready for your next speaking engagement or event will help you achieve your career goals while allowing you to recreate your look step by step at your comfort level and pace.

I believe creating a signature look is not about having an endless supply of clothing.  It’s about choosing individual classic pieces over a period of time and increase usability within your wardrobe that will not go out of style.  Having classic pieces as a base will serve as the foundation of your look; pairing them with cost effective trendy and fashionable items for any season will keep your look current and fresh.  The Kamisol team will maximize your new appearance by pairing individual pieces with different accessories and shoes and in the end you will find your new wardrobe has been strategically synchronized, options have been increased and your ability to begin expressing that signature look without saying a word has been captured.

Call me for a free phone consultation and lets’ get started on our partnership that highlights you as the center of the goal!