“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”  Marilyn Monroe

Can I get an Amen? No one could have said those words better. Marilyn Monroe has been one of the biggest pop culture icons since the 1950’s. Her style, attitude, sex appeal, beauty, and uniqueness, all made her stand out, and the people loved her. She gave off a carefree attitude with everything she did; she embraced her “thicker” body, which was different compared to most female celebrities at the time and did it with grace. Her entire life seemed like one big glamorous romantic movie that ended in tragedy.

I believe we should all have a bit of Marilyn in us; we should embrace our differences and imperfections. We need to understand being unique is a good thing and is beautiful, even if it is not the society “standard”. We should be able to feel and be as glamorous as we wish. Wear that red lipstick and wear it with confidence.

Do not be afraid to try something different just because you are worried about acceptance. Having your own style is what makes you interesting and can say a lot about you. If you feel good in what you are wearing, then that is all that matters.

If not embodying Marilyn’s confidence, looking at her style for inspiration will have you ready to look fabulous. Marilyn’s style was chic, fierce and playful. From day to night Monroe was always trendy. Whether she was in her iconic white dress or in swimwear, she was, as some would say, “killing the game”.

Here are five of Marilyn’s trendy yet effortless outfits and how you can be wear them today:

#1 Casual In Cool Weather

To get this simple look, match any turtleneck shirt with a pair of solid colored pant. Turtlenecks are a trendy item at the moment and can be found almost anywhere. The high neck adds something extra to any shirt; this item will have you going from stale to stylish in seconds. Add a cute bag and a pair of single strap heels and your outfit will be Instagram worthy.

#2 A Special Occasion At Night

This romantic evening look is perfect for a special occasion, whether is be a dinner date or New Years Eve, you will feel like a star. Mid length dresses are everywhere and super cute. They can be styled to be dress up or down, making the purchase worth it.

Going with a nice fabric for the dress, will add to the expensive look of this outfit. If a mid length dress is not for you, or does not work for your body type, aim for off the shoulder sleeves, they add extra romance and look great. To complete the outfit, do not forget to accessorize with a nice pair of heels and a faux fur scarf for a bold statement.

#3 Casual In Warm Weather

This outfit is very similar to the first, again, making the turtleneck a must have. For this easy look, pair the turtleneck with high wasted shorts; add some color to enhance the spring/summer vibes. Get style points and accessorize with a wide brimmed hat and strappy sandals to complete the look. This outfit is perfect for a coffee date with friends or a stroll around town.

#4 Mid-Winter Glam 

Wearing a faux fur coat is a bold choice, but will have you looking fierce. Not everyone can pull this trendy item off; but wearing this piece right can have anyone looking fabulous. The key to wearing a fur coat is to wear it with confidence.

However, while sporting this statement coat, wearing a plain dress underneath will keep the outfit from being too over the top (unless that is what you are going for, in that case, go ahead). To accessorize, stick to a simple closed-toed pointed heel.

#5 Any Occasion

To get this stylish outfit, grab your favorite simple dress and throw on a nice printed, or solid, coat over your shoulders. This outfit will instantly have you feeling confident and ready to take on anything. A nice coat can be a little pricey, but well worth it. When buying your first expensive coat I would definitely suggest going for a solid colored pick. Going with a solid, you will get a lot more use of the coat and will make you feel better after breaking the bank a bit. Trust me nothing is worse than convincing yourself to buy something expensive and never wearing it. Complete the look with a pair of heels and you will feel on top of the world.

Embracing Marilyn Monroe’s style and attitude can make any women feel invincible. Her outfit choices could easily be worn today and instantly make you feel good. Just add a modern twist to some of her outfits and you will be the one “killing the game”.

written by Jordan Batitto, FTLOS Contributor


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