How To Look Good On Rainy Days

Spring time is the time of rain showers periodically, waking up to chilly weather and it being hot in the afternoon. There are days where it’s like a fairy tale with a perfect breeze, birds chirping, sunglasses on call, and then there are days where you get caught off guard with a taste crisp winter air wondering what month it is again. It’s the time of trying to transition your wardrobe to Spring/Summer but knowing it’s safe to keep your wardrobe on a happy medium of Winter/Spring.

Rainy days sometime feel like they’re just there to plot against you and of course mainly your outfit, causing you to have the urge to want to just roll out of bed and dress in leggings and a tee. When it comes to rainy days there’s a lot of things to consider before getting up and going. From what material shoe is the best, to what’s the best way to protect your hair and face.

But here’s a guide for all of you who want to take on rainy days in style and beat the rainy day laziness. Don’t put your style on hold because of a rainy day. Fashion is 100% waterproof.

Rainy Day Tips:

  1. Don’t be afraid to add color and brighten up a gloomy day. Adding pops of color to accessorize¬†can be the perfect way to balance rainy day chic.
  2. Suede is always a no. Don’t ruin shoes on a rainy day; opt for faux leather and experiment with sneaker style on a drizzly day.
  3. Ankle boots can be your go-to on rainy days when you want to keep the bulk away and remain stylish. They’re so versatile!
  4. If you decide to go with pants, whether from jeans or trousers keep them cropped or make cuffing pants your 6th sense on these rainy days.
  5. HOODIES. Yes… hoods have become the holy grail of rainy days, some days replacing that umbrella. From zipped to pull overs, you can pull off this look with a pair of sneakers and distressed jeans to give off street-style vibes.
  6. Trench coats are your stylish friend to combat rainy days. A trench coat is a staple piece must have.

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Hello, liquid sunshine we are ready for you…

How do you style yourself on a rainy day?

Jasmine James, For The Love Of Style Fashion Editor

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