“I’m so crazy with my circular measurements.”​​ Beyonce

Not that it wasn’t obviously, because clearly it is, Beyonce’s has the power of influence.

Geometry teacher, Ms. Ciera Paul uses the power of Beyonce’s influence, her student’s creativity along with her ability to step “outside the box” to teach Geometry to her entire class.  They cleverly rewrote parts of the song, nearly rewrote remixing it with lyrics all about circumference, pi, and a circle’s radius, and even using some word in Spanish.

The most impressive part is the entire class got an A and to quote the class “I bring A’s home in my bag, swag.”

Applause and cheers to Ms. Paul and her Geometry class. Circumference and diameter formulas will never be the same. ” … math matters.”  Ms. Ciera Paul’s Geometry class



Simeaka Melton, Editor In Chief



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