Everyone apparently hates the millennial generation. The gypsy souls are flighty, spoiled, cocky, demanding, and have an aura of entitlement hanging in every handshake. On the contrary, it seems it became the coolest thing ever to be born in this decade. Some couldn’t be more proud to be an eighties baby and why shouldn’t you be? The eighties and nineties represented a changing, thriving, explorative culture. The culture consisted of new lingo, the onset of new wave music, the best fashion trends and an all-around explosively unique pop culture.

More importantly, the baby-boomers were busy making babies of their own. Enter: the millennial generation. You might happen to be one of these “off-the-heazy” (unbelievably different) infants born in the eighties. All grown up, now, you may be what they call a “millennial mother”. Millennial mothers also star in roles such as superhero, chef, world traveler, mompreneur, and curators of life’s content. I’m sure you must fit one of those descriptions! Long story short, the eighties and nineties produced a new generation that is changing the world with a powerful style and the type of ambition that is setting a precedent.

Pictured: Heather Locklear in Black and White Leotard and Legwarmers // www.liketotally80s.com

Millennial. Mother. those two hats are both unique in their own right. Surely, you can truly identify with both titles and hold them confidently and concurrently. In today’s world, you have to be great at being both. Just as Heather Locklear did in the photo above, most of us mothers are really good at blending style with functionality. Hence the popularity of athleisure. Being a millennial means knowing how to dress it up and dress it down with style. It’s throwing on your favorite dark lipstick to pay homage to grunge makeup, and finishing your look with sneakers or boots. It’s making business casual un-boring.

Photo: New Balance 574 Mid Cut // www.newbalance.com

As an eighties baby, more than anything else, You’ve learned to overcome hard times. You may not have meant much to the rest of the world while they were obsessing over the baby-boomers and the war on drugs, but now you are the very pick of the litter for job opportunities, the housing market, and the ideal audience for “baby-making” music. I know that last one isn’t really a thing, but you all know exactly where I’m headed. The millennial generation is spearheading the cultural norms of the times. One thing you can bet on is that it’s a blast from the past.

Teyana Taylor wearing an OG x TB Red Hooded Sweatshirt, Red Jogger Pants, and Nike Air Jordan 16 Original “Ginger” Sneakers // stealherstyle.net

There’s no surprise that as generations continue, change is eminent. These days, mothers are kicking college’s butt and pushing out new life like it’s nothing. Millennial mothers are more prevalently becoming entrepreneurs, socialites, and homebuilders.

With that being said, your style is in-fact trend-setting. Most Millennial Moms are going for comfort while drawing from recurring trends. You can trust that people around you are wondering how you juggle all those hats and look good while doing it. Well, let’s think about this: Going back to that splurge of culture from the 80s we can see what makes the millennial mom so darn cool.

There’s Something About Shoulders:

#WhoRemembers Shoulderpads?!


Photo by Best of the 80s via WordPress

Now, this hasn’t made as popular of a come back just yet but it’s possible! Now, we’re rocking off-the-shoulder trends, ruffled sleeves, and other garments that have a lot of emphasis in their geometry. If you were kids during the shoulder pad phase, you most certainly hated big shoulders. If you were a teen or adult, you were probably styling and profiling. Go out shopping for some bigger shoulders – Kim did. We dare you. This look is truly bold and if you have the guts, the taste, and the style to pull it off, you’ll certainly be fabulous in our book. If you’ve got some vintage pieces in your closet, you’re already winning. However, you can play around with the patterns and colors to fit today’s world if you want a more updated twist on the past.

Pictured: Model wearing Zhivago Eye of Horus Metallic Mini Dress // revolve.com


Acid Wash. Denim. Overalls.

Whichever you choose (maybe all of them at once), you are sure to be not only on-trend but also drawing from the nostalgia of the 90s. You do remember The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, right? This guy was the coolest of the cool, whether you were a guy or a girl coming up in this era. The millennial mother most certainly gets a little style from this infamous decade. Afterall, sometimes you need to let loose and still be functional. For that reason, don’t leave home without a pair of comfy denim overalls. Update your wardrobe with a new pair. Overalls, acid wash, and denim are making a strong comeback. You would be a fool to give these items away right now.

Photo: (left) OVeralls viaa Norstrom.com (center) Fresh Prince of Bel Air photo courtesy of VH1 (right) Denim Overall jumper via Forever21.com



1. Embrace your innermost self

2. Get nostalgic but stay trendy

3. Millennial style rules go (push the limits)


Photo: Model wearing JNCO (“Judge None Choose One”) wide-leg jeans

Quit buggin’! Comb through your closet and see what you can mix and match, but don’t be afraid to implement some retro into your look. It’s totally in. In case you missed out on the cool kid trends: Here are some exceptionally Gnarly 80s things you should definitely take the time to explore or revisit. If you’re looking to draw some inspo from the 90s grunge era, you might want to plunge into what was called the “last great decade”. After a trip down memory lane, we assure you, shopping for those flashback fashions to incorporate in your day-to-day will be super sweet. You’ll walk out your door every day looking like you’re “all that and a bag of chips”.



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