Jake Who?!

Jake Elmendorf is his name if you want to be politically correct. However, you will soon come to know this smooth dude as just “Jake”. After you hear the melodies moving from his mouth and feel his vibe, you will instantly be on his team. Not to mention, you will be racing to your iTunes, Google Play Music, and/or Spotify account to blast his latest hit on repeat. Walking into Mix Master Pro Studio, you couldn’t anticipate the experience of how your mind would be blown – and not just because of the amazing sound system and quality engineering. Luckily, For the Love of Style got the opportunity to be blown away for an evening.

Photo: Jake Elmendorf via Instagram

Within the walls of this two-level studio, there lies a group of hardworking and humble men. Rob “Mix Master Pro” Sanchez and Brandon “Big Benz” Martin are truly gifted in what they do. These music masters are ready to catapult the next new talent into the mainstream. That next new talent is Jake. In Mix Master’s perfect setting, this young man’s voice comes alive. The studio offers three separate rooms to record, accompanied by a separate control room to mix and master, depending on your taste and your budget. Although Jake is only 18 years old, he has impeccable taste. Recording in Studio A with HD configuring, Jake is definitely hopping out the gate with that superior sound.

Pictured: Jake tuning the studio guitar with friend Farran // Photo by Kamisol Style Consultancy

Although you may believe you have, you’ve never seen such fervor and energy from a guy so talented he could probably do whatever he wants, but yet he chooses music. Yes, Jake is 18 and full of life and loves to spend his pastime with his family and friends, but the passion he has to create is beyond refreshing. Being devoted to the creative process, and not just the end product and the fame is more than what a lot of 18-year-olds can say about any one topic. Jake is ready and willing to write his own music and join in the accompaniment via any of the instruments he’s taught himself to play. This includes piano and guitar. With a natural ear for music, it isn’t hard for him to catch the vibe at all and assist in the mixing and mastering of his own work. Watching him harmonize and perfect his tracks so effortlessly at this age was inspiring. It surely is a natural gift.

He must have been born with it.

Photo: Jake Elmendorf modeling for Lawrence Clothiers // Carlton Hart Images

Jake, born to parents of German, Honduran, Cherokee Indian and some Mideastern descent, has such a unique flair of pop and reggaeton laced music. To add to his natural culture, Jake has had the uncommon pleasure of hosting a foreign exchange student from Spain. Jake’s love for people and heritage easily kept him connected to Farran (pictured above), who’s come to be one of his closest friends. Nearly fluent in speaking Spanish, you must keep up as they flip-flop from English to Espanol in their regular conversation. In addition to being nearly fluent in Spanish, traveling, and attending college, Jake is a model and an actor. He is on the roster of models for Kamisol Style Consultancy and pretty GQ whether dressed down or dressed up in Lawrence Clothier suits. Versatile is an understatement. He’s no knock-off Justin Beiber or Daddy Yankee. He’s just Jake.

Photo Credit: Beyond The Dawn Studios

And by “just Jake“, we mean he’s quite a catch. In the nearly two decades he’s been able to tackle this thing called life, Jake has already had his fair share of experiences, including heartache and relationships. Jake draws from his encounters and puts it in his music. Writing one of his songs in just three hours, he pulls from his heartfelt experiences as a young man. His song Time Will Tell, he explains, was originally written for an ex from a past relationship. “It’s a growth song”, he says, about the things that make him better equipped to be a man that can lead his woman. Without spoiling the lyrics or dissecting each song – trust you’ll just have to listen – you may not be sold that he’s just beginning college.

Speaking of college, there is no question that Jake keeps a packed schedule. While on summer break from school, he’s using the free time to get good use of the studio and propel his music career forward. Check out some scenes from his recent video shoot for his upcoming song, Time Will Tell (below).

Photo: Jake during a video shoot for Time Will Tell // via Kamisol Style Consultancy

Progress can be a slow process, which we all know. However, Jake embraces that process and whatever struggles or successes that may come along with it. He prides himself on living by “no regrets” and learning from his mistakes.


Photo: Jake (piano) and producer Cody “King Soma” Taft (guitar) during the video shoot for his first single // via Kamisol Style Consultancy

After talking with Jake, it is evident that he doesn’t want to be just another pop star being soaked up by the industry. He doesn’t want to be just another singer. Adamant about writing his own lyrics, he aspires to truly be a songwriter behind the music.

He’s not your average young adult by a longshot. As stated earlier, Jake has many interests and he’s darn good at them. If you’re not sold on his music – you’ve got to be sold on his good looks. The catwalk loves him and the camera lens does too. If you haven’t heard him, you will most definitely see him, soon. We can’t wait to give you more Jake!




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