Mauridi Cosmetic: Yoga For the Skin

Using botanical vegan products to enhance your beauty, not replace your beauty

Mauridi Botanical Skincare
Pictured Above: Mauridi Cosmetic Botanical Skincare Line

You need a better skincare regimen, and you need it now. There is no time to waste on trying products widely advertised by drugstores and companies that haven’t had your skin’s  best interest at the forefront of their beauty formulas. Mauridi Cosmetics botanical and vegan cosmetic lines have been formulated by Mulibinge Mauridi, a female entrepreneur with roots in the Congo and a strong foundation in Quebec City, Canada. Affectionately known as Binge (pronounced bin-jee) or Mauridi (pronounced more-id-ee), she has overcome enough obstacles with her skincare regimen to create a botanical skincare line to help the rest of the world with dry, fragile, aging skin. Coming from a rich heritage in which her grandmother used natural herbs and plants to resolve typical ailments, Mauridi is able to produce a full line of botanical skin care. This line is based on vegan principles and concocted with the most sensitive skin in mind.

With a background in makeup artistry that spans over 15 years, Mauridi already accumulated a wealth of knowledge in the beauty industry. There’s no sense in trying to formulate a product when you don’t have the knowledge or experience in the industry. Her expertise and experience speak for itself. As a skin cancer survivor, Mauridi has had no choice but to mix and master recipes that would eventually become her skin’s saving grace. Although medical treatments did clear her cancer, it is her daily regimen that keeps her skin feeling soothed and free of any added chemicals that could cause irritation or outbreaks. It is the unique combination of ingredients and the elimination of harmful ones, that makes Mauridi cosmetic a great choice. One not-so-common term you may hear associated with Mauridi Cosmetic is non-comedogenic. This means that her products are carefully formulated to prevent blocking the skin’s pores. Also, all cosmetic goods are paraben free, hypoallergenic, and cruelty-free. Start indulging in a brand that has your best interest at heart. Indulge in your beauty from the inside out, knowing your skin is in good hands. Trust that Mauridi Cosmetic understands that if your beauty regimen entails a fully made up face daily or just a quick makeup fix for a special occasion, there’s never any harm in making sure your products put a little extra care to creating a flawless foundation with your skin and added glamor for the occasion. Why douse your skin in lotions and face washes that have harmful chemicals that could be associated with birth defects, wrinkles, and cancer if you don’t have to?

While no product may be perfect just yet, there’s no harm in working your way toward a healthier beauty routine. There’s no wonder Mauridi’s cosmetics are like “yoga for the skin” because the oils and essential ingredients used in her products are proven to be effective.Just take a look at her skin. You would never think the founder herself suffered from discoloration, losing pigment, horrible acne and rashes and other symptoms along with skin cancer. Mauridi, a mom of three children, wife, and entrepreneur, is no stranger to struggle and hard work. While she has overcome every hurdle in her life, Mauridi simply wants to share her relief with the world.

We at Kamisol and For the Love of Style magazine may be early adopters on the spectrum of vegan cosmetics, but there is no harm in splurging on your skin. It’s the biggest organ on the human body, and it deserves the utmost care. It’s no wonder we’ve linked up with Mauridi Cosmetic because we believe in many layers of style and holistic beauty. That is why Mauridi Cosmetic is our go-to brand for vegan beauty products.  It’s no wonder she’s headed to the Oscars!


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