Vegan Nail Lacquer in Cayman
Vegan Nail Lacquer in Cayman
Mauridi Costmetic Logo
Mauridi Cosmetic Logo

While the world is constantly changing, there are still some things that remain the same, such as an outfit’s last layer of style: nail polish. It is the accessory that can make or break a well-manicured look, the same as a pedicure that compliments a perfect open-toed shoe. Though we can expect that things will in fact change, we can begin to expect that some things also change for the better. Mauridi Cosmetic is proving this point by changing nail polish for the better with their new line of vegan polish.

Kamisol and For the Love of Style Magazine are hopping on the bandwagon, and uncovering Supreme Vegan Nail Lacquer by Mauridi Cosmetic, founded just that way – right on Vegan principles and ingredients. These colors are meant to suit every mood and tone as well as relax the soul, knowing you’re living up to vegan principles, right down to your fingertips and toes.

Supreme Vegan Nail Lacquer in Abaco
Mauridi Supreme Vegan Nail Lacquer in Abaco

What allows these lush lacquers to steal the limelight is that they eliminate the ethical concerns that come along with animal-tested and chemical-latent products. As many of us move toward a more conscious and holistic lifestyle, it would be wise to grow your collection of vegan beauty products. Some of the ingredients used in today’s products are known to include more skin irritants and allergens as well as some other more harmful substances.

Mauridi’s Supreme Vegan Nail Lacquers aim to make the search for a good nail polish simple. These nail lacquers are not only hypo-allergenic but also toluene, paraben, formaldehyde, and cruelty-free. Now there’s no need to have to use a spa day as a “cheat” day ladies because you can indulge, guilt-free.

Sandbank Vegan Nail Lacquer_small
Sandbank Vegan Nail Lacquer_small

We all know that no outfit is complete without a sleek manicure and a pedicure, right? Mauridi Cosmetic Supreme Vegan Nail Lacquers provide a go-to look for each and every attitude or occasion. The collection boasts tints for the trendy precious metal manicure with creative colors such as Sandbank and Cayman; as well as glossy and bold colors for color blocking, French tips or the “graphic French.”  Catering to lifestyles that might be ever-changing, this nail lacquer comes in 15 other hues to infuse anyone’s personal style.

Now that you’re almost ready to go, seal your look with a kiss from Mauridi Cosmetic’s Hydrasheer Botanic Lip Line!


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