“Among the glamour of the big stage fashion show at NYFW 2016, there’s another show that’s going on.  These shows have few rules; no directors; no shinny runways; no lights, but plenty of cameras and excitement.  Influenced by Photographers, Models, Bloggers and the occasional Videographers outside of shows. We honor those who keep it NEW YORK CHIC.”  Carlton Hart, Creative Director Of Photography


New York Fashion Week Chic Streets

During New York Fashion Week the runways and fashion shows are always highly anticipated and have fashion galore but don’t underestimate the chic streets!

My all time favorite will always be what Carlton Hart describes as “The Concrete Runway”! That’s right street style. Carlton Hart certainly captures street styles like no other.
Photographed by Carlton Hart

Mink On The Streets!

It wouldn’t be New York City Fashion Week without a mink coat and a Chiwawa! This gentleman hit the streets with no apologizes. In his mid grey tweed slacks, black turtle neck, light grey vest with a black paisley sports jacket, his mink coat is icing on his cake. Somehow I seem to get the idea that the black leather gloves, gentleman’s hat, mirror shades and his Chicwawa are as everyday as he gets.  He look say “I Am Here.”
Photographed by Carlton Hart

A Statement Coat!

Every woman has her favorite go-to statement pieces but I however, love a statement coat. It adds a little “Bam!” or a simple double take, regardless of what you are wearing, while still remaining effortless. I love these looks.
The woman on the right, in all black, is giving an easy, quick, and on-the-go look, but still showing her personal style. Notice her oversize scarf paired with her paint shell toe Adidas, add life to her all black look.
Her looks says “I’m on the go and I have style.”
The woman on the left is clearly is not afraid to mix colors or textures. Her checkered black and white full length coat is popped with both color and textured. Her caramel purse and boots are a nice touch and the scarf compliments it all.
Her entire look says “I don’t  give a fro!”
Photographed by Carlton Hart

1, 2, 3, Style!

Yes! How easy is this comfy and flirty look? As easy as 1, 2, 3! Three pieces and you’re gone. This sweater dress, paired with thigh high boots and a sweeper sweater was pull together perfectly. Her choice of colors are spot on and no accessories are necessary. Penelope Cruz watch out! This lady is rocking the concrete runway!

Her look says “Easy does it.”





Photographed by Carlton Hart

White In Winter!

Major “Yes!” These women each nailed it. While both women’s looks are similar they still nailed it so differently.
While white is a simply color, it is a very easy to go wrong in white. Not these two. The navy dresses are soft touch and their bare legs and nude shoes add a sensual sophistication.
One look says “Excuse me or not.” and the other look says “I’m a go-getter.” Do you know who says what?
Photographed by Carlton Hart

A Pop Of Style!

This woman’s style confidence speaks without words. Between her shades, her leather pom pom gloves, her bold bracelet, her Chanel quilted purse, her hunter green dress and her mustard knit scarf, I came to an conclusion. I think her personal style is evenly mixed between Lady Gaga, Sarah Jessica Parker and herself.

Her look says “I love accessories and accessories love me.”


Photographed by Carlton Hart

Snap Shot!

This gentleman as you may be able to see, is one of our fellow creatives. Notice his all black from head to toe, and his leather jacket with the fur collar hidden under his stylish coat. Not to mention the magazine tucked under his arm as he checks his camera. One glove off and one glove on. Nice!

His look says “Focus.”


Be sure to walk the street "For The Love Of Style" because if it's Fashion Week anywhere Carlton Hart is in the streets and near the runway!


written by Simeaka Melton, Editor In Chief

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