NYFW: Hello September! Is it Spring Yet?!

Spring & Summer '18 Looks Are in Full Swing During New York Fashion Week


Facts: The summer of 2017 is soon coming to an end but not without New York City celebrating the warmth-to-come, next spring/summer 2018. September 7th-15th marks New York Fashion Week. The fall fashion week allows designers to exhibit their collections for the upcoming spring and summer. Take a tour through next season’s fashions and moguls of fashion with For the Love of Style Magazine.

Tom Ford is Back…

It can be said that many have “flew the coup”, making no appearance during the fashion industry’s most influential week – Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, Thom Browne, and Joseph Altuzarra, to name a few. Some staple designers may be missed this fashion week. Still in limbo is the Yeezy collection, so Kanye West may be missed this year as well. Nevertheless, some of the most beau monde made it their business to be present at New York Fashion Week with good company in their front rows.

Tom Ford

Remember when Jay-Z made that hit song, Tom Ford, back in 2013? Even more, don’t forget how Tom Ford himself was flattered by such a gesture. Now, flash forward to his return to New York Fashion Week, reconvening at the Park Avenue Amory for a ready-to-wear runway setting the mood for spring 2018 in only the fashionably elegant way that Tom Ford can. Making pretty-in-pink so professional and capitalizing on evening looks with rouche silhouettes and glitzy accents, grabbing looks inspired by the Tom Ford collection for the next night out on the town, or fancy shindig will be a priority. However, colors were not the only star of the runway. There were in-fact, black ensembles of leather monochromatic looks for the less adventurous or classically chic outfitter. Black could never go out of style, and thus a staple on the runway, regardless of the trending colors.

This is maybe forward-thinking, but with many designers set for fashion weeks in London, Paris, and Milan, it may be up to Tom Ford to revive New York’s fashion week. Tom Ford is prestige. Tom Ford is classic – better yet – iconic.

Helmut Lang

Model in Helmut Lang SS’18 Look 12/ Photo by Yannis Vlamos for Indigital TV/ Courtesy of Vogue.com

The revisionist in now Editor-in-Residence, Isabella Burley has brought on Hood by Air designer, Shayne Oliver, to revitalize the Helmut Lang brand which hasn’t been lead by Lang since 2005. As a matter of fact, Lang severed ties with the brand in 2005. The original designer is known for breaking the mold and seeing in his designs, something that the current audience couldn’t fathom but certainly, could foretaste. The absence of such prominent designers seems to have foreshadowed the declining allure of New York Fashion Week. However, it could be perceived that putting a pause on his own line to pursue greatness with Helmut Lang is now Oliver and Burley’s way of contributing to the revitalization of New York Fashion Week.

Helmut Lang by Shayne Oliver SS’18 Look 42 NYFW / Photo by Yannis Vlamos for Indigital TV Courtesy of Vogue.com

New Era: Fenty X Puma

Fashion house collaborations are now the norm and increasingly bringing hype to the mainstream like fashion has never hit the scene before.  One of the most anticipated collaborations has been Rihanna’s with the Puma brand. Rihanna’s influence on the fashion scene is part of a new era, while her indulgence in the fashion world is not new at all. Rihanna has been present for prestigious fashion events, while herself, being the muse for top designers such as Oscar De La Renta and Comme de Garcon.

Model in Fenty X Puma SS’18 Collection at NYFW / Photo by Luca Tombolini for Indigital.tv courtesy of Vogue.com


Puma has a rich history dating back to 1928, with successful beginnings in the Olympics. Legends such as Jesse Owens have won gold medals in the shoes before it became the Puma brand as we know it. Since then, Puma has been more so influential with their shoe brand in and outside of arenas. The blend between Rihanna and motocross is no exception to their cutting-edge past. The edginess brought to the runway for SS ’18 proves their pioneering in not only athletic wear but the merging of it with fashion.

Model in Fenty x Puma at NYFW SS’18 / Photo by Luca Tombolini for Indigital TV courtesy of Vogue.com


Dominating land and sea, the duo showed off a few very adaptable looks for the subtle and the audacious fashionista. Surpassing just a typical workout-wear-turned-outfit, this partnership epitomizes the versatility and creativity that can be birthed into athleisure – melting together the looks of motocross with weekend wear. While there was some futuristic boot-like footwear, the highlights were the sandals that had moon-boot-like ankle straps, modern booties, and high-heeled flip-flops. All which, were paired with attire that looks to prepare for some sand dune-jumping or some wave-surfing.

Model Joan Smalls in Fenty x Puma Look 6/ Photo by Luca Tombolini courtesy of Vogue

Coach 1941

It’s already been said that history repeats itself. It’s also been said that the 70s are back (which built itself on the earlier decades). The 80s just might be noted as the greatest decade ever. These phenomena prove true through the runway show provided by Coach. Think: when-cowboy-met-disco and the thought is spot-on with the elements of this collection. Glitter is sprinkled throughout this wardrobe, showcasing the shine of the culture that is now. Still, Coach has captured the essence of being rooted in early American fashion.

Model Jing Wen in Coach 1941 RTW Look 20 – NYFW SS’18 / Photo by Edward James courtesy of Vogue.com

Embedding the late Keith Haring‘s pop-art work in the details of this collection not only pays homage to the artist but invites a new generation to care about a cause. The Coach collection dives into the meat of the culture of past decades but more importantly, the current one.

Model Imari Karanja in Coach 1941 RTW Look 55 / Photo by Edward James via Vogue.com

The mixing of decades to make something great never looked so rustic, nostalgic, and sexy. From the satin slip dresses, leather-details Coach is so very-well known for, and the metallic boots, this is a superb collection of mixed media that is indeed ready to wear.

Coach 1941 Opening Look Details / Photo by Edward James via Vogue.com

It would take forever to go through every collection showcased at NYFW this season. Naturally, it would be an injustice to omit the designer celebrating their 20th anniversary:

Jeremy Scott

Jeremy Scott, like aforementioned Lang and Oliver, has an affinity for futuristic fashion that defies the odds. However, his seniority in the fashion world takes on its own recognizable characteristics. For the spring summer ’18 collection, the Moschino designer decided to pay tribute to himself through remaking many of his older designs with a slight tweaking. Weird creatures, snakeskin, camouflage, and bright colors may never leave his lookbooks and many are “here for it”. However, Jeremy Scott puts a rather intriguing twist on his collection incorporating mesh and jewels and pairing looks with a trending finisher: boots. From combat boots to thigh-high snakeskin, this ready-to-wear collection screams “look at me now!”

Model Soo Joo Park in Jeremy Scoot SS’18 RTW Look 11 / Photo by Marcus Tondo for Indigital TV via Vogue.com

Even as loudly as Scott projects his designs, there is yet a sense of calm in the SS’18 collection that is much-so alluring. Spring time brings snapback hats and sweats. Jeremy Scott portrays his line in the comfort of spring and the exotic of his own mind. One could probably feel the cool breeze and the sweat of the runway.

Model Ellen Rosa in Jeremy Scott SS’18 RTW / Photo by marcus Tondo for Indigital TV courtesy of Vogue.com

Thank you to Jeremey Scott for putting together the type of designs that are not just ready-to-wear, but ready for stares.

Model Sofie Richie in Jeremy Scott SS’18 RTW Look 38 / Photo by Marcus Tondo for Indigital TV courtesy of Vogue.com

Fashion week is, of course, a star-studded week-long event. Actors, artists, and high-profile celebrities are there in their best-dressed designer outfit and accessories and waiting to get fresh new threads from right off of the runway. This year shines bright with celebrity appearances in spite of some prominent designers bowing out, such as the legendary Chaka Khan, Ciara, Russel Westbrook, female rapper Cardi B and her love-interest, rapper Offset, and Selena Gomez.

And You-Know-Who Was There Too…


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