1 in 4 women.
1 in 7 men.





Those are the statistics for people in America who have experienced domestic violence in their lifetime. Could you be the one? Hopefully, never. If you are, you aren’t alone and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There is hope to be had if you want out. There is help if and when you are ready.

Pictured: Gigi McMillan – Kamisol Style Consultancy’s Chief Creative Officer, Survivor and Advocate of Domestic Violence Awareness.

Many of us have entered into relationships believing and feeling that we’ve found “the one”. Love seems to be blossoming and all is seemingly well. In some cases, it’s as if there’s a flick-of-the-switch and we wonder just how we got into the most unfavorable relationship we could have ever imagined. Like many victims of domestic violence, we begin to question ourselves, our decision-making abilities, and worst of all, self-worth. The guilt of remaining loyal to someone we know is abusing us, can make it even harder to live with oneself. The embarrassment of sharing the painful result of an unhealthy relationship makes it even harder to share. We know. Domestic Violence is a demon that we’ve let linger in our relationships, our households, and our communities for far too long.

Domestic violence is a common occurrence in our nation. The Bureau of Justice reports 1.3 million non-fatal instances of victimization of domestic violence annually from 2006-2015.  Although, it is overshadowed by many other crimes and tragedies. However, 30 years ago, it became such an important cause to fight, that Domestic Violence Awareness Month was established. Show your support for those who have survived domestic violence and those who were not as fortunate to escape their circumstance with their life and freedom. In case you missed your opportunity to wear purple on Thursday, October 19th, 2017 as part of #PurpleThursday to honor domestic violence victims and support survivors, there are still things you can do to show your support.

Although domestic violence can happen anywhere and often happens in the home, many times it can occur over drinks and in public places. It’s no secret that it doesn’t matter how you’re dressed to experience degrading speech or violent action from a stranger or an acquaintance. In an effort to keep these experiences to a minimum or non-existent, Collective Action for Safe Spaces, is hosting an event for bars and restaurants. Sunday, October 22, 2017, bars and restaurants have in the Washington, D.C. area, have an opportunity to attend Safe Bar Collective Training. This is a chance for your establishment to train to have “safety captains” to help minimize the increase in violence in nightlife.

There are organizations such as UJIMA in Washington, D.C. that can assist by providing resources and transitioning for people experiencing or that may have experienced domestic, sexual, or community violence. You may also visit the National Network for Domestic Violence for more information, ways to get involved with the cause, and events that will continue throughout the year.

Domestic violence awareness month is designated in December, but it doesn’t stop there. Coming soon: Kamisol Magazine’s own Kamisol Style Consultancy will host it’s annual Purple Runway  in support of domestic violence. This event brings together some of the Washington metropolitan area’s charitable organizations, taste-makers, and celebrities to advocate for a cause through fashion. Keep watch for more events in your area as well as those hosted nationally and through Kamisol. Don’t turn your back on the cause. Turn your back on Domestic Violence. You still have time to wear your purple this month to show your support.





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