On December 4, 2016, Kamisol Style and our team of experts took over Springfield TownCenter with so many who came together to take a stand for our friends Greg and Karen Puhl. We had fun by creating our #LOVEWINS mannequin challenge on the behalf of cancer awareness.

Our friend Karen recently won the good fight against cancer and overall premise was to celebrate the two of these as survivors together because they both had to walk the journey in a positive way to make it through tough times!

I adore an amazing love story.  The fighters, survivors and those who stand right by them during the journey and come out on the other side. We collectively SALUTE our friends for their strength.

Unfortunately, many of us have been affected either directly or indirectly and I, have too.  Recently I lost my rock and step-mother-in-law Marilyn McMillan to cancer this past June 2016. She fought the good fight however we have so many amazing memories and we know she is resting in paradise.

We hope you enjoy our UNOFFICIAL dedication in support of furthering research and to raise awareness for this horrible disease.  Please share and give us your feedback – we would love to hear from you!

For now, watch the video and the entire team is sending thanks to our friend and Owner, Mani Chishti Faridi Sabri of Lawrence Clothiers in Springfield TownCenter for calling us to execute the vision.

From there our partners and the best experts in the business, I know immediately pulled together and was ready to help bring the vision to life!

Special thanks to those who worked diligently behind the scenes along with the models and supporters who supported. Please watch the video to the end so you can see the names of the team members for this project that supposed the call!

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Behind the Benefit – Irfan Younas, Umer Butt, Saeed Butt Martin Harcar, Carlton Hart, Tag TheShooter, Devin FlyGuy Ricks, Greg Puhl, Hans Spiegel, Simeaka Melton, Melvin Lee Walker, Karen Searfoss Puhl, Richard Sensible, Isaac Ignacio, Sean Lawrence, Tom Andrews, Kevin Scrimgeour.