What does it really mean to live the “the poet life”? When you think of a poet’s life, what do you close your eyes and see? What do you feel? Is it all the depths of life and the many classifications of emotions which come with joys and sorrows of life itself? If so, you may indeed have a firm start, but further explicate the notions that typically result when poetry is concerned.

While you may still be conjuring up what comes to mind, For the Love of Style Magazine had the pleasure of speaking with a native of the Washington, DC  metropolitan area who will soon enough, be a poet-life mogul, and expounding on the very idea of a lifestyle association with being a poet in the local, underground, and mainstream industry. This changemaker has many years of experience, talent and a network to pitch poetry a home run ball in the entertainment, lifestyle, and nonprofit industries.

Meet Christoph Jenkins, who is the founder and creator of The Poet LIfe. The Poet Life brand is an expansion of a poetic infused lifestyle. Surprisingly, what started with a pair of socks, is now a brand for poets nationwide to transcend the poetry; wearing gear that celebrates a culture. Growing up Chris was engulfed in a religious environment and has been often led by his spirit. When a dear childhood friend was diagnosed with Cancer at only 18 years old and sadly lost the battle to Osteosarcoma, after seven years of fighting, Chris was deeply – emotionally – affected. Not only did his own loss dishearten him, even more, did the grieving of his friend’s family. As a young man, it can be difficult to properly place those emotions, but Chris did it in a constructive way. He did it with poetry. Remember the life of the poet and why one writes. It is often because there is something in the soul that will cry out. Thus, Christoph’s spirit led him to birth his nonprofit in honor of his late friend.

Every poet has a why with words. It’s usually not just because they’re good with words. Every poet has a cause. It’s not always to get something off their chest. Although, emotions do evoke poetry that spews the depths of one’s soul. For Chris, he had to share his pain through the creation of Fighting Cancer With Poetry and hoped to give others joy.

Poetry consumes a life, after the world has marginalized it. Nevertheless, it is a lifestyle. There is a realm that exists where poets go. They join forces and make the spoken word oh-so-much more insatiable. Christoph Jenkins is the guy that created a realm where poets can hone their craft and emit their vibrations to the rest of the world. A soulful character, grown in the hospitality of a hymn life, Christoph is now allowing his grace to be extended throughout the nation by collaborating with some extremely talented souls.

The Poet Life was built off of those heartstrings you may have felt tugging while thinking of the life of a poet; the very essence of tragedy and motivation. However, The Poet Life brings relief.

In no better way could you pay homage to someone’s life than to dedicate yours to a cause directly correlated to them. Chris did just that. Many of the performances for which artists perform through The Poet Life are for great causes such as the Male Empowerment Summit and Curefest. Artists such as Orville the Poet, Prentice Powel, and Pages Matam have collaborated with the Poet Life to perform at some monumental stages, including at The White House.

Chris is taking a spark that began with an elementary school poetry anthology to ignite a wildfire of hope, unveiling, and solitude among many. The Poet Life is continuing to expand in its endeavors and available merchandise. More recently, releasing The Poet Life sneaker allowing artists to truly “walk the talk”. As Christoph stated, “The things we say are more than just rhyming words. The things we write are more than words on paper or a computer screen. These words become open doors for caged birds who want to fly and sing simultaneously.” 

That thinking is why The Poet Life is a hub for artists who want to hone and display their expertise. It is a place for individuality, creativity, and connections to soar.

It won’t be long now before Chris has closed the gap between poetry and the rest of the world. Already broadening artist bookings across the country to California, The Poet Life is growing for a good cause. With an opportunity to represent the culture and use a platform to express themselves, The Poet Life is indeed a movement of empowerment.

When Chris is free, he enjoys spending time with his blossoming family that consists of his wife, and two daughters, who both have their own businesses. Chris believes in entrepreneurship and sowing into the next generation tremendously. Growing the next generation of talent isn’t something that he takes lightly and it shows the fact that every fiber of his being is built in empowering someone else. The light he shines through his passion for charity, giving and empowerment shines through his network and his family.

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