Ahhhhh, The Purple Runway has once again raised the fashion bar! On Sunday, October 21, 2018 Kamisol Style Consultancy, Inc. hosted its fourth annual Purple Runway Event with an evening filled with style, fashion and advocacy, as promised. With Mercedes Benz of Arlington sponsoring the location the tone was set for a high level of excellence and class! Mercedes Benz brand’s tagline says it best, “The Best Or Nothing.” So of course partnering with Mercedes Benz Of Arlington was indeed perfect harmony.


Throughout the evening you could hear guest describing Purple Runway with many different adjectives. Amazing! Very Diverse! Surprises! So Classy! Beautiful! Special! Exciting! Wow!

Take a quick peek into why  …….

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Video Courtesy Of Genesis Modeling Agency


The evening began with a VIP Cocktail Party fit for champions. Community Champions! The VIP Cocktail Party was a celebration to honor the Community Champion Awardees, Karen Alston, Cindy Tawiah, Nicole Acosta, Lisa Geraci Rigoni and Nicole Morris with Women Giving Back. The Women’s Center was also honored with the Trailblazer Award. Each of the women and organizations were honored with a lovely Purple Runway sash and a gorgeous Purple Ribbon Award, presented by Gigi McMillan, for the work they each do on the behalf of domestic violence awareness in the community. Purple Runway also recognized Mrs. Beverly Johnson, the sensational gospel artist, for being a huge supporter and premiere donor for Purple Runway’s programs. It was a true first class display of honor and appreciation.

To add even more sparkle to the VIP Cocktail Party, DJ Traxx all the way from Brooklyn, New York was the musical mastermind for the evening , Sugar Rim Bar returned as our bartender to the stars and Zappetizers catered exquisite hors d’oeuvres that the guest raved about!


The Purple Runway experience was nothing short of wow! Nearly 90 minutes of pure excellence, beauty, elements of surprise and of course fabulous style! Purple Runway is the highly anticipated annual runway event known for a fabulous showcase of fur, elegance and highlighting domestic violence awareness. This year’s Purple Runway was hosted by Dawn Espinoza, who did a great job introducing designers, artist and engaging the crowd. Purple Runway pre show opened with a seamless series of expressions of art from exceptionally talented local artist.

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Opening the pre-show was an extraordinary artist by the name of Dee Hall (@DeeDoesLife) brazenly presenting her spoken word poem, “I Feel Myself Becoming Loved”.  It was clear the guest were instantly mesmerized by every word Dee spoke. Next to grace the runway was none other than, the emerging designer, Aramide Inc. (@aramidescloset) with her beautiful collection. The collection included handbags added a special touch to the eye catching garments going down the runway!


Suddenly, the precious songbird, Keri Nicole (@_keri.nicole_) opened the show singing the powerful song titled Rise (by Katy Perry) joined by lovely Sherita Ivory (@sherita_ivory) interpreting the song through the art of her dance. It was certainly something special to observe and the guest were captivated.

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And just like that! The Purple Runway visionary, Gigi McMillan walked out hand in hand with the beautiful little Miss Cydnee to say “Welcome to The Purple Runway!”


Immediately the guest began to experience of Purple Runway with the natural talent VICU (@vicuoffical) coming down the runway! Mic in one hand and the minus touch in the other. In three words, Vicu was gentle, flawless and alluring. And he hit the runway like wow! Even, Andromdea Peters (Miss United States) couldn’t but blush a little as she walked the runway Vicu hit that sweet note!  His song L3 was the perfect welcome to Purple Runway!

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The show began by setting the tone of acceptance – mind, body, soul, and the ladies helped us acheive this vision by embracing their temples and highlighting the beauty of all body types, shapes and sizes.

Many of these amazing women walked proudly while sheading self doubt and saying no more to negative disorders that may have overtaken them at some point and turned around any disfuntional thoughts and beliefs due to past traumas.

Some of the ladies walked in support of friends or family members who have overcome intimate partner violence and supported positive body-armoring-and-honoring mindsets.

As a personal stylist, and a survivor of domestic violence herself, Gigi knows and believe in the power of presence, how important it is for us to communicate who we are to the world, in the most authentic way without apology.

As the founder, and thriving-conqueror of Purple Runway, Gigi constantly shares how gain ing peace of mind and a more positive outlook on body imaging, turns what we think, are flaws, into flawless unique beauty marks mentally, physically and emotionally.

Together these ladies so eloquently “Armored Up” by stripping down and displayed vulnerability and strength as a declaration of self-love, appreciation, and empowerment.


As Vicu electrified the guest and the models, there were gorgeous models gracing the runway, one by one, draped in delicate lingerie designed by Emily Gonzaga. Her collection, D’Milkah, was beautiful, sexy and designed for every woman to feel and be her natural and beautiful self!

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With the tone set the style experience kicked into high gear! Designer after designer and model after model lit the runway on fire! Rosendorf Evans, Lawerence Clothier, BCBG Max Amazria and Nicteel by Owna Lima rocked the runway without missing a beat!

It was obvious that the crowd was ecstatic and engaged!  Music up, camera phones in the air, eyes on the runway, heads turning back and forth, cheers and chatter throughout, and the room overflowed with excitement. An incredible energy filled the room and it was astounding!


BCBG MAXAMAZRIA dressed every model of every body type, immediately winning over the crowd from beginning to end.BCBG MAXAMAZRIA’S collections did not only win over the guest but also highlighted its range in style and size! Cheers to Cameron Jimenez who was the amazing Stylist (BCBG MAXAMAZRIA located in Springfeld Town Center) responsible for bringing forth style in this collection for “every woman”!

Yasssssss! Here he comes! The guest had on idea what to expect when this charming gentlemen hit the runway, like, BAM!


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                               ……. AND WOMEN

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Lawrence Clothier’s collection of impeccable tailored suits and formal wear were classic, diverse and unexpected, receiving an immediate high energy filled applause! Mani Chishti Faridi Sabri (Springfeld Town Center) displayed a dapper collection that created quite the applause and cheers among the guest! Each suit was crisp, welled tailored and very stylish. So stylish a few women even modeled a Lawerence Clothier suit! And the guest love each garmet.



Nicteel by Owanan Lima, showcased stunning gowns and striking Guatemalan handbags that were truly a beautiful work of art with extraordinary architecture. As the old saying goes, “when you look good you feel good” and it was easy to see just how good each model walking the runway wearing Nicteel by Owanan Lima felt! Classic, beautiful and trend setting!



Rosendorf Evans, the area’s largest exclusive furrier, showed dozens of gorgeous and stunning fur capes, shawls, wraps, strollers, hats, headbands, vest, jackets and coats for both men and women! A huge variety of colors, both vibrant and soft, a large variety of lengths, mixes and styles had the crowd oohing and aahing from beginning to end! Rosendorf Evans was unquestionably a show stopper and indubitably a dream finale! As you may be able to imagine the evening was absolutely breath taking! Cheers to the charming Mario Jameson who displayed this fierce fur whimiscal for the purple runway! Mario is the General Manager for Rosendorf Evans located in Tysons Corner Center and he has been working in the fur industry for over 20 years and has accumulated an unparalleled knowledge base. Take a look at this Fierce Fur Final and you’ll see why.


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Let’s hear if for the Queen, Bianca!  As if you had to wonder, yes, Rico is the this year’s Purple Runway King! Purple Runway draws a clear line in the sand between fashion and style!

Just another element of surprise happened when the guest immeditae reaction deemed Bianca as the Queen of the runway! At her first step onto runway, the guest cheered with much enthusaism and it continued throughout the evening. As of course no one like Rico was suave enough also by guest default was elected as King! Make no mistake every model that hit the runway rocked it out without question! In fact , once again the crowd’s reaction deemed Nathan and Keyo the obvious fan favorite!


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Gigi McMillan is the woman behind the vision of Purple Runway. And what a woman! She is bold, passionate, smart and all things fabulous! Gigi is inside out fabulous.

Gigi entered the room wearing a beautiful black a-line dressed with gorgeous embordered flowers trimmed in pink and purple. While she looked fabulous, one of the most beautiful things about the dress was the reason it was selected for Purple Runway. Gigi intentional selected the Kate Spade dress as her way to pay homage to mental health awareness, and the touches of pink and purple also honored brest cancer awareness and domestic violence. All three causes are very near and dear to her heart. Yep! Gigi is certainly fabulous, from the inside out!


The creative professionals made the visual magic happen behind the lens and behind the scenes.

Roche Salon sponsored all the hair and make up for the entire Purple Runway and certainty stayed true to who they are by creating art! Beyond being the glam squad for Purple Runway 2018, Roche Salon also raised donations and raised awareness on behalf Purple Runways mission.

Exhibitors – Kamisol Style Consultancy, Inc., Brighter Day Therapeutic Solutions, Edgy Zen Spa and Retreat Center, Serenity Family Counseling Services, Work Out Around My Day, India Hicks, Toni Settles, Socially Funded, Golden Kiss Glow and Women Giving Back.

Shout out to Genesis Modeling Agency and Elite Modeling Agency for sponsoring such professional and beautiful models.

THE VOLUNTEERS MADE IT FLOW!  Purple Runway sends a huge thank you to the volunteers to worked it out with heart and style! Cheers to  Ivy Turkson, Pinky Cibane, Miyah McClease, Kentricia McClease, Beverly Alexander, Zoe Alexande, Jackie Sanders, Lauren Long and Paulo Domingos Manquele.

Applause and Cheers to Title Sponsor, Home Of Your Dreamz and Location Sponsor Mercedes Benz Of Arlington. When progressive entitles support the cause impact truly begins to happen!

Eddie Patten, Sr. is the man behind the lens who rocked the media pit with not only his artisty but with expert eye seen through this article.

Last but not least, the Purple Runway Team!

Deja Perez, Aundrea Veney-Curvey, Simeaka Melton, Marvette Cofield, Greg Puhl, Cordelia Gaffar, Tortica Anderson, Tanya Graham, Candice Fathi, Mali Phonpadith, Erin Clott, Alan Hudson, Carlton Hart, Hans Speigel, Devin Ricks, Elaine Gibson and Andromdea Peters.

Contributing Sponsors – Acacia Social Solutions, ADVAS Oasis Inc., A Family Affair Event Management, Elite Modeling Agency, Genesis Modeling Agency, Kamisol Style Consultancy, Kirkland Consulting LLC, Home Of Your Dreamzg, Sugar Rim Bar and Zappetizers Catering Service.

Devin Ricks of Dev TV and Production, “sees everything”, hosting the red carpet interviews as well as capturing the beauty of the runway. Our guest blogger, Halima Magoma Redd also hosted rep carpet interviews and captured video and quick pics!

The décor was stunning with purposeful  touches of purple everywhere. A Family Affair Event Management, owned by Tortica Anderson who did a stellar job with the event design.

All together, the behind the scene team worked hard and it showed well.


Higher Level Photography

The Purple Runway Team selected iSynchrony, LLC. located in Oakton Virginia, to raise awareness for throughout the end of the year. The initiative that Purple Runway has chosen to focus on is mental health which makes pairing iSynchrony, llc a good match. To provide the community with additional mental health services Purple Runway has also partnered established mental health providers, such as Brighter Day Therapeutic Solutions and Serenity Family Counseling Services, both located in Woodbridge Virginia. During the VIP Cocktail party representatives from each organization got an opportunity to speak to the guest about the work they do and why awareness and support is vital. To get involved or to receive resources please connect with the organizations directly.



To keep up with opportunities to get involved and stay connected to the great things happening at Purple Runway connect to www.PurpleRunway.com #PurpleRunway

See you all next year!



article written by Simeaka Melton, Editor In Chief


“This show was huge. I mean I was blown away. I thought it was going to be good but I never imagined this. This is amazing!” Cameron, BCBG Max Amazria

“Purple Runway did fashion week in one night! Bam! The diversity was amazing! The fashion was top notch! I mean Wow! Wow! Wow!” Candice Fiathi

“This was the best show I have ever ever been to!” April

“I loved everything! I love BCBG, the suits! I was a spectaular show!” Christian

“This was for real exciting. I loved it.” Dalen

“I love that there were models of every color and size and everything!” Stephaine

“I was like wow! They have models that look like me! Me!” Bobbi

“This event was for such a great cause and shed awareness on domestic violence in a new way.” Women Giving Back


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