Putting on the Plitzs!

The highly anticipated Annual Plitzs Fashion Marketing Showcase was held on January 09, 2016 at Hotel Pennsylvania located in New York City. Plitzs Fashion Marketing Showcase is produced and led by Wayne Shields. Mr. Shields successfully uses this professional platform for the Kids Fashion Democracy Competition and Emerging Models Competitions.

For The Love Of Style (FTLOS) was honored to join Plitz this year for their remarkable event. Our Creator Director, Gigi McMillan was ecstatic to serve as one of the judges for the Kids Fashion Democracy Competition. In addition, the FTLOS team, Eddie White, Jamel Brown and Simeaka Melton all spent the entire day front and center anchored on Plitzs’ Media Island, providing media coverage for their spectacular event.

Gigi McMillan, FTLOS Creative Director                   Photograph provided by Eddie White Photography

There was so much excitement circling the ballroom as attendees waited for the Kid’s Fashion Democracy competition to begin. Although the kids were ages 4 to 8 years old they came down the runway like professionals. They showed plenty of personality, talent and they were not at all short on cuteness. Although it was a lot of fun it was a serious competition and the kids undeniably treated it as such.

Congratulations all the participants and to the winners!

Fashion Democracy Competition Winners                     FTLOS Photograph

How does it feel to be one of the Kids Fashion Democracy competition winners?

“This is best thing that ever happened! I feels great I really won!”                        Lena McCarthy                                                                                                 Kid’s Fashion Democracy 4 to 8 Year Old Competition Winner

How does it feel to be one of the Kids Fashion Democracy competition winners? 

“Great! Really Great! It was hard work and alot of fun and it feels great!”                 Amanda Liebmann                                                                                            Kid’s Fashion Democracy 9 to 15 Year Old Competition Winner

Immediately following the Kid’s Fashion Democracy competition was the Emerging Models Competitions. Divided in the categories of 9 to 15 year old Models, 16 to 35 year old Petite Models, Male Models and Female Models. All models showcase a total of three looks. The first look to comedown the runway were the white tee shirt and blue jeans, next up were the swimsuit looks and last but not least were the all black evening attire. Something the attendees enjoyed about the showcase was all the emerging models displayed their individual talents and personal style, giving the audience plenty to view and chatter about. The buzz around the rooms went beyond uhhh and ahhs, you could clearing hear remarks like “Classy.”, “Wow!” “He’s really good.” “She is working it!”, and an occasional reference of resemblances between top celebrity models and certain emerging models as they graced the stage.

Kaylee Miller, Austyn Green, Malika Wright and Jake Elmendorf, who are all Kamisol Style Consultancy Inc. Ambassadors competed in the Emerging Models Competition. While this was their very first time, these emerging models all preformed extremely well. Kaylee stood out, as she always does, lending her effortless smile to the entire ballroom. Both Austyn and Malika both made it to the finals and Jake made to the finals and to the red carpet to conduct interviews. Job well done indeed!

Malika Wright, KSC Ambassador Photography provided by Eddie White Photography
Malika Wright
Photograph via Eddie White Photography


What did you learn from Plitzs Fashion Marketing Emerging Models Competition?

Kaylee Miller. KSC Ambassador Photograph provided by Eddie Photography
Kaylee Miller. KSC Ambassador
Photograph via Eddie Photography

“Watching back the videos of me walking helped me critic myself and learn what I can do better considering I totally blacked out as soon as I hit the runway. Overall, it was a fun experience and I loved exploring NYC with such great people.”      Kaylee Miller, KSC Ambassador


How was your experience with Plitzs Fashion Marketing Emerging Model Competition?

Austyn Green, KSC Ambassador Photograph provided by Eddie White Photography
Austyn Green, KSC Ambassador
Photograph via Eddie White Photography

“I thought it was a learning experience and it taught me what to do and what not to do ! Also you never know who’s watching or recording so always be on your “A” game.”      Austyn Green, KSC Ambassador

Was Plitzs Fashion Marketing’s Emerging Model Competition what you expected?

Jake Elmendorf, KSC Ambassador Photograph via I Share Media
Jake Elmendorf               KSC Ambassador
Photograph via IShareMedia
Jake Elmendorf, KSC Ambassador
Jake Elmendorf, KSC Ambassador

“I came to NYC with the mindset of having fun and I just wanted to get back on the runway, but as I walked on the runway and I saw the appreciation from the crowd and the judges it gave me a huge confidence boost. Even though I didn’t win I left NYC with new found confidence ready to tackle ANYTHING coming my way.”        Jake Elmendorf, KSC Ambassador

Jake Elemdolf with Plitzs Judge Salem David Alshimiri, Fashion Designer Of Asjad Art


     Jake Elemdolf with 2016 Emerging Models Of The Year Competition Winners!                      Starenna Tapia, Nazir Hampton and Raven Perry

Applause, Cheers and Congratulations all the participants and to the winners!

If you are an emerging model, emerging designer or a professional in the fashion industry checking out Plitzs Fashion Marketing is a must.

FTLOS sends a very special “Thank You!” to Wayne Shields, Eric Johnathan Ma, Brook Ruble, Abiodum Dosu and Lily Lan Chen of Plitzs Fashion Marketing. They all ran behind the scenes as a well oiled machine and presented a professional and friendly presence. Their hospitality made the very long day feel like only minutes in time. The entire FTLOS team left feeling both enthusiastic and impressed.

Until next time “Bravo!”


written by Simeaka Melton,  FTLOS Editor In Chief





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