Coachella (pronounced koe-CHEL-uh) is one of the coolest mistakes you may ever hear that just so happens also to be a cool place in the dessert. Confused? Don’t worry, by the looks of the celebrated fashion from this festival in the dessert, the patrons there are too.

The Coachella Valley Music & Artis Festival is a major stop for festival fans everywhere. However, this year, things are looking a little different on all ends: talent, fashion, and people. Traditionally there is a melting pot of genres but never so much pop and hip-hop. Now the culture of hip-hop and pop is beginning to flourish a little more and inevitably imposing on Coachella. However, the festival has become largely popular with mainstream artists and their followings. To the vintage patrons, I dare to call them, Coachella has simply gone “Pop.” For some of us, that’s a great thing.

2017 Coachella was the place to be for the cool kids with an iconic outcast of headliners like Kendrick Lamar and Lady Gaga – both unique in their own right. With that said the eclectic crowd had outfits to impress even the most traditional festival goers.
While the Lifers most certainly broadened the Coachella fashion horizons, by putting a relaxed and generational twist on the denim and lace traditions, nevertheless, the vibe was certainly still very much so, Coachella. And we know that means Sunglasses, denim, and lace all over the place! That’s so typical though.

There is so much more to get out of Coachella such as the way it all gets put together and just how astonishing the prices can be on some of this style.

‘Chella – Celebrity Style!

Coachella isn’t just about the festival and the music. Coachella is also about the festive fashion – believe it or not. The fashion is part of the experience. There is no Coachella without discussing the ridiculous outfits you’ve spied with your little eye. It’s a guarantee that you don’t need to whip out your binoculars to see the sights as the outfit extraordinaire’s are everywhere.

What you may not expect is that outside of the actual musical headliners, there were some other more notable appearances at Coachella this year. Rihanna and Kehlani for example, came through the function just to enjoy it like the rest.

Check out Rihanna’s glittered out costume from weekend one (April 14-16):


Travis Scott came to catch some attention in the spring/summer in his Valentino camo jacket and those Gucci shoes with socks:

Image Source: UpScaleHype

The bold and beautiful Kehlani showed face – or maybe not so much face – and a little more cheek for weekend two (April 21-23). Perhaps a caption of  “Cheekie Chella” would be more fitting:

chilla chella

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There’s a place for everyone at Coachella but most of all there’s a place for your style, either low-budget, high-class, or couture, we’re sure you’ll find a photo to bomb at Coachella. Better yet, with everyone swarming to find some inspiration and elevation there are tons of festival-goers that simply become fans of each other. If you couldn’t make it to Coachella this year, don’t fret. Take away some inspiration for your spring/summer wardrobe and don’t worry, be ‘Chella.


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