Creative writing is much about floetry just like Marsha Ambrosius and The Floacist harmonized so well on the flo’ology of it all. 

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Poetry and style are contrived from an eternal movement and speak to who we are as individuals and creative thinkers.




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…and through the power of words.


Art, style, poetry, and fashion serve major purposes in our lives and takes shape in the imagination of children at play or adults during moments of clarity; creative writing allows us to express ourselves and share unforgettable life experiences through word, style, and form.

Poetry is defined as “literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm”.

Finding your floetry, is much like creating a style temperature and, as, easy as this may sound it’s an art and skill to it.

Many poems can make one feel as though the writer or performer is speaking directly to them. Why, because communication is a vital part of our existence and speaks on so many ways.

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In order to help get you started channeling the poet within here are 3 top things you want to remember about writing in style:

1) First, remember poetry is an expressive language (even though we use literary techniques, we are focusing more on our ability to express)

2) commonly used techniques in poetry are incorporated in our everyday conversations [imagery: creating mental pictures that appeal to the senses, and metaphors: comparison between two things that are unrelated, but share the same characteristics]

3) express yourself and using techniques are only half of the process, the other half is what we have experienced in our lives. (Take the area you are an expert in and act as if you are trying to explain the terminology to a toddler).

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And please do not allow yourself to get snagged by the “technicalities” perfection just like the blurry image above is not perfect, but effective (did you notice).

Simply work towards flowing a oneness in the art of expression and creativity that works for you.
Today, just enjoy the process of poetry it is great for our health and wellness so try this – take a moment and as yourself:

‘moments of clarity come when I am”……..


Please know nothing is off limits and every experience is relevant. set no limits, find your floetry and it can be as clear or as blurry as you define it for now.

If you are interested we would love to hear your story from the exercise by commenting blow.

My name is Ashley “Epiphany” Hodges, and I’m out…