STYLE TIP – Wearing a well-fitted bra is just as important as wearing the right shoes. The price point is not what makes a good bra – what’s important is it fits snug around the body, with the breasts filling the cups completely–no excess fabric, and no breast tissue spilling at the top, side, or bottom. The twins and your clothing love you for it.



STYLE TIP – what’s old is new again! Spring 2014 will unveil a plethora of vintage styles especially in the shoe game department.

Designers such as Prada, YSL, Chanel and Missoni have embraced the chunky era with full steam on their 2014 runways. The look will be available for the everyday fashionista to capture at a more reasonable price point as well. Just know with so many options to choose from such as stacked, wooden, sculpted, leather and fabric the challenge to just choose one is probably not an option – so plan and stay on budget.

The good news is your feet will feel a sigh of relief and welcome the break especially if we’re walking for long periods of time in the trend. #chunckylove #2014#shoegame

Style Tip – The Tribal and Aztec style will be trending this spring. Before you go all in and waste money plan your purchases and begin with accessories to get the look. Bohemian love is in the details…

STYLE TIP of the day – Find a good Tailor – immediately.

A good tailor can take those moderately priced off-the-rack clothes and turn them into a personal work of art. You will be surprised how subtle nips and tucks will make all the difference and transform an ordinary look into an extra ordinary fit.

STYLE TIP OF THE DAY – Panty lines are not okay! Every woman should invest in, seamless underwear or thongs whichever fit the fabric best.


STYLE TIP – When you feel you need to update your wardrobe a little, look through your closet and try to find a way to wear something you already have differently instead of immediately going shopping.

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