There are many reasons women are attracted to the little black dress. More often than not a little black dress takes the frustration out of the search for “the perfect thing to wear”. Reason being, a classic little black dress allows us not to be over or under dressed but allows us to effortlessly make a statement in a subtle way. The little black dress has the ability to compliment the mood of every occasion so accessories should be intentional, usually kept to a minimum. However that depends on your desired statement.
Most women are more inclined to go for a trendy look even when choosing a little black dress, on the contrary if you choose a simple yet classic style you will have a timeless piece that will outlast the trendiest trend. It’s the simplicity and the fit that makes your little black dress a timeless statement piece.
I’m sure you have heard over and over again “every woman should own a little black dress”, however, I believe every woman should own at least three types of little black dresses. The three I recommend are a classic, a sexy, and an elegant style. Sidebar, if you are anything like me, where jeans are my favorite everything, of course you must add a fourth, that’s the street style little black dress.
The allure of the little black dress begins with the desired statement that one intends to be conveyed. Whether it’s chic, sexy, elegant, assertive, classy, street or no-nonsense the beauty of the little black dress is its versatile enough to make your intended statement without you speaking a word.
While some women mistake the little black dress and black in general for that matter, for being a magical cover up it is very important to remember this. Remember black does not hide our insecurities, black accepts our imperfections, so dress accordingly.


6 Ways To Wear Your Little Black Dress


#1 All Black Everything

little black dress

Wearing all black from head toe provides a chic look. Adding black tights is a score, black sheer hosiery gives off a different type of sexy, a hosiery with a subtle pattern adds charming a visual, and of course a bare legs speaks for itself.

#2 Shoe Statement

little black dress

Your shoes can change the entire look of your little black dress. If you choose to make your statement through your shoes there are countless shoe statements to be made. High boots adds a chic flair, shoes with patterns, colors or textures are definitely attention grabbers, of course heels are both sexy and standard, but do not underestimate your flat shoes. Flats are more than a comfortable choice, although flats are considered a modest choice have fun with them. Glitter, odd designs, floral, a basic flat, the choices are endless! Regardless of the shoe statement you desire it’s likely to be visually made with unusually or unique shoes. Take a risk if you dare.

#3 Pearls! Pearls! Pearls!

little black dress

I’m the kind of girl who loves to wears pearls with almost everything, hence my excitement of pearls and the little dress. Regardless if you choose small, chunky, short layers, long layers or choose to mix and match, have fun with pearls because adding pearls can be a stunning touch to your little black dress. Know that while pearls are timeless and held in a high regard of sophistication and elegance, it is possible to be trendy and edgy when wearing pearls but not all at once. Be intentional of the look you are going for when you select how to wear your pearls.

#4 Belt It

black belt

Adding a belt to your little black dress may help create a waistline. In addition if you add pop of color with your belt, it offers a subtle way to show a bit of your personality. Try red, yellow, metallic or even try a belt with a bow or pattern for fun. 

#5 Pop Of Style

style black

Depending on where you are going try a pop of style. You can add a pop of style to your little black dress with inserting unexpected color or a daring print. It’s yet another effortless way to show your individual style with your like a little black dress. This can be accomplished with a clutch or handbag, shoes, scarf, blazer, belt, or even accessories. One warning, be careful not to overdue it.

#5 Make The Dress

black dress esther rolle

The dress does not make the woman, the woman makes the dress. Make the dress say what you want and allow yourself to effortlessly make your statement. Have fun because the little black dress is merely intended to silhouette your inner beauty regardless of the occasion.


all black 2Dear Friend,

“Remember black does not hide our insecurities, black accepts our imperfections, dress accordingly.”


Simeaka Melton




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