The 2016 Essence Street Style Block Party was a STYLE celebration! 

In the mist of New York Fashion Week, on September 10, 2016 Essence held its 3rd Annual Street Style Block Party! There was not a shortage of personal style, plenty of edge or beautiful people. Thousands of attendees all noticing one another’s style and fashion sending vibe of love, joy and style through the air!

The Block Party was filled with plenty of food vendors, local jewelry and clothing vendors, including kid friendly activities with a highlight of Shea Moisture’s complimentary hair refreshing station.

Although Essence Magazine is known for catering to women of color, people from all walks of life and all beautiful skin tones were welcomed to join in on the fun and yes everyone did just that!

Carlton Hart, easily recognized for his stunning street style couldn’t resist stopping by to add a little Hart to Essence Street Style Block Party.

Take a peak at his look book here!

written by Simeaka Melton, FTLOS Editor In Chief

photographs by Carlton Hart,  owner of Carlton Hart Photography and FTLOS Photography

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