The Mirror Of Accountability

“Look in the mirror; that is your only competition” Unknown

I have a friend, Jack (not his real name) that does not make it to the gym on a regular basis. When Jack decides to show up, he will inherently attempt to lift heavy – What Jack fails to realize, and I do not hesitate to remind him is – weight lifting and aerobic exercising are perishable skills. If you do not make the gym a normal part of your routine, the skills, form, endurance, and muscle memory deteriorate. When you return, you cannot pick-up where you left off. You have to return to “Go” to begin collecting your “$200.”

So, how can we (collectively) avoid the pitfalls that Jack experiences on a routine basis? Here are some “tactics and techniques” that I have shared with Jack.

(1) Motivation: Internally driven. You must want to change to achieve change.

(2) Accountability: Is the act of “…accounting for activities, accepting responsibility for them and to disclosing the results…” Accountability will help achieve your workout goals and objectives. Here are some ideas for you to consider:

A) Find an accountability partner. This can be a Family Member, Friend, Gym Buddy, a social media discussion board, a Facebook friend, etc. Think you get the idea.

B) Hold yourself accountable. When it comes to fitness goals (and dietary goals), it takes a lot of hard work, commitment, and dedication to get to the finish line. There will always be competing demands that serve as distractions (get in the way) of achieving you goals.

C) Establish a system that compliments your goals. For example: I have a daily reminder on my cell phone and email calendar. It simply says: “Go to the Gym.” This reminder is set for the same time very day. Personally, I like to go to the gym from 5:00 to 6:00 PM or later. After about three weeks it became a normal part of my daily routine.

D) Document your efforts. You go to the gym, you put in the time, and you want to chart your progress. Recording everything you do, in the gym, provides you an opportunity to:

(1) Chart your progress; (2) document (account for) how many days per week you go to the gym, and (3) allow you to journal how you feel before, during, and after the workout. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to record sets, reps, weights, etc.

This takes us back to (1), Motivation. By charting your workout, you are simultaneously charting your progress. It all works together and comes full circle. The picture below gives you an idea how simple and easy documenting your workout can be. Finally, you may consider documenting your progress through a weekly photograph. Photographs are an effective means of providing a visual journal of your progress. (You decided if you want to publicly share your progress.)

E) Follow a Long-Term Fitness Program: When you choose a longer-term workout program you’re automatically holding yourself accountable. With the intent of your workout routine becoming a habit. “Set a goal, complete the training program and, reach your goal


written by Greg Phul, Creative Director Of Photography

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