The Purple Runway 2016

Sunday, October 02, 2016 at Mercedes-Benz Of Arlington The Purple Runway held the fashion event of the year in District of Columbia Metropolitan Area! If you missed it you missed an experience of a fashion lifetime!

When Kamisol Style Consultancy, Inc. fused fashion with Domestic Violence Awareness, ta-da, The Purple Runway was born. As you can imagine there is alot of labor that happens behind the scene and that’s where the beauty happens.

#ThePurpleRunway2016 Beauty Design Team gets a standing ovation for the teamwork, artistry, beauty and skill each professional shared to assure the models, champions and Purple Runway staff looked and felt absolutely beautiful. All For The Love Of Style.

Behind the scenes is always one of my favorite places in the industry. Particularly when working with Kamisol Style Consultancy, there is a standard of teamwork that always shows up naturally. When there are so many professional models, make up artist and hair stylists in one space and for several hours the assumption would be the behind the scene is tense, stressful, a bit bonkers, with a little drama but nothing could not be more far-fetched.  Actually, let’s hear what behind the scenes was really like.

Let’s Take Peek Behind The Scenes!


The Beauty Design Team was led by the skilled and talented Eston “Stylez” Howard. Eston, a Master Hair Stylist, Educator and Creator of, served as the Design Team Coordinator once again for The Purple Runway. As Eston ensured behind the scenes ran like a well oiled machine morale ran very high and the energy was contagious.

ESTON STYLEZ HOWARD       @EstonStylez

“This is a piece of cake. I love this and I love what I do. It’s alway a good time when I’m working.”  Eston “Stylez” Howard 

SHANE TURNER       @ShaneQuintel

“This day has been cool, I absolutely love what I do.” Shane Turner @ShaneQuintel 

SHAINA WALKER      @SheerShay

“It’s been fun. Even though it’s been a long day it doesn’t feel like it because we are having so much fun working.”  Shaina Walker

AMBAR TALL       @LuckyBeautyByAmbar

“I’m just excited to be here!” Ambar Tall  

GREYSS ZENTENO      @GreyssMakeUpBeauty

“This is really beautiful. The energy, all the people, the cause, all the special touches, it’s all just so beautiful. ”  Greyss Zenteno

KAREN HOPSON      @kkBonita_mua

“I’m having a good time. This is a really nice event, I just love the energy here. I can’t wait until the models walk. I’m excited. This has been so nice.”  Karen Bonita Hopson 

“I’ve had fun. I excited to be here.” Antonia Wilkerson

ERIKA EVANS      @EJEintlHair

“I’m having fun. It’s definitely different. Y’all fed the models and everything, everyone is happy and talking and having a good time. It’s good energy.”  Erika Evans

“This experience has been amazing. I’m defintely going to stay connected. ” Faren Aimee

“Today’s been great, it’s been fun. I think we’re all excited to get on the runway. ”        Martin Harcar

“We’re chill right now but when we hit the runway it’s over!”  Jake Elmendorf

“We’re having fun and I’m relaxed. Just concentrating on the runway.”  Shawniee Jacobs


was like a woman’s dream closet. The Fur Salon at Saks Fifth Avenue captivated the guest with at 36 minutes non stop showcase experience. Model after model continued to come down the runway wearing gorgeous and alluring furs!

As the guest heads turned back and forth, camera phones stayed up in the air, cheers and smiles and chatter rang throughout the room the runway was full of excitement.

The Fur Salon at Saks Fifth Avenue showcased a remarkable 60 stunning furs in all. The Purple Runway Finale ends with three ravishing Saks Fifth Avenue evening gowns.

Through fashion, Kamisol Style Consultancy, Inc. delicately began much needed conversations by bringing domestic violence awareness to the forefront. Sponsored by Mercedes Benz of Arlington and The Fur Salon at Saks Fifth Avenue, The Purple Runway indeed raised the fashion bar once again.

Kamisol Style Consultancy, Inc. is collecting in kind donations and monetary donations for NNEDV and Change In Action for the entire month of October. For additional information please email

THE PURPLE RUNWAY 2016: Standing Ovation

written by Simeaka Melton, FTLOS Editor In Chief

#PurpleRunway2016 Video

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