Sneakers date back to decades and decades ago mainly being worn as an athletic shoe to now seen in high fashion worldwide.

The rise…

1960-1970s – This was the time frame sneakers started to become a prominent role in the ordinary American’s everyday life. The 70’s are the decade that introduced the modern sneaker. This started by the desire and need to work out such as jogging.

1980-1990s- During this time period I believe was the start of the sneaker enthusiasts we now call “sneaker heads”. Also street wear fans were just starting off with the new sneaker styles. Technical advancements ranged throughout the several sneaker companies.

2000-now (2016)- The global market for sneakers is at a peak and I don’t see it hitting a fall anytime soon. From the common athletic brands to luxury brands starting to produce an abundance of different sneaker styles.

What to expect in 2016:

The 2015 trend of sneakers to continue through 2016 so stock up on some of the hottest sneaker trends.  Hint: Monotone is among us and will forever be seen in wardrobes all over (my prediction). You can’t go wrong with the simple yet chic monotone look… if it’s just seen in your shoes or even your whole outfit.

Sneaker types:

Athletic: The shoes that tell the story of “that one time I almost passed out running on the treadmill”. The shoes that accept you for you and never shunned your smelly feet.

For style: That to die for pair you’ve had your eyes on for a few weeks… The shoes that would go perfect with your lounge wear and even is able to accomplish your goal of dressing down an awesome fit. The shoes that would not necessarily be seen in the gym but definitely a staple piece in your wardrobe.


So wear the style/brand of sneakers that suit you best. There’s the Air Jordan that represents “the next thing, the newest thing” and the converse that represents “alternative culture, authenticity and nostalgia”. For Sneaker-wearers the brand and style carry a lot of meaning to them. Sneakers are starting to be looked at as a piece of art and have evolved greatly over the years.

There are also the high-profile collaborations that have people lust for the sneakers. Kayne West is one of many and is an influence in the music and fashion world. He recently collaborated with Adidas to make a sneaker that seems to fit his style of street wear chic.


Now it’s time to transition yourself and of course your sneakers to spring weather. Grab some inspiration from the sneakers worn at London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016.

(Pictures below found here.)





















Kill your day with uncontrollable passion for doing what you love in the sneakers you love!


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