The Window To The Soul

They say the eyes are the window to the soul and truth lies in the unexpected.

This photo speaks to both statements for me because it was an unexpected snapshot taken by Ms. Debra Chandler. Many people who know me understand I work in imagery, but please know I am not of imagery.

Many have asked…why? Well, my dad is a professional photographer and waking up with a camera in my face at 6 years old, just to get ready for school, was too many years of” look baby, smile for the camera” and as much as I love my daddy and will always be a daddy’s girl it got old real quick. This does not mean I do not appreciate the artistry – of course along with the moments in time captured in every photo.

This particular photo goes deeper for me and why I do love it personally;

(1) It is unexpected

(2) It is a raw image

(3) It is the passion and determination in my eyes

Understand this, what I see in my own eyes is strength of mind, strength of character, and a go-getter attitude with a fierce level of tunnel vision for the goal at hand.

I have found where I belong which is at the crossroads-of-fashion for models and designers. My mission is to help creatives grow within the “business of fashion”, a title and position I do not take lightly. I think to myself at times I did not take the title of Director of Human Resources or as an Operations Manager with dynamic teams lightly then this is what I was born to do so why would I take it lightly.

For those that do not know me personally, please recognize my professional determination is beyond the norm and I am good with this because I would not have it any other way. I know my worth and I see others just as clearly and how I can support them. My goal is to work with the best in the business – hands down and I will. One can believe when we connect you are going to get the best of me, no excuses no apologies just a woman in business looking to always exceed expectation while highlighting YOUR gift.

I am inspired every day I wake with a more determined outlook than the day before. One of my goals on the agenda is to search for other determined creatives who believe in their business and those who understand the importance of investing in them in order to play at a high level. Yes, it takes time but time taken is where long term success is found. I have spoken with creatives who work a full-time job or those who are designing and working within their gift, who do not have someone fighting for them to organize their journey or find ways for them to expand their gift and I say – now you have it. I will help these professionals track steady progress to keep them inspired while watching growth happen in front of their own eyes.

I have learned when someone is paying for services they want to feel like they are the only client because in the end they are spending their hard earned cash and because of this I am taking on 6 clients in the immediate with a few already in the pipeline to help navigate the business side of their artistry. Overall, I like to say Kamisol serves as an incubator for creatives we will do the work for you while you stick to the gift. If you want to learn more about this supported journey please visit my website at and by all means check my credentials in corporate America and as an independent business woman then take another look into my eyes and tell me what YOU see…

written by Gigi McMillan, Creative Editor

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Gigi is the owner of For the Love of Style Magazine; The Chief Creative Officer for Kamisol Style Consultancy and the Founder of Purple Runway. Gigi works with small business professionals who want to bring their personal style into alignment with a powerful brand presence. She helps them shape their personal style temperature into a dynamic public brand from the inside-out that will position them apart from the competition. 


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