Vintage Fashion!

1960s style and flair was innovative and set the stage for cultural change unlike any other in fashion history. Women were experiencing with leopard print, fitted dresses, long gloves and above the knee boots all which helped push fashion and style in a completely new direction.


Some of our most famous inspirations of that time will always be remembered as trendsetters such as Twiggy, the first supermodel and Jackie “O” will forever hold the crown of the most stylish first lady in history. On the other hand, I believe Michelle Obama will be included in the ranks as well!



The 60s revolutionized clothing and we as women were excited about the transition. We finally had an opportunity to tap into our individual personalities; so out went the corset dresses of the late 18 and early 1900s and in was choosing our own expression about our singular signature look.

Choice is about preference and we wanted it! We wanted voting rights and we wanted that perfect fitted pantsuit or a form fitting A-line dress that spoke of a woman in every form. I like the phase that noted, “A woman’s dress should be tight enough to show she’s a woman, but loose enough to show she’s a lady.” (unknown)

Designers of the 60s got it right such as Pierre Cardin who created fashions for men and women. He was the one who brought us thigh-high boots, collarless jackets and the mini dress. Another groundbreaking designer of the time was Givenchy who is known for his elegant cuts and was the artist of choice for Audrey Hepburn on screen and off. Finally, we have Yves Saint Laurent; he worked for Christian Dior for many years, but chose to start his own line when Dior passed in 1962 and as we say the rest is history.

Although, it’s so many more trendsetters of the time that changed the game of fashion I cannot mention them all, but I thank them for their creativity and breaking the mode of fashion in such a way that we all can use style as a way to create our own self -expression.


Just know I’m happy to report vintage style is rearing its beautiful head again. Designers are recreating these classic looks with a modern twist. The structured classic cuts and timeless style pieces encompass the essence of a woman and I’m feeling it to the fullest! Let’s ride!


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